brace for the screaming

for many of the caged birds do not desire freedom

here comes the acid test:

with the CDC now telling the vaccinated they can forgo masking even indoors and in most public places, what will the “listen to the CDC guidance!” crowd say?

will they decide the CDC still knows best and abandon this recent guidance that said “vax and mask”? (the science™ is settled. AGAIN.)

after all, the CDC did tell us that there were never any real studies that supported masking when cornered by FOIA. (and their studies were junk science. see link)

or will the same folks who have been screaming “listen to the CDC!” waver in their allegiance and seek out new gurus who will justify their continued tribal and virtue signaling of choice despite its contradiction of the health authorities they have so lauded?

perhaps they never really so much loved the CDC as they just found it a useful pretext to justify what they wanted to do anyway?

this is going to be an interesting one to watch.

so grab some popcorn and pull up a couch. you’re not gonna wanna miss this latest edition of “covid theater…”