silver screen lining

possible silver lining of rampant covidian authoritarianism:

it has never been cheaper to film B roll and establishing shots of dystopian police state movies. you do not even need to cast extras. it’s all provided for you gratis on location in belgium. (video HERE)

they even get the action scenes.

and the gritty realism.

and the big scary fascist toys

boom. movie gold.

but do you really want to live in the world this foray into cinema bizarre so aptly depicts?

generally such movies are intended as cautionary tales, not “how to” manuals.

i have long been a fan of the graphic below.

many have called it “overdone.”

well, take a good look at big government having a go at we the people for the temerity of gathering outdoors in a public park to protest for the right to leave our homes and go outside.

still seem overdone to you?

because i am here to tell you, this is always the final form of the big government pokemon. always.

a government powerful enough to give you everything you want is also powerful enough to take everything you have.

you really think it’s going to pick the former?