We passed that line in May 2020, AT THE VERY VERY LATEST.

Ironically, when you bring this up to 'normies', you hear the same thing as with VAERS -- "That data is all fake", to which I respond "Then how is the CDC monitoring adverse reactions?

You can find and play with the hard data here:


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I am thankful every day that I never got the shot.

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IFR data clearly evidenced that COVID posed no meaningful mortality risk for the vast majority (zero for healthy youngsters) very early on. And VAERS reports set off a continually blaring alarm, as per design of the system, again very early on. There is no excuse for failing to understand the virus was not particularly dangerous and COVID injections are in fact dreadfully dangerous. But we must understand DC and many state governments are infested with self serving megalomaniacs who saw an opportunity to control everyone else, and controlling everyone else is how they gratify themselves. They are not mentally well (megalomania is a mental disorder) hence they are profoundly destructive to human society once in government positions.

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CDC had to have known about the innumerable case reports & series that started appearing almost immediately in the academic literature after the vaccine rollout started

Compilation of 2,752 Vaccine-Associated Injury Case Reports - Spreadsheet


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Lawyer Aaron Siri has a 4-part Substack series on the V-Safe debacle. He didn't just have to go to court to get the check-the-box portions released. He had to go through two lawsuits, legal demands, etc. CDC is willing to pay lots and lots of lawyer fees to keep information covered up.

Part I of his series is here: https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/v-safe-part-1-after-464-days-cdc

Part IV (https://aaronsiri.substack.com/p/v-safe-part-4-cdc-designs-v-safe) includes the saga of one vaccine-injured lady who had to wait 200 days to get the promised call from the CDC.

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"my base prior when assessing government agencies is always “incompetence.” it’s usually the simplest and most parsimonious explanation."

But it's not accurate.

That notion speaks of some expectation that the CDC would do something other than what they are doing or are just a bunch of "bumblers" who repeatedly just "can't seem to get it right."

Of course that's not the reality of the situation and never has been. Kickbacks, corruption and scandal define the CDC. The CDC's rap sheet stretched back decades and defines the CDC’s existence. To think "they are just incompetent" is dangerously naive and flies in the face of the historical record.

They are part and parcel of the criminal enterprise. They are doing exactly what they are purposed to do- same with the FDA.

Thinking that the CDC is just "making mistakes" as it furthers the "Covid" criminal enterprise is akin to thinking the Pentagon and military bureaucrats are just inadvertantly bombing the crap out of the Iraqi people.

The CDC is the chief vaccine sales and marketing agent for Big Pharma buying, selling and distributing vaccines even as the agency has direct conflicts of interest by holding multiple patents on vaccines and various aspects of vaccine technologies.

While the CDC does not sell vaccines directly, it does receive royalties from companies who acquire licenses to their technologies.

The CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) plays a major role in this scheme. The 12 member ACIP Committee has extraordinary influence on the health of virtually all US citizens as it is the body tasked with “adding to and/or altering the national vaccine schedule.”

The CDC and various members of this committee, in what can charitably be called ‘conflicts of interest’, currently own and have profited from an array of vaccine patents. These include vaccine patents for Flu, Rotavirus, Hepatitis A, Anthrax, West Nile virus, SARS, Rift Valley Fever, and several other diseases of note.

Other patents held by the CDC encompass various applications of vaccine technologies including Nucleic acid vaccines for prevention of flavivirus infection, aerosol delivery systems for vaccines, adjuvants, various vaccination testing methods, vaccine quality control and numerous other vaccine accessories.

Fraud and racketeering is what the CDC does and it has a long history to prove it.

What would be really surprising is if the CDC acted on behalf of the health of the people in the US- but that is not its job, has never been and will never be. Plan accordingly.

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Gato, you were much more charitable than I early on. From the 1st or 2nd week of the “flatten the curve” BS, I thought it was malevolent, never incompetence. The corruption was global - not just for the jabs & resulting adverse events, but also the locking down, masking, plexiglass, aisle arrows, school closures, “passports”, crushing dissent & debate, demonizing anyone defiant of the narrative, closure of businesses, tanking economies, forcing people to choose betw providing for their families or being forced to have poison injected, not allowing weddings, graduations, funerals, sports & other celebrations / gatherings, & cruelly forcing the elderly, sick & dying to be isolated & sicken or die alone. Incompetence would never have gotten an almost-3 year shelf life. I will never get over it because it was all so deliberate. As someone else here mentioned, the only incompetence was in the cover-up

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I can only hope that people in public positions of power, like Gov DeSantis, read your posts, gato.

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Two indie journos corner Albert Bourla on the streets of Davos.

WORTH every second of your time.

My favorite part, asking on behalf of all countries financially and the common man physically.. when did you know. Will you apologize. Do you think about the common man when you are on your yacht?

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I hope ICAN writes a FOIA request specifically looking for communications that include the decision to dump these AEs from VSafe.

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Start with HHS BARDA and DoD. That OTA contract has some very interesting features to it and some glaring ommissions.

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The incompetence was in covering the tracks of their malfeasance.

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“they retain zero credibility as an honest broker on these issues and should be forensically investigated stem to stern and perhaps proctologically. “


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Anyone who has done elementary data work (mail-merge, for instance) understands the principles of data hygiene, whereby important datapoints are coded-in as drop-down fields. Free-form data entry is almost useless, obfuscating the information in unsearchable buckets with formatting and spelling errors to further muddy the results. If you want to make sure nobody finds something, this is how you do it. If you want to make sure it takes enormous effort and time, this is how you do it. Anybody with modest database skills can query a hygienic table. Everything else is a joke. DO NOT assume incompetence here. This is deliberate. We need to indict a few worker bees and get them to sing. But Grandma Garland will not cooperate.

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I shared the article about the CDC's intentional data collection evasion on Twitter.

I don't have many followers & will likely lose a few as a result. 😂

But every time I push back against the COVID vaccine narrative, I'm not doing it for the idiot I'm arguing with. I push for the people who might be doubting and reading.

I push back on a lot of things, just to normalize doing so.

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