shocked, yes shocked to find that the media has been engaging in bias...

pro tip:

when a “conservative MSNBC commentator” gets all his news from MSNBC, that’s not really “consuming news for a living” that’s “professional grade confirmation bias.”

the suppression of the fact that half the country has not been inhabiting this hallucination for over a year and the outright vilification of the leaders who stood up for the rights of their people and especially of their children has been as surreal to watch as it has been societally damaging.

even more staggering is the fact that it seems to have worked on the 25% of america that still tune into these addled wastelands of vitriol and pernicious punditry.

i see only one of two possible conclusions here.


  1. media mouthpieces (even purportedly conservative ones) are really so hopelessly out of touch that despite reams of information, data, internet chatter, and 100’s of thousands of people moving to get their children back into sane educational systems, they honestly did not know that kids were in school as normal in most of america and suffering no ill effects for it


  2. media manipulators are so dishonest and think that you are so gullible that they believe that spinning a tall tale about “shocked, yes, shocked i am to discover that there was any other narrative but the one i have been burying you in for 2 years! wow, isn’t everyone going to be surprised!” is going to work.

stop and consider: which one makes you want to trust them as a news source?

if option one is true, then what does it say about american media and echo-chambers of online groupthink that a professional “news consumer” with 90,000 twitter followers never even came across this information? what does it say about bias and self absorption and denial?

and if option 2 is true, well, that sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it?

honestly, i suspect both carry some real truth. i find noah’s claim that none of his followers of media consumption ever showed him any glimmer of this vast truth utterly implausible.

i mean:

there is just no way anyone plugged in the deeply missed something this vast.

BUT, his denial of having noticed speaks volumes as he’s literally inverting the relationship and claiming victim status, an ironic take from one who has been such a potent critic of social justice movements

perhaps he stared too long into the abyss…

When you pspspspsps into the void, sometimes it pspspspspsps's back. - )

“i didn’t know!

“i am just like you, the victim here, shocked by the sudden emergence of these facts, just as you are!”

“we wuz mislead!”

or perhaps it was something else. noah was not one of the baddies per se. he did not cheer lead for tyranny.

but he DID look the other way while others did.

he went along to get along and in a time of great moment, chose to keep his head low and stand down when he could have stood up.

and that is ALWAYS how this happens. the rabid 10% that are dying to perpetrate things like the last 2 years are always with us and they disproportionately inhabit government and media.

but they only manage to get traction when the middle lets them find purchase and grants them free, uncritical passage. and this is why their cowardice the floodgate to our being overrun.

as we look back on times of great crisis, “we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends…”

on the one hand, i don’t mean to pick on noah. he’s actually one of the good ones and i like and agree with quite a bit of what he’s written on a number of topics. but on the other, i really do, because he was one of the good ones and the good ones in the middle were supposed to fight the good fight here.

this was clearly not confined to just him. a stunning number of folks from alleged logicians and ethicists to one time lions of libertarianism all caved and crumbled and failed. noah is just a convenient exemplar for a trend that’s now taking off all through media and “opinion leaders”:

the time to change uniforms so you can pick over the battlefield with the winning side.

we’re seeing it everywhere. even equity circus yelling clown cramer is has pivoted from “we should use the army to force vaccines” to “i don’t care about cases and vaccines’ faster than you can say “hey, where did i that money i put into bear stearns stock go?”

this is literally the bully who took your lunch money on the school bus all year putting his arm around you and saying “can you believe the way those guys pick on us?” because it looks like the teacher is coming to send him to detention.

he’s just another victimizer claiming victim status, alas the all too common status quo for so much of the intersectional aggrievement warriors of wokedom.

you’re going to see a lot of this for while, especially in media.

this is their metier, their go to play both tactically and by inclination.

it’s the low effort self defense mechanism of the abuser who just got caught swapping his guard’s uniform for prisoner’s togs and trying to file out with those who was oppressing just yesterday.

US media have been massively, relentlessly negative throughout covid. (interestingly, this was not so overseas). they have A LOT of wriggling off the hook to do.

have none of it.

these media outlets have been deeply complicit in this debacle and media has a dark history of not only supporting but loving and lionizing fascism because under fascism, the media gets to wield great power as an organ of the state, protected, cosseted, and preferenced.

it is precisely because these franchises from once august print mastheads to the broadcast oligopolies have been under such dire and existential threat for 20 years that they were so desirous of pushing for jobs as disinformation ministries and societal censors.

Study Guide for 1984 by George Orwell - A Research Guide for Students

it’s protection and promotion for them.

and these incentives have not changed a whit and will only intensify as this crisis abates and ratings, import, and trust lie in tatters.

they are not your friends.

their aims are not in accordance with your welfare nor do they find confluence with the function of a healthy society.

and it’s only going to get worse.

it is time to starve them to extinction.

they earned it.

it is time to establish our own ecosystems of trusted information.

we need them.