covid boosters closing schools?

can you even remember the last time a school you went to or had kids in closed because too many teachers were sick?

in my entire childhood, i cannot remember a single one.

yet here we had such a “large number of staff have a negative reaction to the covid booster shot” that they had to cancel school.


is “booster day” the new snow day? because this sounds pretty significant.

i also bet it’s going to get prevalent. they just generally won’t be this honest about it.

Snow Day | Unity School District

note that there is also a substitute teacher shortage.

between boosters and folks quitting/fired over mandates, both teachers (increasing demand for subs) and subs (decreasing supply) it’s perhaps not difficult to imagine why this staffing shortfall has become acute…

brace for more of this. the endless wreckage of this crop of con artists is going to really start piling up.

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