I don’t know about everyone else, but I think Brandon’s repeating don’t count us out until all mail in votes are counted which could take three days, gave away their plan.

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It’s not who votes that counts. It’s who counts the votes.

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Biden went from "saving the guardrails of democracy" to telling people in advance that tallying the votes will take a long time. When the polls look dire for Democrats, this rings of election tampering.

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"Governments don't want a population capable of critical thinking. They want obedient workers, people just smart enough to run the machines and just dumb enough to passively accept their situation".

- George Carlin

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When the Miss America pageant voting has more auditing than USA Federal voting, there is a problem.

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My proposed voting system would be very easy:

National HOLIDAY

In person ONLY with provisions for deployed military

VALID photo ID

Thumb DYE

HAND counting

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Unfortunately, NOTHING has been done about the Dominion and ES&S machines.

And nothing ever will be done because BOTH sides are IN on it!

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Biden's speech yesterday 'neglected' to mention that the DNC literally bankrolled many of these MAGA candidates so they'd win and face a Democrat in November.

Now that's happened, Biden claims to be dismayed about how many MAGA Republicans are on the ballot. But if they're the most dangerous threat to America -- WHY DID YOU BANKROLL THEM??!?!?


Edit: Some of you might remember that this is literally what they did to run against Trump in 2016! Leave it to the Democrats to double down on something that JUST burned them in the ass.


In its self-described "pied piper" strategy, the Clinton campaign proposed intentionally cultivating extreme right-wing presidential candidates, hoping to turn them into the new "mainstream of the Republican Party" in order to try to increase Clinton's chances of winning.

The Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee called for using far-right candidates "as a cudgel to move the more established candidates further to the right." Clinton's camp insisted that Trump and other extremists should be "elevated" to "leaders of the pack" and media outlets should be told to "take them seriously."

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"if you want trust, stop posturing and solve the problem"

Trust is not what they want. Power is what they want.

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Thank you! I've been waiting for someone with an audience to point out that the only reason we are still complaining about unfair or untrustworthy elections is that we haven't done what's necessary to ensure them. It's simple and not hard to accomplish.

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You wanna see an absolute disaster in corruption? Look at this from Coos County, Oregon.

To wit: The Coos County Republican central Committee made a public records request of all ballot images. County gives a very high price, and the committee asks just for the adjudicated images. County replies, um... we have no images from the election.

A day later the county clerk resigned.

The committee asked to have all the ballots re-scanned using the original machines, since that's what decided the adjudicated ones, and btw, the county should eat the cost, since they're the ones who have lost/destroyed the images. The county says no.

The committee filed suit, and asked for a temporary restraining order to stop the further destruction of the Nov 3 election evidence.

The filling of the county clerk position was also a bit suspicious - they didn't follow the normal hiring procedure (they went through some motions) and just appointed someone. The replacement just happens to have been the county democrat party chair. This interim clerk publicly expressed disdain for republicans there in the county. Citizens complained about the conflict of interest and the commissioners played dumb.

This interim clerk conducted the primary election in 2022, and used non-security envelopes that also had the party preference listed very prominently seen through the plastic window on the outside of the envelope. (a code number is tied to each party)

Also discovered was the change of numerous people to non-affiliated voter (NAV), meaning they couldn't participate in the primary (approx 25%). They were not allowed to get a replacement ballot with the right party. They believe the SOS or DMV changed the party, but the denial of replacement ballots was a county clerk issue..

>60 people signed up to be observers when the ballots were counted, and consisted of democrats, republicans, Constitution and NAV party members, and the list was delivered twice to the clerk's office prior to the election. The county also limited observing for each person to 1 hour.

The calendar online was not kept up to date and also had large blocks of time blacked out without explanation.

One observer was asked to leave after 30 minutes after they complained that they were unable to see how a verifier was doing the work. The replacement observer was allowed to do so past the 1 hour limit they had placed on everyone.

Other violations included not being granted access, access time cut short, observers sent home indiscriminately.

At 10pm on election day all observers were removed except for a prior chair of the county democrat party.

Ballot collectors were not deputized, and the interim clerk said only one driver who would deliver all the ballots for the county, who just happened to be a long-time elections official. The interim clerk turned down all offers for someone to ride along as a witness.

Except, that observers watched several people delivering blue ballot bags. One was a boyfriend of an election office worker, bringing them by motorcycle. One person was deputized AFTER the ballots were dropped off. Others observed dropping off ballot bags are unknown if they were deputized.

Despite references to election law, results were going to be updated every two hours on election night, but no updates appeared. Counting ended at 1AM. The law said that all ballots have to be counted that day. It took nearly a week to finish the count.

A large stack of unsecured ballots bearing an undelivered sticker were seen. The clerk claimed that it was 1610 ballots, but when the list of eligible voters was run against the USPS Address Verification API, it found 2,351 addresses invalid.

That only checks to see if the address is valid, not that the voter actually lives there.

There's evidence that ballots sent out to people who didn't live at the addresses were either not delivered or were sent back with notation that the person(s) didn't live there. But the ballots disappeared. Nobody knows where they went, and as such, the corrections to the voter registration database were not done.

