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Many people I encounter are so brainwashed by media that they can't see two inches in front of their noses, and if you ever challenge them on the propaganda they find there, like Pavlov's dog they will call you a conspiracy theorist. They will then turn up their nose and walk away with a heightened sense of superiority.

The term "conspiracy theory" is remarkably adept at turning off all critical thinking like a light switch in a large portion of the people I have personally met.

Conditioning the public to react this way has to have been one of the most effective PSYOPs ever pushed onto the general population.

It is equal parts diabolic and brilliant, and it means that the elites can get away with just about anything with little to no scrutiny because everyone is too afraid to point out that the emperor has no clothes lest they be labeled a "conspiracy theorist".


I am a "conspiracy theorist". I believe men and women of wealth and power conspire. If you don't think so, then you are what is called "an idiot". If you believe stuff but fear the label, you are what is called "a coward".

-David Cullum


Someone far smarter than I once pointed out that "belief is the enemy of knowledge". This is also true of disbelief.

The reason we are in this mess running headlong into tyranny is because the majority of people refuse to believe that the controllers would ever do this to us. These eternal optimists appear to be blind to this most fundamental construct of human nature: that power corrupts nearly everyone who wields it—and the globalists - those obscure puppetmaster billionaires you never read about in Forbes and who've spent decades away from the disinfectant properties of sunlight - have indeed become quite corrupted.

More here: https://tritorch.com/BeliefTrap

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How can you convince a group of otherwise rational people to simultaneously reject blatant realities? In short, incentives.

In this case, the financial incentives of actors tangential to the "public health" apparatus were and are centrally controlled. That is to say, there is a relatively small group of people - Fauci primary among them - who decide where the financial benefits flow.

This creates a Cantillon class of privileged political actors who are enriched not by their level of skill or ingenuity, but simply by their proximity to the financial spigot. This Cantillon class is most apparent in purely financial organizations like the Federal Reserve and the mega banks. But Fauci has done a tremendous job mimicking that structure in public health. He and his associates successfully gained such significant control of government funding that they were and are able to control even the speech of downstream actors.

This showed itself to be an existential threat to Science itself, which is meant to be a competitive process of decentralized and independent actors. That decentralized and independent academic process (and system of incentive creation) was functionally destroyed by the centralization of the funding mechanism. This also similarly explains Fauci's odd utterances that he himself now represents Science. In a way, he does. He represents the artificial financial incentives that now represent Science.

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Marty Makary on Twitter this morning: "Evergrande, a company with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, donated $115M to Harvard Med Sch. Days after the donation, Harvard-linked experts (some who had proposed a lab leak origin) suddenly changed their position, condemning the lab leak idea." (end quote) It has always made sense to me that following the money would provide the best answers to the questions that boriquagato has posed. Not just about the lab leak, but about the entire process by which the US went from democracy to a pseudo-fascist regime in a manner of days. Where we were told we couldn't gather in groups, see our loved ones, go to work, or go to school. Where we were forced to cover our faces if we left our house. Where people were forced to accept an experimental vaccine or risk losing their job or their ability to move freely in society. And at this point Big Pharma has been given enough money by the US government money to buy every politician, University president, and public health bureaucrat, so who knows where we're headed.

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Everyone assumes this was some type of "mistake" and proceeds from there on how to "fix" it. Wrong approach - this was entire planned and worked just as the Faucian "Doctor" ordered.

Unfortunately, it will set medicine, hospitals, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and healthcare, the once-respected CDC, FDA, NIH and even pharma back to the point of no return. Even today where there are over 170 peer-reviewed studies showing masks don't work - the only place in my state requiring masks are the doctor's offices, VA, military bases, and hospitals.

The solution is to tear this quid pro quo, corrupt lobbyist-laden system down. Whether it needs to be rebuilt is up for debate (similar to the NEA).

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They want to reduce humanity down to a QR code. That's the agenda.

