an epidemic of the vaccinated

a look at the UK data

gatopal™ don wolt has been building a great series chart based on the UK vaccine surveillance reports. and it’s getting more and more striking by the week.

the covid infection rates among the vaccinated now exceed the unvaxxed in every age group over 30. you can grab raw data HERE.

this has CLEARLY become an epidemic of the vaccinated, not the unvaccinated.

it’s also clearly deteriorating by the week with spread shifting younger. (under 18 is mostly unvaxxed and school kids are being tested at outlandish levels esp if not vaccinated. the same spills into colleges to these two brackets have some pretty iffy data bias artifacts in them as a result. it’s testdemic with oversensitive PCR, not a pandemic of kids)

we can see just how bad it’s getting if we look at the per 100k data. this is from the previous report. i added the VE in red.

this is the most recent report. (week 40) note that VE is collapsing in most of these age groups.

it’s getting worse by the week. also note: these 2 reports have 3 weeks of overlap, so something REALLY significant must be going on at the margin.

and this is the rigged counting of just counting the “fully vaxxed” (dose 2 plus 14 days or more) and ignoring the known high vulnerability period in the weeks following dose 1. this is not a valid methodology. it’s designed to occlude, not to reveal. i spoke on this in detail HERE. saying “you’ll be safe if you get to the bunker” and not counting the risk of running to it is not a great way to make life choices…

and, as can be seen here, it’s having a profound effect on this data in the lower age brackets.

in under 18’s, the single dosed group is almost 18X the case count of the “fully vaccinated.” add that to the overall vaccinated cases and they rise by 1785%. the data is insufficient to combine this and normalize for cases per 100k, but with a magnitude this large and 12-15 having ~10% and under 12’s zero vaxx rate, if we add this to “vaxxed” it could easily move it to parity or beyond with unvaxxed in under 18’s.

the same may apply in the 18-29’s where adding in single dosed cases would up overall cases by 62%. it’s an 18% rise in 30-39 and becomes less prominent in older groups.

all groups have a “donut hole” in the data from dose 2 until 2 weeks post dose 2. it’s simply not accounted for anywhere that i can see. (and the UK provides better data on this than most)

so, all in all we see a vaccine that is non-sterilizing. it’s certainly not stopping infection and may well be spreading it. cohort bias looks unable to explain a variance this large or and especially, the widening of this variance.

the fact that it keeps getting worse is not consistent with the primary issue being initial bias in groups but IS consistent with catalyzed spread perhaps from ADE (antibody dependent enhancement) where antibodies wind up acting as passkeys for a virus to enter cells or the fetchingly biblically named OAS (original antigenic sin) whereby preferential training to one antibody response leads to its use against new variants of a pathogen and thereby prevents adaptation to more effective modalities.

note that these two are by no means mutually exclusive and are actually strongly synergistic.

this is an area that should, based on this data, be an all hands on deck investigation right now.

it’s clear the vaccines not performing as hoped/expected. they got sold as “the only way to reach herd immunity.” instead they may well be putting it further out of reach by amplifying spread (and likely severity as well) because that’s what leaky vaccines do and we’re seeing it in delta CFR.

seeing CFR trend up is a serious violation of expectation and a big change in what we saw with prior variants. this is like seeing water flow uphill. it can happen, but when it does, it’s due to some exogenous force. it’s not typical behavior.

it means we need to have a hard look at external drivers like vaccines.

this policy of denying acquired natural immunity and claiming only vaccines can generate herd immunity was a bad enough foray into pseudoscience and crony capitalism.

but to keep up this pretense when it’s clear these vaccines do not stop spread and are likely a spread accelerant is simply unconscionable.

it’s time to get to the bottom of this.

nobody wants this to be the case, but if we ARE making it worse, we need to know and sooner is A LOT better than later.