CDC vaccine guidance was never supposed to make sense

you must take the vaccine to be safe, but you won't be safe after you take the vaccine

i am old enough to remember when unelected bureaucrats did not wield vast, draconian powers over every aspect of human lives and livelihoods.

the CDC is out today with its new, post vaccination guidance. it’s clear that not only do they lack any sort of even basic understanding of covid spread and mitigation, but they also do not seem to believe, despite quite a lot of data, that vaccines work.

if you get a vaccine, the only new privileges you get are attending small outdoor gatherings or dining outdoors without a mask. neither activity has ever been shown to have even minor spread risk.

this is the sort of policy that drives vaccine hesitancy

why bother getting the jab if you get so little back? they have taken and taken from your rights and freedoms for a year and now, when we get to the point they promised this would end, they offer you nearly nothing in return.

there are only 2 reasons to keep imposing strictures like this while still demanding vaccination:

  1. you do not believe vaccines work.

  2. you do not care if vaccines work but you want to keep playing politics and wielding power.

not believing that the vaccines work, looks, so far, to be unsupportable in the face of the data. (further, if they do not work, why are you pushing them? just to feed the cronies at the trough of pork?)

  • those vaccinated have an annualized covid hospitalization risk of less than 1 in 18,000

  • those vaccinated have an annualized covid death risk of less than 1 in 100,000

  • historical annualized death risk from flu is 1 in 6,400

so we’re talking about TINY risk. we’re talking about 1/15th the risk of flu death, a risk society has long since voted on and decided to do damn near nothing about.

1/15th of “wash your hands and stay home if you are sick” is functionally zero in terms of “how should we respond.”

you can see full walk through on that data HERE . the data comes from the CDC, so i think we can presume that they are aware of it.

i just see no case that they do not believe vaccines work and this “it’s not 100% so you need to mask up!” is just stupid. not even they are such enormous fools to demand 100% and lament that 99.999% based on data so far is not enough.

this is not about efficacy, it’s about power.

masking never made sense. ASYMPTOMATIC SPREAD was never really an issue and masks do not work to stop covid or as covid SOURCE CONTROL.

cases are already way down and making lows, yet facui speaks of weeks yet to “turn the corner.” we’re being lied to.

states that opened and unmasked are outperforming those that did not. (more HERE)

this is just endless epidemiology theater and performative politics. it’s demagogues grabbing power and not wanting to give it back.

did you really not see this coming? did you really buy the “the sooner we hurry up and surrender our rights, the sooner we’re going to get them back” claim? these claims have always reeked of disingenuous duplicity.

these health officials got everything wrong. they renounced what they knew to be science to pursue politics. now that it’s ending and these truths are coming to light, they are desperate to make it look like they bought you something, like their policies worked. like they saved you.

this is where the lying gets really bad. the crime is bad enough, but the cover up is where you lose it. (and oh boy they are losing it) their claims are coming apart at the seams, the data is making them look like fools, and their careers are about to be in real jeopardy if they cannot whitewash this sufficiently to pin medals on themselves and pretend to be heroes.

but they are clearly peddling farce at this point. there is not the slightest medical justification for this CDC guidance and it’s now veering into the outright pernicious by increasing vaccine hesitancy. they loudly demand that you get the shot then tell you it gets you basically nothing back.

ignore them. this is the implosion of a political edifice being clowned by the fact that half the US has been open for ages and is doing better than the half following this advice.

don’t let them gaslight you with this religious dogma about “you must not have masked hard enough!” as though they were some medieval priest hectoring the villagers to tithe more to the church to show devotion and end the drought.

none of this is remotely american. but there is a county it does remind me of. take a look. you be the judge: