I did fall for that line. But now I am here, and I am awake, and I am mad.

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The narrative SHOULD be unravelling, but it is NOT. There are answers to all of the facts --on the ready, and they may not make sense, but they are enough for people who need to continue to believe. I argue with people all the time, and it's literally like they've been drugged. They "don't care" that it doesn't work when they were assured it would, they don't mind that they have to take a 3rd shot in less than a year, they don't care that the data is being withheld, or about VAERS or anything you can throw at them.

It was never about facts. They picked their side and they're sticking to it. And the media is right there to back them up. The CDC keeps announcing they have new data which proves the narrative and it's the unicorn juice they all desperately need.

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You can't browbeat people, they get defensive. So to explain my booster skepticism (I did get vaccinated last spring, regretfully) I've tried to formulate a non-confrontational, simple list of inarguable facts:

1. Vaccines don't keep you from getting infected.

2. Vaccines don't keep you from transmitting infection (the head of the CDC said so).

3. Vaccines do provide some protection against severe symptoms and death.

4. The CDC has acknowledged they have no evidence of a previously infected person becoming reinfected and infectious.

Based on these basic facts, one has to question why the unvaccinated are being demonized, and why there is increasing pressure to be vaccinated or get boosters.

Vaccinations protects the person vaccinated against severe disease, and does not protect anyone else. Therefore, vaccination should be voluntary. People can decide for themselves about the risks and benefits.

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The story of Canada is making it hard for me to remain optimistic that the narrative will fall apart.

I know FAR too many people who said, "Oh well, I don't think I need it, but I'll just get the jab so I can go on with my life." They gave up and gave in. When the narrative shifted from, "the vaccine will end the pandemic" to "the vaccine will prevent severe illness," they said, "oh well, the experts know best." The vaccine is now mandated for restaurants, health care facilities, nursing homes, gyms, movie theatres, museums, etc. These same people who told me months ago that they would oppose mandates are now saying, "well, it's not so bad, and we can't fight this anyway," so they faithfully downloaded their obedience pass and glibly comply with all the mandates.

We are a nation of cowards. Those who do oppose the covid mandates are rapidly cancelled, silenced, and bullied out of the public discourse. The booster is now available and the sheep are all lining up for it. I could point the lies out to them all day, but they do not really care. For them, the path of least resistance is always preferable. It's impossible to imagine our idiotic leadership changing course because even those who claim to be opposed to them obey them without question.

I hope America will fully awaken and show us the way out, but Canada may never wake up. Our national anthem is now an ironic joke. We are no longer "the true north strong and free," we are now the duped north weak and enslaved, and absolutely NOBODY is standing on guard for us.

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I don't know, I don't see the Narrative cracking in the least. Millions of people are still fanatically committed to the vaccine story. They can't wait to get boosters and get their kids vaccinated. And the problem is that those millions of people are concentrated in the upper reaches of society where all the power is maintained.

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LOL. Great thread. So happy I found a Cat with a bad attitude because laughs are needed right now. It's hard to walk around and see sheep everywhere and know that their immune system is a ticking time bomb. It makes me sad.

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I believed them because people, hundreds of thousands of them all over the world, were getting the shots and no one seemed to be keeling over -- it really seemed to be safe. Then I started hearing about future prion diseases, spike proteins zipping thru the veins instead of staying in the shoulders, Guillain-Barré syndrome, even hints of Parkinson's. I immediately started researching -- I got everything suggested to counteract the jab. Pine needle tea. Chaga Mushroom Tea. NAC. I was already on the FLCCC prophylactic protocol. I am old -- way past my life expectancy,, but I exercise, yoga, tai chi, and feel (mentally) as young as I did decades ago, so ::shrug:: whatever will be, will be; but it's the children, our children and grandchildren, and the powerful enticing and sometimes forcing them to take the jab, even if they've had covid. Ignore natural immunity? Now this is the stab to my heart for the young ones. I haven't even mentioned the reaction of so many young men with the pericarditis and the myocarditis or the heart attacks and strokes of the older people.

We are in evil times. We really are.

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I think we are all excited and ready for the release of COVIDIA the board game ( a cross between Life and Scategories?) where you get to choose certain starting points but you can never go back... categories include unvaxxed, unvaccinated-exposed-but-seronegative, unvaccinated-naturally-infected, partially-vaxxed, fully vaxxed, naturally-infected-with-added-vax, partially-vaxxed-injured, fully-vaxxed-injured, and so on...

Coming soon: COVIDIA the game booster pack with all new categories: boosted, fully vaxxed-unboosted.

In the near future: COVIDIA Super Booster Pack, new and improved categories: monoboosted, duoboosted, triboosted, quatroboosted...

Wait, I think we're living that board game.

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We are suffering from "Battered Nation Syndrome." Incarceration and forced biological experiments and we take it. See if any of these nuggets fit the situation:

"Look at what you made me do!"

"It's all your fault!"

"You are so much like...."

"If you treated me with more respect...."

"If you didn't react that way...."

"Because you don't listen to me, I had to...."

"Your words hurt me so....

"You wont take me seriously so...."

"You brought this on yourself...."

"You’re just being sensitive...."

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They're definitely in a tough spot. How do you convince people to get a shot while simultaneously telling those who have gotten that same shot that they are not protected?

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My message to those who have assumed control (Mainly using self-appointed emergency powers). Often assuming and using fear, you created the atmosphere of urgency to coerce many to accept the vaccine, for the good of the majority.

However, despite the best use of 'Nudge/Propaganda and censorship', slowly but surely the alternative view has spread through the population in most countries.

Little things like allowing the vaccines to be used under politically motivated emergency licensing, with the pharmaceutical companies being protected from legal action, are a huge civil rights issue.

More recently nations bringing in apartheid based on segregation based on enforced medical procedures, has further established the devide between self-appointed pseudo-governments and democratic rights.

In 1930s Germany, it didn't end well. Eventually the same will be true again.

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Is it me (my brain) am I missing something?

Back during 2020 and the death numbers were being broadcast daily, the logic was that people with Covid and died were recorded as having died of Covid not merely having died with Covid. Remember? Reading the UK PHE data linked to in the above article this quote is under the data regarding deaths “Individuals in risk groups may also be more at risk of hospitalisation or death due to non-COVID-19 causes, and thus may be hospitalised or die with COVID-19 rather than because of COVID-19.”

This same line of thinking was shunned during 2020 when they wanted Covid death numbers to be as scary as possible. Now it’s encouraged to minimize the number of vaccinated deaths. ? Am I seeing it right? If not please assist.

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Gato. I tend to agree with Al. I still see too many people believing the lies, going for their boosters, and willing to inoculate their children. They have bought the worse lie of all; if they don't do as they are told, they will die of covid... But I certainly hope you are right, and everything will start falling.

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The narrative may even unravel *completely*...but will that change corporate America's desire to fire anyone who doesn't submit to the jab?

I know *my* son's job is in peril, he with a young child and a wife.

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I’ve a general understanding of clinical trials. There is NO way I would ever get injected with an experimental drug with zero long term data….for a “virus” with a 99% survival rate. That’s insane. Period. Full stop.

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I saw this whole covid thing as a hoax by March 20, 2020. And watching all this mess unfold has been so frustrating, with me warning people of everything that has come to pass. And it's still happening, and people STILL don't believe me. Just insane. I guess what I underestimated was how easy it was to brainwash most people. THanks, kitteh, you do a great job of documenting all this!!

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