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CNN director on the pivot to climate activism

meet the new fear, same as the old fear

you think you have finally achieved a level of cynicism commensurate to the modern media age.

but then you see something like this from a CNN director.

"climate change is going to be the next covid thing for CNN …climate change overload. be prepared, it's coming."

and keep in mind that this is just what they were actually willing to say out loud.

this is not news, it’s agenda.

hey, is it still paranoia if they really are plotting against you?

(asking for several million viewers…)

these outlets are so far gone that they cannot even remember what news is. bloomberg, reuters, AP, it’s all of a piece. they are no longer new outlets. they are organs of the party.

when anyone tries to diverge from approved talking points and positions they all lose their collective minds and join in the dogpile of accusations about, wait for it, “agenda pushing” either because they want to keep their monopoly on narrative or because they are so echo-chamber addled that they really believe there can be no view but theirs.

it’s either goebbels style tactical hypocrisy or weapons grade self-delusion.

neither provides much of a basis for trustworthy reporting.


there do seem to be some good solutions emerging however:

not all heroes wear capes…

cat cape contest Archives - The Purrington Post

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bad cattitude
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