Since it applies here, I’ll repeat the comment I made at the eugyppius post about this:

I think the data coming out of the life/health insurance companies is going to be the wrench that helps the wheels finally detach from the bus. Insurance companies are taking a massive financial hit while funeral company stocks are skyrocketing, and people are starting to notice as per Edward Dowd:


PSA: Governor DeSantis has until tomorrow (2/24) to veto HB 7021, which would extend the liability protections hospitals/medical facilities currently receive for implementing murderous COVID protocols.

I’ve published my letter to Gov. DeSantis here:


I’m hoping people will join me in contacting DeSantis with their own messages along with a link to my article if desired.

Emails should be sent to:






More details on how to contact Gov. DeSantis here:


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This is why they wanted to destroy the control group.

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Ze Germans are quite the combination of hysteria and precision.

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Right in the middle of my range of prediction from 8 months ago.


Never let them tell you that we could not have known.

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Feb 23, 2022·edited Feb 23, 2022

And this appears to just be acute side effects.

We're not even talking yet about long term chronic effects like cancer, infertility, and immune disorders.

It's going to be a scandal indeed and lots of people are going to want to blame someone.

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No wonder Brandon is blaming Putin for everything bad in America and beating war drums. They certainly can't have the riff raff finding out that they've been hoodwinked for over 2 years. "Nothing to see here, look over there at that evil Russia!"

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Apparently, the insurance company CEO requested a response to his concerns by 6 pm yesterday (Tuesday) from German government agencies. He is going public now because they didn't answer.

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Yeah I think the CDC/FDA/Fauci et al. failed to take into account that life insurers, many of whom are public cos, will report the data as accurately as possible because the are required to do so. None will risk violating securities laws. Canary hell it's a gorilla.

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Do you think this will help anyone not already firmly on Team Vax4evah see anything differently? I have so, so little faith in that.

What I do have faith on is that you need to keep this up, Gato. This truth WILL continue to leaven the bread and make it sweeter. That's what truth does.


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*If* we ever get corroboration in the US, it will come from analyzing Medicare data. Unlike the fractured and incomplete records available for vaccinations that were covered by private health insurance -- such as EPIC -- the services and Dx codes for Medicare beneficiaries are all in one place and all uniformly coded.

The problem is -- independent researchers have to have approved data use agreements in place to access Medicare data. And it's HHS that grants those approvals. I'm guessing that the parent organization of CMS, NIH, FDA, and CDC is *not* going to be in a hurry to let those rocks be turned over.

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May this be the only time I feel moved to rebuke you. The thalidomide tragedy can never look like "forgetting your house keys." It was a monstrous horror but, because of the purpose of the drug, restricted to a segment of the population. This is a monstrous horror affecting everyone.

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Off -topic, but I wanted to briefly report on the launch event for the People'sConvoy, which left this morning from Adelanto, CA and is heading east. My family and were heartened by well over a thousand people and as many vehicles, all gathered in the parking lot of a baseball stadium. Not bad for a very cold, Wed. am. out in the High Desert. Short speeches by attorney Leah Dundas (?), Dr. Pierre Kory and Dr. Paul Alexander, as well as by a pastor and a lead trucker organizer. Well organized event with a lot of positive energy. Convoy headed east shortly before Noon with the first stop in Kingman, AZ this evening. Hard to estimate the number of vehicles that left in the convoy, but definitely several hundred, with approx. 50-70 big rigs. Could easily see it collect a lot of support along the route as it travel east. A few specific notes:

Drs. Kory and Alexander (who we all greatly respect) were excellent, and were very hard hitting in their criticism of the "vaccines."

The attorney who led off the event, made explicitly clear that this convoy was not going into to DC proper and would not be involved in confrontations with authorities, etc. Essentially, it is a massive P.R. campaign, rather than a confrontational direct action. Probably a good strategy given the foreseeable overreactions by federal authorities and propaganda smear effort by the media.

Local police were actively assisting the convoy by directing traffic to allow vehicles to stay together to reach interstate. Convoy organizers stated that they were actively coordinating with law enforcement authorities throughout the country to ensure a smooth operation. Also, stated that the convoy was utilizing security and logistic experts.

Overall, a positive event and one that should give all of us a bit more optimism that the American tradition of healthy defiance to overreaching governmental authority is still alive and well. Let's hope it continues to grow.

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"this is going to be one of the great scandals in human history. it will make thalidomide look like forgetting your house keys"

yup. So the question now is what are they going to do to distract from this. They will have to because it's not like we are just looking at Pfizer becoming a penny stock. lol

They're going hard for the digital prison in commonwealth countries but I don't think they can roll that out fast enough in the US

Feels like they're going to need a massive distraction like covid was supposed to cover as a massive distraction from the unfunded liability crisis. A cyberpandemic, a war, or some other seriously major destabilizing catastrophe will need to be rolled out in order to consolidate power, because this is bigger than just corporate fraud of the type by Pfizer for decades, it's "we the people are coming with pitchforks and torches and the leaders are going to be strung up on lampposts"

Lampposts through and through.

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Martial law means the boosters are working!

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There is a wsj article on insurers facing a huge increase in non-covid deaths starting third quarter 2021 (fourth quarter not available yet.) top causes of death heart, circulatory and neurological disorders. They attribute them to covid itself, and delayed care (all started in the fall of 2021 for some reason.)

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At this point, we pretty much have figured out via induction the corporate press' algorithm for dealing with inconvenient realities. First, ignore it. After it can't be ignored any longer, distract the public with something else or shoot the messengers, whichever is most feasible. Or do both. If distraction or cancelling don't work, discretely switch jerseys and pretend like everyone knew it the whole time, but don't adjust to any of the implications.

Thus, you heard it here first: six weeks from now, we'll see a headline of "Anti-vaxxers may be right about the mRNA vaccine safety profile. Here's why everyone should get vaccinated or re-boosted anyway."

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