don't mask don't tell

this weekend, in defiance of local tyranny and stupidity, there was a party in a public place where no party like this was allowed to be.

i cannot tell you where because this party had no masks. it had no idiocy. it had no distancing.

it had DJ’s and friends and music and laughs. we drank and danced and enjoyed ourselves.

it was not a huge party, but it was not a small one either. (maybe 100?)

but it was not a small thing. it was a big thing.

it felt normal, like real normal, just for a minute and man, did that feel good.

you guys really need to try this.

it’s the vaccine for all your covid blues.

when they outlaw human connection, only the outlaws will be connected.

when they outlaw fun, it is our just right and prerogative to become fun loving criminals.

go misbehave. you’ll be glad you did.