I appreciate that one way to read what you’ve said is to give those who think this is all innocent blunder a way out, an explanation for why their leaders are behaving abominably.

But in my opinion, that’s an implausible explanation for what has happened & continues to happen.

I return to my theme that all nations had pandemic preparedness plans which had just two requirements:

-if you’re symptomatic, sick, unwell, ill, stay at home until you’re better. That’s because it’s only symptomatic people who are potent sources of infection (I’m limiting my remarks to respiratory viruses).

-wash your hands more often than usually you do, because until we do, we just don’t know what the routes of transmission are dominant vs contributors.

These plans then used several pages to explain why it wasn’t appropriate to do a whole bunch of things. Masks, mass testing of the well, locking down the healthy. School, Business & border closures etc etc

But in a period around March 2020, scores of governments set aside those time-honoured plans & without scientific justification, installed numerous implausible lies.

That’s unquestionably what happened.

Why is a good question. I just don’t buy for a moment that all the public health officials panicked & did these things. Why not?

1. It’s blindingly obvious that several of the installed measures & accompanying lies are simply not true, have never been true, fly in the face of what we know about respiratory virus infections & transmission.

2. Even if some role holders did convince themselves that different measures were required than the tried & tested ones, and chose some of these dumb ones, other smart & independent countries would choose differently. It’s not possible they’d all decide the same oddball lies / measures are just the ones to choose.

That this switch occurred, from old standards to new lies is, for me, strong evidence of a supranational plan of some kind.

I’ve no idea when the agreement to install the 6-8 lies was made. A week earlier? A year? The day before?

Anyone got alternative takes on all this?

Is there a benign / innocent explanation?

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Control group of one here: unvaxxed, hardly wore a mask and did not practice social distancing. Finally caught the cove from my vaxxed daughter. I had symptoms for 2 days and now feel fine. At the height of my symptoms I shoveled out 5 cars from the snow we had the night before. It’s time to move on.

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Gato, where were you when we needed you yesterday at Supreme Court... think you could’ve squeezed thru an open vent... meow🐱

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And stupid Maine is saying mask & test or vax to continue working. Dumfuks.

Funny thing about flu. Got it for 1st time in decades, back in '18. 2 symptoms: exhaustion, inappetent (good thing cuz hurled if food approached mouth). -20F every night. With livestock to care for. So carried buckets of hot water & buckets of mash to barn , & bottles of hot water & dishes to bunnies, 3x/day. Noontime temps up to zero, but had to pick out barn & bunnie cages, so was shivering hard for next 4 hours til their dinner & hot shower. By day 3 didn't think I'd make it. By day 4, was praying to God to please just take me. Dreamed of the receptionist/surfer from "The Practice" With surfboard, wearing swim trunks, dripping wet, thought he was Jesus! Begged him to take me home. He told me not to worry I wouldn't be here much longer. Looked down at his swim trunks, smirked & said "I think I'll go surfing" & took off for Cali! 😆 When I woke up, I wondered if "here" meant in bed, in my house (which I want to sell) or on planet earth. By day 4, I was eating soup, & day 5 weak but no longer sick..

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Excellent explanation. The next virus, even if made by China, will be more deadly. Count on it. Imagine the fear reaction then.

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Incredible post. Now, excuse me, I have 20 cases of toilet paper to pick up... ;-)

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So very true......yesterday the CDC COVID map for the US was entirely red, which for many will lead to panic, masks, garlic necklaces, family sacrifice....when it should be a moment of WTF and perhaps, "hey let's try that other thing now", you know repurposed drugs, vit D, zinc, C, exercise lose some damn lbs fatty.

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Yesterday, as the emails and calls and texts started rolling in for Salt Lake county’s ridiculous new mask mandate, I kept thinking of this as an amplified virtue signal that was akin to pumping the brakes on a bus that’s already careening off a cliff and is no longer in contact with the road. But this makes so much more sense. So it’s really more like someone pumping a brake that never actually worked as the bus rolls to a stop in a field. 😂 And worse, when it naturally drops dramatically, they’ll praise their quick-thinking driving skills. Now excuse me while I figure out just how to be ungovernable in this asinine situation.

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Few know of Gato. Many know of Fauci. Deeply tragic consequences have flowed from that disparity.


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excellent post, it becomes worse when you start to think about how the Harmaceutical industry has inflicted this nonsense on us with full understanding of all this

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mask mandates are great for govts because THEY don't have to do anything. It's just an order for OTHER people to do something. They don't even have to provide the masks.

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Great take as usual. We can't underestimate the thumb of three forces on the scale: instantaneous mass media, ubiquitous state sponsored institutional intervention, and Scientism.

We have a "market" that exists to wag the dog of public sentiment. It no longer reflects "value" or "risk" or relative opportunity. It is a signaling mechanism. An avatar of "The Economy" that is a clearing house for converting joe's pension and 401k into cabal capital aka power. A card-counting joe can beat the house at blackjack. But only if he knows that the house isn't slipping a new shoe into the stack.

The market must go up or everyman will see the little man behind the curtain. The panic bottom is no more associated with value fundamentals than the top. Zero hedge is fond of the 'melt-up'. Irrational exuberance or panic, both are irrelevant when fiat is culled from thin air and converted into capital and then assets by an exceedingly small portion of hidden figures. And like those three black ladies who put our boys on the moon, the actual "math" is irrelevant to the Story being told.

In aggregate, the markets are so rigged that there is no way to derive anything meaningful out of its signals (that are allowed to be viewed) any more than we can trust "joe biden" and his various spokesholes to tell us what "the government" is really up to.

Instant, ubiquitous mass media propagates this story like never before. The swollen amygdalae of people hooked up to real time emotional and psychological threat generators are in no position to be reasonable.

"Data" in this situation is then more weapon than salve. The general innumeracy of the public certainly doesn't help but we have passed the point in which reasonable, every day observation drives the lizard brain. We see no sick, no death, no bodies IRL. But we see panic and all matters of irrational displays, the feedback loop of an invisible threat under media propaganda.

Finally, too long already, but in the vein of observing reality, the entirety of "Science" has been replaced with Scientism and political economics animating social morality, i.e. "Science is Science" yard signs, "I fucking love Science" media branding - and the progressive cultural hegemony as the arbiter of the moral hierarchy.

Observation is an essential part of the scientific method. But our culture preferences storytelling; morally righteous solutions looking for problems. And the two forces above are more than happy to accommodate. Which, of course, gives massive undue credibility to the multitude of false premises and other dangerous variants (heh) of these chimeras of satanic inversion.

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And all of the policies result in a dumbed-down population with no critical thinking skills. Sheep-breeding is the overall goal.

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I had a flu (undoubtedly omicron) last week.

I recovered and am now immune.



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Your analysis is a good reminder that we need to look at the second derivative when analyzing a trend. It's not the rate of change that is key, it's the rate of change of the rate of change we need to watch to see when something's about to end.

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Jan 8, 2022Liked by el gato malo

Point of order my little Gatito…but who exactly wrote this? Did you get one of your humans to pen this one? I refer the honorable gato to the “us” and “we” cropping up in the first few lines.

humans are panicky animals.

we think you aren’t, but we are.

but what makes us unique is the weird manner in which we do it. the simple fact is this:

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