capturing the perfect moment

smell the media fear


because what could better exemplify this precise moment in time than a white house correspondent with a hairdo from “the hunger games badguy salon” asking the presidential spokes-moppet what they plan to do about twitter becoming more popular because of free speech and what tools they have to block “disinformation” it will now carry?

i mean, yowsa.

this is a dying guild system desperately seeking to defend the last of its captured privilege and prerogative.

and it is singularly ugly.

they need to be the only ones speaking.

because they know full well that no one will listen to them if given a real choice.

and that they will die out here in the wild.

hard to have much sympathy though…


honestly, watching them try to grapple with even obvious, run of the mill parody is a whole new genre of parody unto itself. (admittedly, unwitting self-parody)


CNN actually fact checked this meme and demanded “do better!” proving once more, that there is simply no clown like “self-clown.”

say what you will about elon musk, but he’s a helluva showman.

and the man understands memes.

and perhaps it’s no coincidence that the media is suddenly all in a tizzy about free, uncensored, un-shadowbanned speech?

perhaps there is some eensy little thing about which they’re just a wee bit apprehensive?

i wonder what it could be?

(and i wonder whose names will emerge on the collaborators list)

my take here is predictable:

i have only one request:

allow the canceled dissidents back onto the bluebird in time to dissect and comment on this when it hits.

because THAT will be delicious.

twitter is already twice as much fun as it was before.

let’s kick it up a notch.