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Hence the recent hit piece in WaPo against homeschooling. They feel their dominion is threatened, so they paint all homeschoolers as crazy and abusive.

“The Revolt of the Christian Homeschoolers.”

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Gato, this is one of the best, most urgent and clarifying posts I have ever read. That is a terrifying thought. (it is like catching an identity thief after all of your worldly possessions are already gone.) Better for us to learn this late in the process than never….however it is most assuredly LATE in the process. And the process is a hell-scape.

According to Matthias Desmet, at this stage, the mob is likely to relieve its extreme internal angst and isolation by sacrificing dissenters, not because the mob believes the lies deeply, but rather because extreme sacrifices help them feel connected again. It doesn’t work, but such is the depth of our human animal wiring against the agony of loneliness and despair.

Desmet says a single voice of dissent can stop the damage from going as deep. Dissent keeps the lies and manipulation from anchoring unchecked in the perceived reality—even if it doesn’t particularly help the dissenter.

You have provided this invaluable service. We salute you! Deeply and sincerely. Thank you for being you.

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“information is not too important to be left to free markets and free people. it is too important not to be …”

Stalin disagrees 😉: “Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas?”


“and the first step is realizing that the purpose of public schooling and public messaging was never to illuminate but to captivate.”

If you want to understand the role of psychiatrists in shaping the education system to bring about a cultural revolution, I highly recommend reading this 1946 lecture series titled “The Psychiatry of Enduring Peace and Social Progress” by Brock Chisholm, who was to become WHO’s first director-general in 1948:


I single out some choice quotes and delve into the State’s use of indoctrination to mold children into willing practitioners of servitude dating back to Plato’s “Republic” in my interview for “Croatian Weekly” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/my-croatian-weekly-hrvatski-tjednik), this being one example of Chisholm’s “it takes a village” thinking:

“Parents must be made to see that children are in no sense their chattels but instead their wards, held in trust as future members of the community.”

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Defund the CDC! And FDA!!

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The Republic has been long dead. Whether it is the shift of power from states to a central government - which literally began when the gathering to amend the Articles of Confederation was co-opted to institute a Federal government, or the shift from senators being chosen by state legislatures (imagine what the Senate would look like were that still the case), or elsewhere - or the formation & institution of the “Federal Reserve” (sic), or any other stopping points along the way => the “America, hell yeah!” that is represented by the comment above (Pledge of Allegiance) is nothing but a John Wayne movie fantasy.

Long gone, long dead - and the question really comes down to is this: will enough people refuse to continue to play their game? Are people willing to make personal sacrifices to bring about true change? Is there enough HEART left among the people of America, and of Canada, and of all the other nations who have been taken down into this pit?

VERY hard times are coming, whether that brought to you by passive participation in the system (eat your bugs in your one room dwelling AND BE HAPPY!) or that which comes about by refusing to cooperate. Either way, prepare for great darkness. The question to ask yourself is this:

Do I wish to suffer at ‘their’ hands as I walk ‘their’ path, or will I CHOOSE to suffer as I walk the path of FREEDOM, as I swim against the prevailing current of society?

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Thanks for all these excellent observations. I also knew we were in super-financed Perma-Psyop mode when both European and American mainstream media featured chatty stories, and there were even government posters, on how to recognize your child having a heart attack, as though it were normal, to be expected.

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Living in the dystopian U.K. I am not sure which is worse, the US or U.K. it feels like we are trying to navigate through a very dense fog. The gov’t filled with wef puppets sending confusing signals. Nurses, civil servants, train drivers, conductors, passport employees, airport security, airport customs officers all off and on strike for over 6 months. Cost of living sharply rising, housing becoming unaffordable for many. Not a word from the government that is all over net zero, trans, 15 minute cities,

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"it’s not a path forward, it’s poison peddled as panacea."

Brilliant, sir, brilliant!

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100%, except one minor detail.

"the war machine exists to produce war"

The war machine exists to transfer wealth and power from the people to the state and military-industrial complex. Kinetic war is a byproduct, and not essential. The same purpose can be served by endless preparations against the threat of war from some presumed enemy. The Cold War for instance.

So long as productive assets are consumed for the benefit of the deep state/MIC, the purpose is served.

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Outstanding article! Thank you!

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"..... it represents a one sided bet for politicians because if they fail to snap into line, any new attack or bad outcome can be pinned on them....."

And that's why I like Ron DeSantis. By keeping Florida open, he risked his political career giving truth to his statement that he does what he thinks is right, not what the polls say.

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I agree with your general propositions and potential path forward. However, imho, it will never happen at the federal government level. States will have to act, throw the Department of Education out of their school systems, reject their funding and chart a state level, independent path that has as its first action decertification of all teachers unions and setting up an equal playing field for charter and other similar, merit based, educational options.

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“for war is permission to think the unthinkable and excuse to do that which is inexcusable.” And a Scamdemic comes in handy also.

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I agree entirely with this piece, but must note that these are the mechanisms of every religion ever invented. Dissenters against the machine have been burnt in pyres from the beginning of civilization.

How many people reading and agreeing with this Substack post also daily repeat in ritual prayer the words someone else made up, instead of using their own words and thoughts to express themselves to the Whosoever?

How many people obediently stand up and recite the Pledge of Allegiance at any gathering or function where that's the routine start-off?

People just get mad when it's an antagonist idea forced on them instead of the idea they want to force on others.

Whatever we name our systems, however modern we think we are at any point in time, we're just doing the same things we've always done in organizing society. In every culture education used to be the monopoly of the culture's religious hierarchal institutions, didn't it? Who founded our first universities anywhere? Not freethinkers so far as I can recall.

Nobody really truly wants them kids to think for themselves.

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Preach it!!

“ the foundational mission statement of public schooling in the US was not to help children grow, but to mold children into that which was useful and obedient to the state.”

Exactly! This is why I get frustrated when people talk about our “failing” school system. It’s not failing, it’s doing exactly what it’s designed to do!

In case y’all missed it, you will like my piece in First Things on how the medical world partners with schools to keep education as Prussian as possible:


And heres a hopefully uplifting piece about what education really looked like in the time of the Founders and how (aside from homeschooling, which is what we do) some of that spirit is coming back in some cool new alternative schooling initiatives:


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Love your writing.... is the usa not a "constitutional" republic, rather than a "democratic" republic?

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