are the branch covidians coming unhinged?

nah, they were always like this...

many have expressed concern that the alleged experts and thought leaders are becoming increasingly unhinged and beginning to call for things that sound perilously close to medical apartheid and genocide.

leaving aside the fact that chris:

  1. has no medical expertise at all

  2. is making an argument that could easily be more aptly applied to obesity, and

  3. seems to have the ethical grounding of a scorpion riding a frog

i have good news!

he is not, in fact, coming unhinged.

as can be readily seen, chris was ALWAYS unhinged.

perhaps a few too many lead paint chips as a child?

or perhaps some bad advice from microsoft?

but it’s not getting worse, just switching foci.

he’s a partisan hack who just wants to attack those who think thoughts of which he does not approve.

the year of relentless fear and propagandistic virtue signaling is merely bringing to the surface that which always lurked in the depths of such people.

2020-1 has been a helluva sorting hat.

and the formerly quiet part is increasingly said out loud.

we really all ought to listen, because this is where you learn the truth about folks, and vickery is far from alone.

i, for one, continue to marvel at how the chatterati that could not disparage the trumpian bleach shots stridently enough suddenly cannot countenance any dissent in the mandates for biden’s miracle elixir.

they lack perspective

and any sense of irony

they have tried more positions on this issue than a great dane trying to hook up with a chihuahua.

this is astonishingly common.

the more fervently one believed that pfizer was deadly fraud juice under the orange man the more desperately they not only want it but seem to need to demand that you want it too under señor brandon.

these people are worse than folks that just started crossfit.

a quick word: (not that it will help)

these are people without identities, people who do not HAVE politics but rather ARE their politics.

it’s a black hole that swallowed their rationality, morality, and personality.

they were hectoring hysterics before and will be again. this is just the issue du jour.

i’d pity them if they were not so aggressively odious and invasive.

it’s a bit surreal to watch.

but it’s also clarifying. these people have no idea what they are being told. they do not care. their level of discernment is zero.

they care only who tells them.

the rest is just pretext. this is why so few politicians and media networks even attempt trying to sound plausible anymore.

why bother?

no one cares.

they immediately adopt as evangelical religious doctrine anything they are told by the lawgivers of their tribe.

these folks are the antithesis of reason, democracy, and liberty. they are the death of the enlightenment. they’re mindless jihadis waiting to be told upon whom to war.

they should be excluded from polite conversation, political discourse, and civilized society. they’re wreckers and aspiring brownshirts.

just tune them out. they’re getting foregrounded because it makes great copy. (said the cat cynically posting them to get outrage likes)

but in the end, it’s really simple,

if you literally completely changed your mind about the exact same vaccines with the exact same data because of who was president when you got the shot, there’s really only one thing to say: