Not on twitter but if i was i would copy his tweet and tweet under it--

For all those vaccinated people out there, today might be your last day on earth. For the rest of us its Tuesday.

Almost makes me want to sign up.

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Still don't get why anyone not very old/sick was ever scared of this virus....

Look at the survival rates and think of all the people you know. How many people that you know, directly or indirectly, died of the virus? My number is still zero, except for those over 93 and/or terminally ill.

Though I did have a friend who seems to have died "from" the shots.

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. I thought his comment that the reason the anti-vaxers didn't participate in Le Grande Experiment was because they had a mis-trust of pharma & government. That's not entirely correct - it's because most of the great unwashed actually did some reading and research, saw through the fear porn and intimidation and came to our own conclusion that the whole thing was a scam from start to finish. He, like many who got the shot, had access to exactly the same information as the rest of us, but they chose to be with the Herd! As Frank Sinatra sang, "Regrets, I've had a few.....".

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He's another moist robot after all. Who else should be in the hall of fame of formerly principled heterodox intellectuals whose brains broke during COVID? I nominate Sam Harris and Naseem Taleb.

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Dear Clot Adams,

We were always correct based on the data. It was never a coin flip, it was never even close. The DATA was always against the jab. No Refunds.

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the biggest offense he made was very recently, he said the 'ANTIVAXERS WERE RIGHT, IT WAS A COIN TOSS'

eff you!

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Now Adams is saying the “anti vaxxers” won. Except I’m not an anti vaxxer. Never was.

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Clott Adams is the worst and he’s made himself such an easy target. Sorry, Clott you failed the IQ test. There are no refunds.

No Refunds, Jabbie

-by Anonymous

Jabbie jabbie took the prick

Now each week this Jabbie's sick

Face can't move, one eye stuck closed

Blood is dribbling from their nose

Jabbie jabbie got the shots

Heart can't pump through all the clots

Look they fainted without warning!

It must be the global warming

Jabbie jabbie flattens the curve

Doesn't doubt a single word

"The shot is safe and it's effective!

It's not why my heart's defective"

Jabbie jabbie buys Pfizer stock

Kneels for Floyd, sucks Fauci's cock

Says "Who cares if my life is shorter"

"At least I'm not a Trump supporter!

Jabbie jabbie, trusted the science

And big data enforced compliance

But now poor jabbie cannot breathe

Has VAIDS, cancer, and cannot breed

Jabbie jabbie, the price you pay

For believing everything they say

Is just to have a heart attack

While waiting for your money back

No Refunds

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I love that techie Dilbert is antivax.

I was kicked out of the Seattle Java Users Group for laughing at them for requiring vaccination papers at their IRL meetings. In my exchanges with the group, it was pretty clear I was alone in my position.

Programmers used to be libertarian-minded, actual freethinkers, not corporate NPC drones.

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And his "y'all got lucky" non-apology isn't helping things. People looked at the actual risks (99% chance of survival?) and looked at the unknowns of a brand-new, rushed to market, experimental drug and chose to not take it or not be first in line. Then as more and more people had anecdotes of bad side-effects, it was increasingly clear that it was wise to wait even more. Then we learned that the shots didn't stop transmission - so why the push for everyone to get them? And then we learned that they didn't really stop infection, either - so again, why take them?

Now - we know that those who've taken the shots have reduced immunity rather than enhanced and the possible side-effects from taking them are pretty horrible. None of that is a "lucky guess", but people reading and looking at the data. It's definitely not stemming from a "don't trust authority" - at least at first. After all of the authority pushed for this and we learned how little those same authorities did to ensure true safe/effective - well, yeah, the trust in authority is pretty gone now.

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No one has a higher opinion of Scott Adams than Scott Adams. A twit in the true sense of the word.

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You, gato, are almost solely responsible for allowing me to retain my sanity during the past three years and I will forever be grateful to you.

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I wonder if he got money from the government to spread the vaxxing message in his Dilbert cartoon like some influencers did.

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He did a recent mea culpa on this, a rarity among the Branch Covidian Sect.

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I once mistook Adams for a reasonable and intelligent person. His smug jabber-jockey tweets disabused me of that mistake, and no amount of backpedaling from him now will change it.

He fully destroyed his own integrity.

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a late wake up call, but better late than never I guess LOL. Yes it is funny that he takes the weird boss. Is that the one he feels closest to ? I am looking at Dilbert cartoons with a different mindset now.

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