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Once the natural origin narrative collapsed, the least damaging fall back position is to blame an accidental leak from a Chinese lab while admitting the already exposed gain of function funding from NIH. What if this is just another "limited hang out", though? The virus could well have been specifically engineered and deliberately released by nefarious actors in the US and Western Globalist interests, timed to get rid of Trump via a postal vote scam and set up the "Great Reset" agenda. The Chinese may have been on board (to get rid of the Trump tariffs etc) or may have been duped into becoming the fall guy for the whole scam. Don't be too quick to think we've nailed them if they "fess up" to the lab leak/gain of function story.

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You go Bad Cat. Some of the rest of us knew this was true. We are an elite group. Thanks for putting all the current facts together.

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Charles Eisenstein has written about how offending parties are demanding that those of us who got shrieked into a corner and ostracized and othered by former friends, colleagues, and family members just forgive and forget and move on. He argues that if nothing changes in the base conditions for such a circumstance to arise again, that is an unacceptable demand and an irresponsible action. You can recognize the humanity and sincerity of many good people whose actions you disagree with, but that doesn’t mean those actions were tolerable or should be permitted to fade into oblivion without revelation.

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Speaking of US labs... We need to confront the fact that SARS-2 was circulating globally for several months before the Wuhan incident. While that doesn't exclude Wuhan from suspicion, it does mean there are many other places to consider. There has not been any investigation into the D.C. "Pneumonia" outbreak in July of 2019, and the immediate Ft. Detrick closure which ensued. If we're looking for a source, that location needs to be investigated closely.

Some background details, for those who are not familiar with the incident:

July 11, 2019: A "Pneumonia" outbreak (in the middle of summer) in a Washington D.C. suburb leaves 2 dead (later 3), 18 hospitalized, 54 sick, in a matter of days. Symptoms are identical to COVID, with a very fast spread. CDC could not identify the pathogen for several weeks, later said rotovirus (if I recall correctly) -- but that doesn't exclude other pathogens, or assure us that they told the truth.

* 50 miles from Ft. Detrick (biolab) -- an easy work commute or to visit a family member.

* A "Cease and desist" order was sent to Ft. Detrick by the CDC THE DAY AFTER the ABC news report below, citing two breaches earlier in the year which were not described for reasons of "National security."

* Ft. Detrick closed less than four weeks later, and did not re-open until spring of 2020.

Note: This was only a short time before the military games, which China claims was the source of infection, and two of the doctors living in D.C. (husband/wife) who worked with the athletes were later murdered in a strange altercation. (Bizarre stuff...) And don't forget the "Vaping deaths" about that time, which never seemed to have a good explanation.

Start here:



Military.com pulled this last link down, but I looked it up on Wayback: https://web.archive.org/web/20200325053855/https://www.military.com/daily-news/2019/11/24/cdc-inspection-findings-reveal-more-about-fort-detrick-research-suspension.html

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Eugyppius had a very interesting article the other day. I'll share it here: https://www.eugyppius.com/p/every-day-there-is-more-evidence

It was everywhere in mid to late 2019 and people weren't dying.

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Answers don't drive off predators. It takes attacking them with armies of lawyers.

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pandemic response was a targeted psyop, tuned to trump derangement syndrome

the target was the oval office

the strategic object was drop boxes to steal the election

it worked, with media and swamp coordination

now the pressure is on diverting gaze

the count 'certification' was a coup

the operational object of the pandemic strategy

was the coup

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#9 Why was natural immunity suddenly NOT a thing?

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Sometimes a conspiracy becomes a religion.

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Additional questions:

9. What the heck was going on with bodies in the streets of Wuhan? That's not how one would die of coronavirus -- all neat and tidy, no blood, lying perfectly flat on their backs ready to photograph. That was propaganda for lockdowns, it came from China but was designed to influence a U.S. audience.

10. There were over 100 candidate vaccines. Why did only the most dangerous spike protein kind get authorized in the U.S.? This is literally the least likely candidate -- because it had never worked in humans. Suddenly it was the only choice. What explains that.

11. Why did hospitals push ventilators so aggressively given that they killed 90% of patients?

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"it was a full blown fox commission investigating the henhouse murders"

Of all the feline zingers of the past year, this might be the best executive summary Thanks, gato!

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