mark it covid

just in from the fear factory: 1 million britons are “self reporting long-covid.”

come on guys, you would need to use the hubble telescope to even see reality from the planet upon which this makes sense.

“hey, let’s subject a populace to unremitting fear narratives, social isolation, and authoritarian brutality for a year and then see if we can get them to self-report generalized feelings of being unwell such as “difficulty concentrating” or “fatigue” or “muscle pain.””

is that seriously an experiment where anyone had any doubts about outcomes?

honestly, it is a testament to the resilience of the british people that these numbers are so low.

every single aspect of this is suspect, ridiculous, and calculated to inflame not inform. first off, as can be readily seen, most appears not to be serious. second, it’s self reporting based on vague, generalized symptoms reported in a poll after a year of insane and unprecedented stressors. third, there is not even any evidence that most of these people even ever HAD covid. it’s based on symptoms persisting 4 weeks after a “suspected covid episode.”

wow, the cupboard must be getting awfully bare over at “fearmongers incorporated” for them to be trotting out this weakest of weak tea.

but hey, if we’ve learned on thing in the last 12 months is that there is no blow too low, no narrative too absurd, and no evidence too flimsy to support the mantra that we must always, always:

(yeah, i went “big lebowski.” i’m a sarcastic cat. so sue me..)