and behold, the lies have become too great to sustain!

and the beast doth begin to feed upon its own

many questioned my recent assertion that the vaccine narrative would fall apart in the next 6-8 weeks.

fair enough. but to my mind, it’s starting to look ahead of schedule.

watch as, right on cue, high season in the american north/northeast begins gut the branch covidian gospel of “pandemic of the unvaccinated” and witness the impending pivot to “despite thine prior washing, no longer art thou clean! repent again and further submit to thine extra jab or be declared apostate!”


it’s just too glaringly obvious that the vaxxed are getting most of the covid and that even such “efficacy against severity” as existed is rapidly on the wane.

the US is not going to be different from the UK where over 70% of those in hospital and over 80% of those dying from covid are vaccinated. they’re just lying about the stats in the former colony.

but too many people are going to see too much with their own eyes.

the lie got too big.

so they desperation pivot to “2 doses is not enough, you need the booster!”

just like so many of us always said they would.

and FAR fewer people are going to buy in this time.

it’s been a slippery slope of slippery lies since the very beginning, but now the whiplash from changing rules, altered facts, and new, unfounded claims has become too sharp and too blatant.

these people either had no idea what they were pushing on you or worse, they DID know and lied to make you do it anyway.

either way, they are now so pot committed that they cannot fold no matter how bad this gets and how wrong they become.

they have to try to brazen it out.

after all, it’s not THEIR lives they wagered, it’s yours.

do you seriously expect this new round of “trust us we’re the experts” to go any better?

for those of you who fell for the “get vaxxed and life will be normal again,” well, i don’t break it out often, but you’ve earned it:

kitten with a sad trombone.