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birx had a tough day in congress

"hope" is no basis for health mandates or treatment policy

leaders do not, mostly, lead. they follow the public mood. and as that mood is shifting, it’s becoming OK to ask the pointy questions and start getting to the bottom of things.

debbie had a tough outing here and gets pinned on a simple and vital issue:

when public health officials and agencies stridently told america that the covid vaccines would be a “dead end for the virus” and stop infection and spread, upon what did they base that claim and how did they get it so wrong?

once jordan gets a hold of her, this is like a tuna filled piñata in a tiger cage.

jj: was the government lying when they said this?

db: i don’t know. i was not part of the taskforce discussions

strong start. non-denial denial, offers up others for the trip under the bus. both evasive and self-protective. politics 101.

she then speaks of her family still using “layered protection” because she knew that vaccine immunity would wane like natural immunity. this is both inaccurate and deeply dishonest. if she and her compatriots “knew” that, they certainly were not saying it in public.

and boy oh boy do we have the receipts on that one…

bad cattitude
yes, the vaccines were supposed to stop covid spread. yes, the "experts" told us so.
the revisionist history around vaccines is getting pretty extreme. let’s be VERY clear: yes, they were promised to stop spread, contagion, and provide herd immunity. yes, those promises were made by t…
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jj: when the government told us the vaccinated could not transmit it (covid), was that a lie or a guess?

db: “i think it was hope”

see, now that seems like a pretty poor pretext for pushing vaccination as social duty, mandating jabs, and endless campaigns of vilification, othering and claims to be on the “side of science.”

“we did it cuz hope.”

digging further into this is going to get really good. it’s clear these people are neither smart nor informed. they hipshot and hoped. and all the carnage and calamity it drove is going to land on them.

it’s clear they lack basic justification for their towering, condescending certitude.

this fallback to “and that’s why i think scientists and public health leaders always have to be at the table being very clear what we know and don’t know” is awe inspiring in its manipulative mendacity.

sure, the statement is true, but could anyone produce a standard that less describes what was actually done?

they expressed as iron bar certainty that which they now admit was “a hope.”

they attacked viciously anyone who dared call their narrative into question.

i seriously cannot believe she just said that.

that she did not actually burst into flame getting that out is near certain proof that she’s wearing asbestos underpants.

jordan ends on a wonderful high note:

“i’m just struck with the irony. we’ve got government agencies guessing, hoping, or lying with the information they’re presenting to the american people and this is the same administration that wants to set up the disinformation governance board and want to talk about misinformation. they are the biggest purveyor of misinformation, false information, hopeful information, but not accurate and true information…”

take that, scary poppins!

this is, of course, 100% correct.

and just who the liars and suppressors of science here were is going to keep coming out.

trust in government is dropping like tropical sunset: slowly at first then suddenly, darkness.

the lesson is everywhere an always the same.

let’s make sure it sinks in.

bad cattitude
bad cattitude
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