first they came for the swing sets

(will all due apologies to martin niemöller)

many remember niemöller’s words from 1930’s germany.

they remember them because they carry in them an eternal truth:

it only gets harder to oppose a tyrant as their tyranny progresses and failing to stand up “just because it’s not you” is not the road to going along to get along.

it’s the railroad tracks you wind up standing on.

so how is it, in this day and age, we’ve allowed so much of this to be done to our children?

this is a real picture of the daughter of longtime gatopal™ @justinhart. it was taken by her mother. on a playground. where the swings were not available for children “cuz covid.”

and we let this stand.

we let A LOT of things stand. (photo collection from gatopal™ the robber baron)

because playing outside is not healthy.

and destroying infrastructure is now infrastructure.

and because performative fear mongering and isolation helps learning

and because you simply cannot run from “the science”

this has been obscene. we were supposed to be the adults and instead acted like terrified children hiding under a wubbie in a thunderstorm desperate to feel like we we “doing something” to assuage the wet pants atavistic terrors inculcated by a cynical set of panic pushers about a problem that was never a real danger to our kids.

we did this. not covid. us. you.

maybe we didn’t pass the rules and block the hoops, but we let them do it. and besides some bitter muttering, what did we do? who spoke out and stood up?

give it some real thought before you let the next one of these stand. bullies are not placated by appeasement. they are encouraged to sink to yet lower depths of nastiness.

and the dog you feed is the one that follows you home…

PS. humans:

when these kids grow up and stick you in a home when you’re old “for your own protection” remember who taught that to them.

i suspect it’ll be thin comfort, but at least you’ll be putting the blame where it belongs and not on them.