the WEF: real life james bond villains

saying the quiet part out loud. again.

you may remember the world economic forum (WEF) from such other retracted statements as “i own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better!

the totalitarians from the cool kids table at davos have long been looking to pick up where the club of rome left off and try to take over the world for its own good.

amusingly, they have a real knack for accidentally saying what they mean out loud and then having to scramble to retract it.

and they are at it again.

here they are pushing “get vaccinated or get fired!” charming, especially as these vaccines are all experimental at this point. that’s what an EUA means. (emergency use authorization) that’s not actual approval. it’s provisional.

that’s quite a thing to predicate employment upon. even OSHA agreed and pushed to mandate tracking adverse reactions to vaccines as workplace safety incidents if vaccines are mandated to work.

much of the internet seems to have agreed as well. i did not get the screenshots, but this tweet did not fare well. it was quietly taken down and replaced with something more innocuous. but we can still get some sense of just where the WEF was going from looking at their own site as they discuss this aspect of “agenda 2021” and #JobsReset21.

they have been saying “covid gives us a chance to re-imagine and re-shape society” all along. this is the “build back better” meme they have so successfully put into the mouths of so many politicians around the world.

but what does it really mean? mostly it means pushing social justice, climate, and health policy together into a unified edifice of inescapable social control.

these really are james bond villains. they really do want to take over the world. they even dress like james bond villains. check out the boss:

don’t say there were no warning signs…

but let’s go back to their page and see what they’re saying about employers and vaccination demands.

they sure seem anxious to associate “consequences” with “not complying.” odd how none of this mentions acquired immunity by getting covid and recovering despite it being more effective than vaccination in generating resistance. they seem to really like vaccination. it’s enough to make one wonder why.

i suspect that it’s for one simple reason:

vaccination = tracking

that’s the ballgame here. this is not about health. if it were, they’d be adding in those recovered. this is about getting people tracked and getting documents and systems to track them. putting everyone’s job on the line is a great way to do it. it also skirts the constitutional issues around having governments do it.

the would be authoritarians and totalitarians of the axis of WEF/davos have been salivating over the possibilities of the chinese social credit system since they first saw it. it touches everything. speak against the state, you cannot ride a bus or work or get a loan. you must prove your trustworthiness or you lose all ability to function.

the western system is going to be private and the cools kids from davos will be running it. (watch as microsoft, IMB, google, etc all push their systems. big tech is basically a surveillance state already.) this is just more of the place where google touches halliburton. they get the businesses to demand it and then force everyone into it. then, they expand it to touch more aspects of your life and you cannot resist it because you need this license to live your life. you need affirmative permission. that’s not liberty, that’s being kept as a pet. and once it starts, there is no stopping it. you’re going down the rabbithole.

and it’s starting. the UK is already appears to be putting the permissions for such into the text of the user agreement for their vax tracking ap. odd thing to do if you’re just focusing on health…

we see similar things cropping up in places like oregon as well. (seriously, what is it with those guys? did they watch a “portlandia” episode and mistake it for a “how to” manual?) (full text HERE)

so, any business that wants to stop mask mandates must check vax status and allow only the vaxxed in as customers or employees. (this is almost certainly illegal for businesses to do and so creates a really iffy situation.)

many states have forbidden this and are pushing back hard on it. they’ll come under more and more fire from federal agencies stopping cash flows and federal mandates for interstate business and regulation.

there’s going to be a real fight here and it’s beginning, not ending. nothing has been won yet and those who favor it have predicated much of their future agenda on the control it unlocks. they are not giving it up without a fight and they have captured A LOT of ground already from the UK to US states to the commanding heights of international travel.

make no mistake, this is coming and the bond villains want it. badly. this is their lynchpin. if they can make you get a document to work and go outside and travel and eat brunch at a restaurant and then push “boosters” because of “variants” (likely another reason they do not want to acknowledge acquired immunity from past infection) then they own you lock, stock, and covid titer.

it’s the thin end of the wedge. you need to be tracked all the time and permissioned to interact with others for your own safety. it’s a ludicrous idea and one that’s only possible after breaking a whole society with a year long fear based psyop that increasing looks to have been done deliberately with malice aforethought.

it starts with “contact tracing for pandemics” but how quickly will it land here and just what will be considered “dangerous” in an age where “social justice is a health issue”? even if you trust this guy, do you really wanna bet your freedom on trusting the next one and the one after that with this same power?

there is a reason these folks are all pushing so hard to “act now.” it’s because this is their shot. this is when we are weak. this is when we are desperate and compliant.

this is not over, so don’t act like it is. don’t fall for that, “ok you can go” schtick to make you drop your guard so the cop can zing you with the hard question as you walk out the door as “just one more thing.”

this is not one more thing. this is the new big lie that will make “two weeks to flatten the curve” look like a well meaning fib about really liking grandma’s new perfume.

this will be the thing you never, ever get rid of if you let it take root.

if you have a business, refuse to enforce this.

if you have a life, refuse to predicate living it on this.

james bond is not gonna save us here. he works for the bad guys now.

we’re going to have to do it ourselves.