self identifying as social justice

“look, if weaponized post-modern marxist institutional racism wants to self identify as "social justice" then we need to respect its choice.”

wow. that sounds even stupider when you say it out loud…

(and yes, this is REAL. think hard before going to any shrink that reads this journal.)

we appear to be approaching singularity levels of performative self-imposed struggle sessions as the crybullies seek power through hallucinatory aggrievement or allegiance thereto.

but such faux contrition and abasement is not about justice. it’s just a particularly odious form of passive aggressive status seeking whereby the low status use purported grievance to hector others into ascribing to them virtues they not only fail to possess but to which they are the literal antithesis.

woke is not about justice. it’s about the shabby rationalization of the desire to bully and dominate expressed through mascotism rooted in the soft bigotry of low expectations and presumptions of non-self-reliance. it’s cultural and values imperialism imposed upon “lesser groups” to “ally” with them when what is really desired is to wield them like a mace.

it’s jumping up to answer a question no one asked because it makes you feel important.

the hilariously non-rational and ludicrous performative aspects of it are a feature, not a bug. its very irrationality ensures that no reasonable person will voluntarily agree. thus, it’s always a fight. and that’s what bullies want. it’s no fun if you don’t struggle.

they do not want to convince. they want to dominate.

OTOH, if “whiteness” is a medical condition, then people really ought to stop disease shaming those afflicted by it.

checkmate, wokesters…