climate is the next obvious pivot from covid

expect to hear it aggressively and endlessly.

it’s the same people, the same models, and the same desire to take global control by scaring you with bugbears and getting you to adopt crazy, radical policies that destroy the world while pretending to save it.

these grand plans will enrich the connected oligarchs by mandating the use of their “greentech” which otherwise cannot compete. they will push fraudulent or low functioning “solutions” as panacea and crowd out anything that actually works. (like nuclear)

they will hide the vast costs and environmental catastrophes from mining and processing rare earths and producing and disposing of batteries and polysilicon. if you think cobalt is awful, wait until you see what mining and refining the neodymium and dysprosium in a wind turbine looks like…

“lifecycle energy, lifecycle cost, and resource analysis” will go the way of “natural immunity” and they’ll sell you a $200k solar system that saves you $1200 a year and wears out in 20.

these subsidy truffle-hounds will snuffle out money at a scale that makes pfizer look like a lemonade stand.

and they will seek to derail the global economy while they do it.

and just like covid, they will allow no discussion of whether the problem is, in fact, really a serious problem and eliminate the very concept that learning to live with change and adapting to it might be far cheaper and more effective than trying to tinker with vast global ecosystems that the experts clearly do not understand.

this is the EXACT same playbook you just saw. it was, in fact, the template for the covid playbook because this grift has been ongoing for 20 years already, and it’s a MUCH better con because the “models” take decades to be proven wrong and by then, you’re 2 generations into new ones that you can claim you’re super duper sure are going to get it right this time.

but you know, it’s the darnedest thing, but when a dude with a boat the size of a suburban subdivision and who knows how many personal airplanes starts hectoring me about my carbon footprint so he can generate income for a whole flotilla of his subsidy sucking greentech investments by imposing mandates that will make the rich world poor and the poor world destitute, well, i just sort of land here: