You say these situations are not about race, but they are very strongly race-coded. Imagine it had been a white man, rather than a white woman, who had stood up to the black man in that video. Imagine that he had punched back. In fact we do not need to imagine what would happen - we saw the results of this recently, with Daniel Penny, who acted to protect the other passengers from a violent lunatic, and was subsequently arrested for being white.

The reason everyone just stands there and takes it is that everyone understands the game. Black people are allowed to do what they want, white people will be punished to the full extent of the law - to say nothing of punishment in the court of public opinion - for trying to enforce basic norms of civility. Push back against this, and risk having your life ruined. There are too many examples to list.

Perhaps this is changing, after all Penny's legal defense fund raised $2 million. Many are sick of this. But the DA's offices remain in the hands of race fanatics who consider "fascism" to be synonymous with "citizens who dislike crime", most especially if the crime is black and the citizens are white. If we're going to have color-blind order in the streets that works for everyone (and I believe most want this, of every color), these fantastics will need to be removed from office, and their supporters shouted down and shamed into silence.

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You did hit on the point that people who stand against him are *afraid* of the state. Look at the marine who took that lunatic down on the train, or the security guard who did his job against a violent aggressor. These people have their lives profoundly disrupted at best, destroyed at worst, for standing up. And the middle aged white woman who gets up before the school board or city council and says, let’s not have gay porn be a topic in kindergarten and let’s keep junkies from camping in the playground gets shredded and mocked by her peers, and then it goes viral.

The price is high. The price for not acting is HIGHER, it’s true, but the price is high, and it’s important to find ways to stand together or it won’t happen, because standing alone and being cast out of the tribe means death in the wilderness, and that’s baked into our biology.

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Many years ago, when I was a 5' 8", 135lb badass, I was sitting in my car in DC, waiting for paychecks to be ready. I was beside a bus stop. All of a sudden, I heard a gurgling noise of someone being strangled. I turned and there was a black guy, estimated 6 feet, 180lbs with his hands around a black woman's throat, strangling her. He was focused on her, and his side was unprotected, so, since she would clearly be dead in a couple of minutes, I jumped out of my car and gave him a running shoulder under the ribs. It knocked him off her and into some bushes, giving me enough time to jump back in my car. As I started to pull away with him running after me, screaming in rage, I noticed a cop car doing a u turn...divine intervention? No se, but in the rearview mirror, I saw them grab the guy...The point here is that I grew up believing you did NOT stand by and allow that sort of thing to happen. PERIOD. I got lucky, but I had been willing to take the risk and the consequences rather than let him brutalize and perhaps kill the woman. This was at the time the murder of Kitty Genovese was still remembered, and the cowardice of the witnesses had appalled me. Times have clearly changed, but I haven't, and I think there are a lot of people around like me, and like the guy in NYC being lynched by the DA and the media. Right and wrong are, no matter how the try to gaslight us, still right and wrong. We are living in a country ruled by a government that has modeled itself on 1984, but a lot of us refuse to become Winston...

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Bravo Gato. Inspiring post to push back against normalization of demoralization. Sadly many have chosen a third option: virtue signal about embracing the mess. The “elite” urbanites will never admit to you or themselves how miserable things have gotten, so they double down in showing off how stunning and brave they are to tolerate societal collapse. Ridicule and shame are the best tools we have - Here is a fiction story about a week in their clown shoes: https://yuribezmenov.substack.com/p/how-to-write-a-sex-diary

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There are vast swathes of the country where this stuff doesn't - couldn't - happen. And tbh, in the cities where it is happening, they've voted it in. Most of the people - the "decent" people who have normal values - have left.

The culture war, of which this is such a huge part, is going to force some sort of standoff or breakage to happen. People in majority red county states like mine - and there are many counties in the US that are red, if you look at the US voting results map by county - don't put up with this stuff. I never see it here. (Although in the blue city where we have a house and where I unfortunately have to go several days a month, there's more of it. But still not like the big zombie-zone cities.)

And that's really what is going to break, I think. Where the rift is going to come. The hundreds of millions of good people who would and do stand up to this but don't get on the news for being good and decent, who are ignored and denigrated and yet somehow manage to go on living good lives (sarcasm there) are going to revolt at some point. I live in a Southern, rural, agricultural, coastal county of pick up trucks, hunting, boats, commercial fishermen, and a church every mile that was 78% red in the last election. Our Sheriff is based. I think this is a "come and take it" community.