One candidate watched her vote count as it went up and down 4 times. County claimed after they submitted to the state that nothing changes.

The end of the video includes a plea for everyone to be election observers before the confidence of the people disappears. There were several recommendations made, such as getting rid of mail-in ballots, ID presented at the time of voting, etc.

A documentary about all this is found here: https://rumble.com/v1p3xir-the-curious-case-of-coos-county.html

The three part report that I summarized is here:

pt 1 - https://auditoregon.org/the-curious-case-of-coos-county-2020/

pt 2 - https://auditoregon.org/the-curious-case-of-coos-county-how-did-she-get-here/

pt 3 - https://auditoregon.org/the-curious-case-of-coos-county-2022/

(Oregon is a mail-in ballot state. You DO NOT want that allowed in your state! I'm in California, and it's a source of fraud here. Do NOT allow California style election laws to be introduced in your state! When CA Gov. Gavin Newsom tells you it's a model for the nation, don't believe it!)

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Hi badcat,

I have a better plan than yours. Simpler, proven, cheap, and fast. And no computers are involved, so nobody has to put faith in "blockchain" or "public key encryption" or any of the other buzzwords that most of the public does not understand.

Paper ballots, with clear boxes to tick. Volunteers (chosen jury-selection style) sitting at tables with big, transparent plastic "urns", into which each voter deposits their paper ballot after filling it in and stuffing it into a simple envelope. The whole process is watched over, at each polling place, by designated representatives of each political party. Same goes for the counting, when voting closes. Votes are counted on-site, not transported, with reps of every party that wants to be there watching the count and verifying it. Numbers from each voting site are then agreed and known to all parties, and transmitted by a phone call to the regional count-center. (Paper documents certifying the count, signed by the volunteers and observers, are created and sent by physical transport, along with the counted ballots, in case a recount should later be needed. This, too, is overseen by the public and party reps, not handled by the in-power government alone.)

This *works*, and the results are known before 1am on election night. How do I know this? This is precisely how Spain has handled its elections since transitioning to democracy in the late 1970s. I'm an American living in Barcelona, for the last 20 years. I cry with shame every time I see U.S. elections unfold.

Nobody, literally nobody, talks or whispers of fraud here. It's essentially impossible. The Spanish are proud of their system, and rightly so, looking on places that do electronic voting as though they are insane. (Which, basically, they are).

Problem. (For your proposal as well as mine). The constitution leaves voting laws up to the states, so you have 50 different incompatible, wildly different systems going on in America. Good luck trying to convince all the states to switch to a genuinely secure, verifiable system...

But to those who want to try, I say: just propose emulating the Spanish system, not some new-fangled crypto-technology scheme that 90% of Americans will be easily induced to doubt, no matter how secure it in fact may be.

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How about this...go back to the founders form of elections and kick out the illegal aliens. You won’t need technology....

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Go vote in person on the day of if you can, by mail or early voting if you must.

Even if your district is secure, we need the turnout and total votes. Win to the point that the rubble bounces. And it will help those of us in purple districts: they're allowing no-excuse mail-in voting here in New York, so we need the rest of you to turn out real votes, everywhere. Otherwise, we'll be listening to another two years of the "81 million votes!" chatter. Make that number go the other way, please.

(and why vote in person on the day of? IMNSHO, early voting and mail-in give them an idea how many ballots need to be printed or harvested, don't give them that, make them act in a panic and make any fraud obvious)

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Writing code according to Diebold / Dominion

- Writing code to tabulate a Vote for a US President

You must develop secure code that allows a single user with a unique ID number to touch A or B on a screen, record and tally the totals for A and B ensuring that the ID number is only used once.

According to Diebold / Dominion - Level of difficulty for coding purposes - almost impossible / incredibly complex / requiring tons of proprietary patented secret code

Acceptable error percentage ~ 10% due to extreme difficulty / complexity

- Writing code for a functioning worldwide ATM network that includes street vendors with smart phones, restaurants, 7-11’s or any establishment on the planet that uses debit / credit card transactions including all worldwide online internet purchases whether with a PIN or by “tapping” or just by logging into your online Amazon / EBay or any other account while ensuring complete absolute security of all funds.

You must develop secure code that allows several people using a designated number to access their funds anywhere in the world, simultaneously, make any purchase required in any currency, for any good or service or cash advance, instantly calculate the international currency exchange rate as supplied by outside exchanges and banks, instantly determine whether or not their account has the funds and allow each person in different locations to do so in real time anywhere in the world while accurately recording the results that are then reflected instantaneously in your account balance. You must be able to track this and ensure that all transactions are accurately recorded from any terminal anywhere in the world for multiple transactions using hundreds of different languages and hardware and software systems developed in many different countries and languages with the entire population of the world.

Level of difficulty for coding purposes - Easy Peezy, Lemmon Squeezy

Acceptable error percentage - 0% because it’s so easy and the repercussions of messing up a transaction for the purchase of a chocolate bar would be catastrophic

Does this make sense to you?

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Was discussing this yesterday as our Secretary of State ran infomercials on how open and transparent the system is. “Come see people rushing about, doing things! There, open and transparent. You can trust us....”. Oregon 🤦‍♂️

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