List of other since/therefore red herrings:

"Since vaccine products are effective, therefore restrictions must end!"

"Since vaccine products are now widely available in X country, therefore restrictions must end."

"Since cases are below X, therefore restrictions must end!"

"Since we have treatments, therefore restrictions must end!"

All this feeds acceptance of claims made by governments that there exists "public health" situations that justify suspension of civil liberties and imposed restrictions, and conveniently, governments decide when one has manifested. The argument should be straightforward: "Since human rights exist, therefore restrictions must end."

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The "end" never should have had a "beginning"-

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yes. just....yes.

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I am a long veteran of the military industry complex from active duty to reserve to federal civil servant to beltway bandit (both manufacturer and consulting). I see the pharma industry complex no on a permanent "mobilizations" for never ending pandemic treatments...... similar to Lockheed and Boeing's niche.

One sector starts makes huge money and the model is revised for other sectors......

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We’re hearing our local hospital and others in the region have ICU beds around 97% (or more) full with Covid patients. This is in Illinois.

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