I used to be on Twitter and ended up leaving, I'd say the good thing was to find good people like you, GummyBear 767, Colin Wright and Eric Weinstein. The better thing was to leave FB and Twitter and found myself at Substack and Podcasts. I can't watch an 1 minute of MSM... but I am glad I was able to find different sources for news and thoughts

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I'm so happy to find you again. You are so spot on. We all just need to walk away. It's only been 15 years or so they have been in our lives. Time to take a step back. Watch the snake eat its own tail. And find fulfillment in self-reliance once again.

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You and many other dissenting voices (Gummy, TES, Emma Woodhouse, Alex Berenson, etc.) kept me sane during the first several months of The Hysteria. I am eternally grateful for that. Even though I had left Twitter years ago, I still read threads as a "lurker". When jackboots kicked you off I really wanted to burn the place down. But luckily Substack exists.

I used to be more pessimistic about social media but I agree with your more optimistic view. In fact, I think there will be a swift, almost break-neck sea change with the tech giants that they won't see coming. I live in suburban Chicago but I've been in the city lately. As liberal as it is, I've been hearing (eavesdropping) more loud conversations with people saying they're "sick of this shit" with the restrictions and the media not being forthcoming about certain COVID- related issues. Not a whole lot but I think these are the first raindrops of the hurricane, the pebbles of the rockslide, etc.

We'll see.

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talk about getting cancelled... here's some evil for you:

I am a doc in NNJ USA . One of my MD colleagues is an eye doc who was BORN WITH NO LEGS b/c of fetal exposure to thalidomide. He works for valley hospital Ridgewood. He refused the vaccine and HE WAS FIRED> Please read this... story from the north-jersey .com news service.

and see the picture.

this is the article:


this is his picture:


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Twitter (from which I'm now blocked) allowed me to connect with people attempting critical path questioning and the practice of skepticism w/regard to Covid and just life in general - . Finding people in my own circle of family/friends who value curiosity, independent knowledge development efforts, and civil discourse over pre-masticated corporate propaganda delivery has been challenging. To that end, I made t-shirts for myself and two friends (fellow appreciators of El Gato Malo) with El Gato Malo's tag phrase printed on them. I figure if I run into someone while wearing it, who knows what the hell it means, I may have a candidate for some decent conversation on hand. Hope El Gato Malo doesn't find this presumptuous....

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Hi gang. Check this out: I lost my hospital privileges today . I had covid Aug 4. 2021 and recovered. I have natural immunity by semi quantitative serum assay ( high titers of Igm and IgG.) I have a letter from a experienced board cert internist. I claimed both religious and medical exemption. THe Valley Hospital in Ridgewood NJ and the med exec committee lead by Joe Yallowitz, MD denied any and all requests for accommodation. SO despite all science supporting the claim that I have durable long lasting immunity and am not a threat to anyone, this large Northern NJ suburban hospital decided to cave to the virtue signally mob and kick me off the staff. I have been on staff for 14 years. Im an ophthalmologist with over 20 years experience in a busy medical and surgical practice. Craven lunatics... You can listen to the phone convo here:


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As a staunch, nearing psychotic-level, libertarian, I am thrilled to see you put some nuance around the (unfortunate) burgeoning popularity, particularly among nominal libertarians, of this notion to impose some kind of government control on Twitter, Google, or whomever, because they are "not playing fair." Geez! More importantly, I absolutely love the turn of phrase, "if a wave tears a piece off your boat, that piece should not have been there." As is a virtual necessity, given our shared beliefs in political economy, I will begin using this phrase, without attribution.

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Just got suspended indefinitely today by Twat on my third account since I first joined. I have decided this is it. No more new accounts. Take that ball and go home. Find a better playground. As much as I have enjoyed the friends I made there, many are gone, never to return. Telegram and Substack, thank goodness for you both. Bless you, Gato, you are a treat to read everyday and I really enjoy your followers too!

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Here's some grist for your mill, if you like:

The liberal @BrookingsInst published this at https://brookings.edu/research/how-misinformation-is-distorting-covid-policies-and-behaviors/

<It's a chart showing Republicans' and Democrats' estimates of the lethality of Covid at different age ranges. They all overestimate the risk to the young and middle-aged and drastically underestimate the risk to the elderly.>

While the GOP responses are (slightly) closer to the facts than the Dem ones, they're all horribly wrong.

And it's this public opinion, not "the science," that is driving our (egregiously wrong) Covid policies.

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Much to my family’s dismay, I quit Facebook two years ago. I love knowing I am no longer a revenue stream for Zuck. Substack is my reward.

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Leftists encroachment in key institutions, companies and government agencies is a clear and present danger to democracy in America.

Leftists gain control/majority by systemic political discrimination via hirings, workplace practices and services that filter out dissenting voices. Twitter is just one example of leftists ongoing takeover of all society structures.

Political diversity is a needed condition to avoid the formation of totalitarian enclaves at any level: institutions, states or nations.

Without political diversity democracy is impossible, that is why protecting political diversity in key public institutions and government agencies is equivalent to be protecting Democracy.

Leftists encroachment in Universities for years have been the nurturing ground for leftists expansion to all society, in particular to scientific institutions and scientific practice destroying objectivity in Science.

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twitter did you a favor. and your censorship was one of the drivers of my leaving the platform and searching for greener pastures like substack, locals, etc so they did me a favor too.

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Ah yes, yes indeed -- how good it feels to hear "we just have to leave the house"!

As if our captors, er excuse me, "parents" are just going to hand us the keys to their cars and vacation homes and communications infrastructure as we leave...

Not to devalue the importance of freeing ones' mind-- leaving "the house" (of social insanity/imprisonment), in my view, is truly the only worthwhile human endeavor. "Pleased to meet me." Once you do that, one is able to relax a bit, enjoy a modicum of distance from it all and view from ones' porch, albeit in horror, the spectacle of our collective fate unfolding before our very eyes.

The utter futility of hoping this monstrous train we are on has any chance of steaming anywhere other than bullseye-straight into el culo del diablo then becomes abundantly clear.

Guns, sure, these may keep you outside of Satans' keister a bit longer but what would be the point? To take out some crazy fool before another one behind him takes you out? Protests, activism, revolution, coups, civil disobedience, etc. where do these end up but "meet the new boss, same as the old boss"?

And let's be realistic about off-grid living being anywhere near possible without a zero-point energy device in your back yard capable of producing an impenetrable 24/7 force field.

Nah. Ain't gonna be no fixin' any of this. The shit-cake is baked. No changing the recipe at this stage. Now we eat. If you've freed your mind, that's it then. Well done. Relax and try to enjoy life as best you can. Never mind the bollocks, folks, here's the end times.

Not to be flip, mind you. My sincerest sympathies to any and all who have children. Your emotional burden is the greatest of all. Hold them close and may your every action make them feel loved.

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A nation which allows the ripping of babies from their safe places, cutting them apart, then selling the pieces is destined for despotism and dystopia. This is only the beginning.

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Jun 10, 2022Liked by el gato malo

Just wanted to send this awesome American Psycho kitty video to you Bad Cat. https://youtu.be/D_HNpheUjBU

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Found you! I recently joined substack and it does seem like this is where the cool kids hang these days. Life is sweet. Not sure how much longer I'll have an account on Twitter. Been banned a few times but I just shared your post there ;)

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