"cancel culture is only fun when we're the ones doing the canceling" -jack dorsey

twitter cancels the nigerian president.

then nigeria cancels twitter.

and suddenly, the bullying bluebird thinks access to the the open internet is an essential human right?

hello, pot? kettle on line 2. wants to discuss coloration.

twitter is a private company and i have and do support their right to do as they like with their site and content. (and after the great de-catforming of 2021 with no appeals or even explanation, i feel like i have as good a right as any to opine here)

but you don’t get to whine about “essential human rights” and morally grandstand about “getting canceled” when cancelling others is such a big part of your business model and political philosophy.

you sound like mao whining about how it’s no fair to drag HIM into a struggle session.

jack has zero moral high ground here. it’s just tactical hypocrisy and the classic crybully move.

“when we do it, it’s justice. when they do it, it’s oppression.”

  • if this is an essential human right, then how do you justify banning so much speech and so many people from your platform?

  • if this is a moral issue, then the fact that it’s legal for twitter to censor is irrelevant. slavery was once legal too. did that make it ethical or just?

so pick a side of the street and live on it, jackie boy. this phony moralistic outrage is not a good look.

i’d ask naomi what she thinks about this, but, well…