when the science™ fails, invoke histrionics

i see we have now entered the "performative pseudoscience is respect for others" stage of the pandemic. buckle up, the final spasms of those seeking to retain authority and credibility as the edifice of covidian impositions crumbles to dust will be pretty spectacular.

it is legitimately depressing to see a former US surgeon general (even who has been a one note flute of unsupported claims and covid histrionics) lose the plot so completely that there is no longer even a pretense of science and data driven analysis. but, alas, this is what medical messaging in america has come to.

this is not public health, it’s facile and assumptive claims about failed NPI’s using emotional corner cases and vapid, accusatory moralizing to justify having adopted stances rooted in talismanic superstition and supported by actual, unequivocal fraud.

to be making appeals to CDC authority on masks at this stage in the game is hallucinatory. they have so thoroughly discredited themselves on masks as to leave little doubt they are either incapable of basic science or so fully political captures as to amount to the same. (receipts HERE)

but this will not dissuade jerome “swiss cheese” adams who seems determined to sink to new depths of grandstanding and societal harm to inject enough squid ink into the water to escape the culpability that’s coming.

let’s look, shall we?

every single thing in this statement is wrong.

the whole argument is rooted in inherent logical fallacy.

consider: i do not believe that masks stop covid. at all. they don’t protect the wearer. they do not act as source control. this was known about RTI’s, especially aerosol ones beforehand and it has been validated 50 times since. there is not a shred of actual clinical outcomes evidence that masks, even N-95’s, prevent covid transmission. there are mountains of evidence that they do not.

it was all made up and justified with fraudy studies lacking controls, valid clinical outcomes makers, cherry picked data, and outright fabrication.

and yet still, jerome is ascribing a moral duty of compassion to me to undertake this purported mitigation out of “respect.”

respect for what?

respect for the superstitions of others about non-effective covid interventions?

this is not “respect” it’s “enabling.”

so doing does not render them safe, it invite them to unwitting self-harm because people like jerry have lied to them. this is literally giving them sugar pills alleged to prevent rashes then sending them out to play in the poison sumac.

that’s not good advice. and it’s why we do not give advice like that.

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foremost, if others are vulnerable then we need to provide real protection, not the illusion of safety.

a false football helmet is worse than none at all. you’ll behave as if you are protected when you are not. you’re going to get your head split open.

what would be the moral duty on a football field if you saw another player walk out onto the gridiron with a helmet made of old cereal boxes? would it not be to warn them that this was not going to protect their head?

would not ignoring this until the damage occurred constitute the real lapse of moral duty?

DIY Football Paper Helmets

adams has severely inverted the sense of duty here.

this idea that validating people’s choices to engage in riskier behavior because they have deluded themselves into an illusory sense of safety is outright anathema to their well being.

claiming it as a foundation for public health and social duty is misanthropic madness. you are putting them at terrible risk by buttressing their misapprehensions about their level of protection.

the whole thing represents an absurd jump of logic that boils down to “allow the unprotected to feel protected, because, respect.”

but this is not respect. it is predation.

it is difficult to conceive of a practice more inimical to their ongoing health.

undeterred, jerome tries to go further and casts this as supporting their “emotional well being” and frames your failure to mask as some sort of micro-aggression.

this is a gruesome derailment of the notion of public health into the precincts of post-rational emotionalism and grievance grubbing.

sorry, amigo, but my rights, liberties, and well being to not stop where your invoked frailty begins.

this is the road to “tyranny of the superstitious hypochondriacs” and to “rule by the anxious and performatively plaintive.”

and again, every single thing about this statement is wrong.

this idea that we must all accommodate the expressed emotional fears of the most frightened is not a basis for society. it has never been so. it cannot be so.

perhaps i get anxious whenever anyone stands within 20 feet of me. shall we arrange every grocery store and manhattan sidewalk such that i am never made uneasy?

and what of the comfort of the agoraphobe who needs close proximity to feel safe?

are not our needs in inherent opposition? whose shall have primacy? and why do you get to pick?

you act as though wearing a mask is not unpleasant or that people do not find being around masked people threatening, alienating, or that masking carries no costs in terms of health, social function, and child development. yet it does.

you take one tiny subset of people and take their purported needs to be swaddled in emotional support that will literally increase their actual risk by inducing inapt behavior and try to use this to stand for the whole of human interest because the narrative you’ve spun for years is now falling apart and not even the partisan propaganda mill at CDC will support you anymore. this is as desperate as it is damaging.

worse, it’s abusive mascotism.

making an immunocompromised 4 year old and their mom “feel better” by masking in stores when doing so affords them no protection but instead places them at greater risk because of a false sense of safety does not help them. it leads them to make bad choices that result in bad outcomes so that you can enjoy the frisson of “having stood for them.”

you are sacrificing their health upon the altar of your vanity and desire to virtue signal as their “champion.”

you are inviting and enabling them to engage in self harm so you can feel good about yourself.

this is not the moral high ground nor is it a basis for public health.

our duty to such people is to tell them the truth such that they make make informed decisions. that is everywhere and always the only valid purpose of public health.

the fact that you and others like you have forgotten this and become so caught up in manipulation, nudging, and dishonest messaging is why no one trusts you anymore.

you have done more than enough damage.

so just stop.

it’s time to stop scrabbling for relevance and say “buy-bye.”

take the “L” and go away.

haven’t you done enough damage already?