telling lies about the past

remember when i told you that it would soon be difficult to find anyone who admitted to having been in favor of most of these draconian covid mitigations?

well take a good look:

here is megan “lock down, mask up, and close the schools” ranney, who so memorably got caught telling fibs about how full the hospitals were clarifying for us what “we knew in RI in summer 2020.”…

of course, one of a skeptical bent might be induced to ask:

but, of course, the internet remembers and so, we do not have to guess.

here is megan herself in her own words from, wait for it, the summer of 2020.

quite a different tune “we” were singing back then, no?

this will go on and on. now that this is the losing side and the harms it inflicted to no good purpose are clear, it’s a very low status position to have held.

everyone is going to change jerseys and claim they were always a good guy.

this is a prevarication that they should not be allowed to get away with. those who cheer led for this mess should not retain position and credibility by pretending they opposed it.

that will sentence us all to a repeat of this movie and the sequel will be worse, i promise.

and this is why it’s important to call this out.

allowing past arsonists to claim they were firefighters is not a recipe for future conflagration mitigation.