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the receipts on vaccine efficacy

a brief history of mice-information

someone sent me this video. it’s just devastating.

i don’t know who made it, but the headlines are legit.

if anyone knows the creator, please let me know so i can credit their outstanding work.

(and whoever chose “hall of the mounting king” as the music was inspired)

seeing all the claims aggregated and watching the efficacy disintegrate over time and turn into booster bans and straight up disavowal is the perfect story arc of the last 2 years.

and this is how trust in public health died.

and this why it must not return.

because they earned this.

the vaccines were sold as both safe and 100% effective.

every expert around said so, over and over, ad nauseum.

bad cattitude
yes, the vaccines were supposed to stop covid spread. yes, the "experts" told us so.
the revisionist history around vaccines is getting pretty extreme. let’s be VERY clear: yes, they were promised to stop spread, contagion, and provide herd immunity. yes, those promises were made by t…
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and there was simply no basis to make this claim on efficacy or on safety. as gatopal™ efrat tells us here, it’s coming to light that the seeming source of “safety claims” was not even tracking adverse outcomes at the time.

i know people are tired of covid and covid data. me too. believe me.

but the size and scope of the epic fail here must be laid plain and recorded for posterity and for societal memory.

that’s how we avoid doing this again.

the public health agents and agencies, the governments and grifters that did this were either grossly incompetent or monstrously mendacious.

there is simply no other possible conclusion.

and unless one of those two options makes you think “more please!” we must end the trust in and power of these institutions once and for all.

they do not get to slink off or lie or claim they “never forced you.”

it was not “fog of war” or “a different time.”

they chose this and appealed to credentials and position to promote and to force it.

and they are STILL, even after all this, acting like marketing shills.

(and boy are these people that ought not be talking about side eye…)

trust is earned but the flipside is that so is mistrust.

and if you would avoid another dragging through this briar patch, then the answer always and evermore must be simple:

the age of “trust the experts” is over.

bad cattitude
bad cattitude
el gato malo