gato goes to the FDA

adding a soupçon of genuine “cat” to pfizer’s “catastrophic” outing at the FDA

a friend just passed this on (i had missed it and had no idea it was going on) but as can be seen here, gato-data made it into the debate about vaccine boosters at the FDA on friday.

this was presented by dr david wiseman (big win for nominative determinism there) to add a soupçon of genuine “cat” to pfizer’s “catastrophic” outing at the FDA.

the pfizerians showed up having not done their homework and wow had the folks in the comment session done theirs. this was a mauling.

it was like watching piranha eat a 2 legged cow that fell in a river. headfirst.

you can watch the whole presentation here. the wiseman/gato segment is 4.26.03.

i do not know dr wiseman, but i’d like to and and i’d like to thank him for the time and effort he put in yesterday.

it’s folks like him that are making a difference.

thank you for standing tall and if you ever need or want data or thoughts on this, you know where to find me and i hope that you do.

because making the rubber meet the road is where we make a real difference. and this was that. and we need more.

so let’s stay after it.

pfizer did get a consolation prize yesterday despite their terrible, horrible, no good very bad day.

the panel snuck in an unplanned vote on an unplanned topic and voted in favor of boosters for those “over 65 or immunocompromised.”

i see no science to validate this choice and the jury remains out on whether this was a return of the idea of risk/benefit of just more craven political kowtowing.

with grueber and krause retiring in nov, you can expect that pfizer WILL be back. this is too good a grift to give up on once they get some more pliable folks in place at FDA.

let’s make damn sure that we get the real data out (wheresoever it may lead) before they do so. if these wind up being justified and look therapeutically useful, fine, but let’s prove it for real with real, open review instead of rubber stamp approvals after cloistered debate far from the public eye.

science first, then policy.

sunlight is the best disinfectant and we need to keep it shining here.