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I remember an English sci-fi novel from perhaps the early 80s; scientists had just discovered that the universe had really ended, that what we perceived as reality was simply an echo, so humanity was sinking into a depression of pre-determinism. That's how I feel nowadays. 90% of my society, my civilisation, decided that I was a freak, weirdo, deadly terrorist etc because I wouldn't put an Emergency Authorisation Use mRNA Gene Altering clotshot into my body. And since the Corporatocracy cancelled me, democracy & normality all around the same time, I really don't give a fuck about them all. I am not alone, we have withdrawn consent. Let it burn 🔥 🎻

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Just walked along the seafront on our town Exmouth Devon. Did not se one transgender person, did not see any men dressed as women, did not see anything out of the normal over the last 26 years. Saw loads of fog walkers,families visiting the seaside and beach for the day, dozens of yachts going out for he day, swimmers, loads of people ladling surfboards, rowers in skiffs? Later today, the ice cream stands will be packed with customers and later on the day the fish and chip sellers will do a roaring trade. Life very normal” here.

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Brilliant! Your writing should be required reading for every high school and college student in America. Thank you for your work.

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Thank you for this thought-provoking and unapologetic essay. I especially like your term "urban horror camping."

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Thank you again. I’m not a religious person, but damn if this doesn’t feel like the end times! No one step in to protect her, unbelievable, men all around - shameful!

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“then he hits her.”

And her soyboyfriend did nothing. Many layers in that one.

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There’s a guy in that video - a pretty “built” looking guy - standing right between that menace and the woman, and he doesn’t (at least as far as the video shows) do a damned thing to intervene. That to me was more shocking than the thug’s behavior. Was he too scared? Probably. But what if he’d mustered up the courage - or prayed for it right then - and simply stood between the thug and the woman? Who knows what would have happened next, but it would’ve been a noble and even heroic act. Maybe other men on the train would’ve stepped up also. I don’t know but the image of him just standing there watching a small woman get smacked by a much larger threatening male was more shameful than the thug himself.

I think that’s the moral of that whole story. Each of us, individually, are going to find ourselves at moments where we will be given a choice to act and what we do in that moment can determine the future of this country and how we want it to be. It may be Scary and full of risk, but you’ve got to follow your conscience. You just might be the very spark that ignites the movement that will reverse the madness going on around us.

“We all hang together (no matter where we are, or what the circumstances). Or we shall surely all hang separately.”

- Benjamin Franklin

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Cats have bigger balls than people.

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God, family, morals and ethics were the foundation and what is now sadly missing from western civilization.

If you don’t fear or even care what happens to your soul, what does it matter how you behave in this lifetime?

If one thing has become plainly obvious over these last few years, it is that the majority have prioritized accumulating money and materials over raising children and building virtue and character.

One obvious example - Studies warned us 20 years ago that social media was bad for mental health, yet here we are, almost every child has a smart phone or tablet in their hand. Parents have given the worst of the worst of humanity direct access to their children with no guidance or supervision. Literally serving our kids up to satan worshippers and cults. Absolutely shameful! Where are your frickin’ priorities?

Another example - what kind of parenting involves volunteering a child for an unnecessary medical experiment?? I don’t care if someone in a white coat told you it was “safe and effective”!! You are the parent! Your only job is to protect your child until they have the maturity and skills to protect themselves.

If a child grows up in a world where there own parents serve them up to whoever and whatever, why on earth would they stand up for anything or anyone?

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May 20·edited May 21

I’ve read most of these comments and for me, here’s the bottom line:

If this amount of brutish, criminal, behavior exists now, what happens if the food supply dries up or the lights go out? What happens when there are fewer and fewer consequences for this type of behavior?

Teach your children how to defend themselves.

Teach yourself how to defend yourself.

Second Amendment.

Situational awareness at all times.


Your life, our lives, and civilization depends on it.

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You Americans are so lucky you have the second amendment. There can be no peace through weakness. Keep your firearms the governments coming for you. I’m Canadian government has come for us.

The government is the enemy . Your neighbour is the enemy because they are fully propagandized. You’re human resources department is the enemy. Your child has been brainwashed. The schools are turning out idiots.

The left wing has turned into a totalitarian cult.

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