This is the ultimate bio-fascist signaling of our status as chickens in the chicken farmer's domain. Exactly how, legally speaking, do they pull this off? Any lawyer care to weigh in on ways to drop a monkey wrench into this power grab?

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I’ve often said the same thing about abortion. A girl can have an abortion but can’t take Tylenol for menstrual cramps without going to the school nurse first. When the narrative fits, kids don’t need parental approval for leftists. But they are never challenged on this.

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This is evil. It's demonic. There's no medical justification for injecting children with an experimental genetic therapy to protect them from a virus that poses almost zero risk to them.

The scientists/doctors who believe this is part of a larger plan by global elites to control people and reduce population are especially worried about the effects of this experiment on children going through puberty...both for their growth and development and for their longterm health and fertility.

I've watched the transformation of belief in these scientists/doctors over the past eight or nine months. Initially, they believed the public health overreaction was well-intended, based on fear not fact, and overly influenced by the CCP. When "health authorities" rolled out "vaccines" (using an experimental technology with a dubious track record) with little clinical data, they became more alarmed. The effort to get needles into the arms of the global population was another alarm. But, when they started pushing injections for children...and experimenting on infants...they were convinced this is a deliberate effort to hurt people, to kill people.

A few months back, Dr. Peter McCullough, MD (not a slouch) testified before the Texas State Senate. His focus was really on early treatment to keep people out of hospitals. At the time, he supported the "vaccines" for some high risk people and had given it to some of his patients. I gather the CDC refusal to address the astounding number of reports of injury and death in the VAERS put him over the top. He is convinced.

McCullough testimony at the Texas State Senate a few months ago:


McCullough's recent interview:


IMO, this is more than greed, hubris, avarice, stupidity, tribalism, or group think.

This is a plan.

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I think these 12+ are allowed to change their sex without prental consent in Biden’s America, so why not an injection that may kill them?

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This is exactly what the marxists want. First they drive a wedge between people and religion. Then they drive a wedge between citizens and their "duly elected government" and community, then the drive a wedge between parent and child. They do this until the community is so fractured, that the only way out or alternative is to get in line and jump on the PARTY'S (i.e. communist/marxist) bandwagon. It is sick. Wake up america...the enemy is already under the wire.

Ask anyone who grew up in a state that turned communist, and they will tell u the exact same thing happened before. Cuba, eastern europe, southeast asia. When will Americans wake up and see what is going on???

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This is so Team Halo (Rockefeller Foundation project) and others downstream hooked on the social media platforms can belittle and berate said 12 year old for not getting vaccine. So will do it without telling parents, if parents said don't bother.

They know what they are doing. We are in the post-Democratic world now. Corporate power trumps public laws. The masses don't see it and don't push back enough. This is a century old fight. We are basically living through Brexit and Trump 2016...those people don't want to go through this again, and are proving that they are in charge, of everything, like it or not.

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that is a truly deranged policy as you note... it's going on the list of absolutely insane COVID policies, no matter which side you are on. It shows intent, but to what end I don't know.

Question: does anyone know what the motivation is here? seriously? clearly not public intent, and I don't buy the idea that the CDC wants to sell vax for PFE to profit... what am I missing?

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it is for your safety...... let the teachers union decide what is best for the children's safety .... the teachers' safety that is.

my feel is anyone under 60 had better have a degraded health reason to experiment on themselves.

anyone under 21 w/o severe illness should not experiment on their bodies.... parents should not allow!

strong hint myocarditis and blood clots immediate link to the experimental vax:

mild suspicion it is 'protein'

more hints of protein and immune reaction maladies of brain stem presenting in longer time

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Here’s a reason this is a BAD idea:


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Children don't need parental consent for an abortion., so this gov't intrusion can't be unexpected.

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So what worries me here is that the only way a parent would care whether or not a child got this vaccine is if they were worried about the long-term effects. This means that the only possible motive for this is to allow institutions, like schools, to bully children into defying their parents. I read a post today retweeted by Dr. Naomi Wolf about how they are finding concentrations of this stuff in ovaries (born out by the well-documented alternation of women's cycles). If it's in ovaries, it's in testicles. I may need to buy more tinfoil, but is anyone else wondering if there's not something darker going on? These kids are not at risk from COVID and they're not at risk of transferring it, especially if all adults who want the shot have it. So there are no reasons left, aside from really bad ones, for letting/making these children go behind their parents' backs.

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We’re not there in Canada … yet.

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They can also start hormone treatment to change their sex...what is going on?

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