did "the science" change?

because it sure looks like “the political science” did and this coming state of the union speech should give us a pretty strong sense as to just which one is the tail and which the dog in this scenario.

this is the memo from biden’s polling firm to the rest of the party;

it’s time to pretend that all the mitigations, impositions, and pseudoscience we pushed worked, claim victory, tell everyone we saved them, and move on.

they are already pushing the data off “cases” and onto “hospitalizations” and then changing they way they count hospitalization. they will alter the data and use it to claim that their rain dance brought the monsoon.

but it’s much too late to fool the center. this will be a tone deaf whistle at the faithful. it will further alienate the middle who will (rightly) see this as yet another subjugation of science and public health to political ends and exigencies.

it’s all out in the open now as the bigger truth eclipses the big lie.

all this “sacrifice” bought nothing but damage.

the technocracy of experts are just the marketing arm of authoritarians.