chicago gets schooled on vaccine mandates

actions have consequences

here’s a fun story from jalopnik:

“About 2,100 students, including 990 in special education, were given no more than two days’ notice that their bus route no longer existed. District officials said they received word Friday from the private companies with which they contract for bus services that 73 drivers had resigned because they refused to abide by CPS’ vaccine mandate, which requires all employees and contractors to get shots by Oct. 15. The requirement was announced more than two weeks ago.”

the claim of “only 73 drivers resigned” is a bit misleading. this makes it sound low. it’s not. it’s nearly 10% of drivers. and they are now 500 drivers short.

“Only 73 drivers are believed to have resigned over vaccine requirements, but the district had recently adjusted routes to account for an existing shortage of drivers. The district now has 770 drivers which is still 500 drivers short.”

these are 100% own goals.

drivers were already tight because, as in so many industries, hiring is impossible despite vast un and under-employment. the reserve price of labor has been blown into the stratosphere by high jobless benefits baked into covid response.

they then exacerbated this further by (quite literally) decimating their ranks by demanding vaccination.

even the good kitten saw this coming.

every parent of every kid that was affected by this should be livid. this is an epic fail of government policy. this is what happens when you break markets and predicate outcomes on ideology and performative solutions lacking in sound basis.

get this stopped and rolled back now.

you do not want to wait until this hits the hospitals.

then you’ll see the real carnage…

this is not building back better. this is wrecking what worked because you fell for what sounded good.