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A woman I know in her 40’s, healthy, thin, works for a company in their marketing division in Idaho. They make frozen burritos. They are mandating the jab. She is holding out and so they make her wear a lanyard which is color coded to tell everyone at work that she is unvaxxed. She works in an office. Not the processing plant. Even though these mandates from slow Joe keep going down in court, her company is still vax shaming her. She’s a single mom who can’t afford to quit amd has like her job. Unbelievable.

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To any of you out there still wearing masks when there's a sign on a door somewhere, please STOP. Being 'polite' and compliant on any level with this is incredibly damaging to the fight for normalcy. I'm guessing most of the people I still see in masks are double jabbed and either still scared or in the mask cult, but certainly there are a few rule followers out there.

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El gato Malone…. Like where you are going. For many of us declining the koolaid, mask and lockdown mandates due to our educated concerns about our health all seem reasonable.

Today I asked for a vit D level blood test. The nurse looked at me like I had two heads. Never heard of taking a vit d supplement. Never read anything about the effect of low vit D level in covid victims in hospital and or icu. We do have a lotta educating to do Lucy.

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What most people don’t appreciate, even some on our side, is how stealthily the perpetrators are acting.

Any of us can pledge never to get vaccinated vs covid19.

Ok. Imagine your country requires a valid VaxPass in order to enter large shopping complexes.

You’ll shop elsewhere, right?

What do you plan to do once government has reduced the floor area of stores for which a valid VaxPass is required to the small store near where you live?

Food shop online?

How confident are you that your electronic funds will always be accessible? If there’s a glitch, then what? These criminals are stealthy.

What if a rule is introduced that the unvaccinated must pay a €10K fine? I believe that’s proposed in Greece.

It’s furthermore the case that unpaid (or unpayable) fines can be conveyed into jail time.

They’re criminals & have run all the angles.

Whoever you are, if you tolerate the very presence of VaxPass in your neighbourhood / state / country, sooner or later, you’re going to be faced with a choice of deeply wrong options.

Struggle to obtain food, or get vaccinated.

Pay fines until you go broke, or get vaccinated.

Remain under virtual house arrest, or get vaccinated.

This is why FOR MONTHS I’ve argued that we must NOT permit, tolerate or accept VaxPass where you live.

Even if there’s no possible application of them to you or your neighbours any time soon, after a while, they’ll be at your doorstep by stealth.

I know this because VaxPass has nothing to do with immunity or viruses.

It has everything to do with CONTROL.

I heard that Australia just put in an order for a sufficient number of covid19 vaccines to inject every Australian A FURTHER TEN TIMES.

That would make a dozen or so, each.

We should not assume that they won’t make further orders.

I don’t know his to stop VaxPass from encroaching on your very existence, but I recommend that the job will be a THOUSAND TIMES EASIER to prevent their establishment than to stop their spreading like Black Death ONCE ESTABLISHED & WIDELY ACCEPTED.

If you buy that argument about VaxPass, I beg of you that you focus at least an identified portion of your time & attention on PREVENTING THEIR INITIAL ESTABLISHMENT.

Did I mention that these vaccines do not prevent transmission? And that, lacking this property, there is absolutely no public health argument for them.

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Oh it's bad alright. And the US isn't even in the dire straights we are in here in Europe with our digital system all ready to go and all too easily coupled with our amazing digital banking infrastructure. We're super fucked. And the resistance is underpowered exactly because we have brainwashed citizens willing to inform on their friends and neighbors. There are numerous job vacancies not only for the QR code scanners at restaurants, theaters and department stores, no, there are also perfectly public advertisements for "mystery guests" who arrive in plain clothes and inform on business owners who do not scan all guests. It's truly horrific. There are no options for people who don't want to discriminate except to close their business. They are targeting teens and young adults to do this because they are cheap labor and not mature enough to realize what the heck they are participating in. Many have bought into the system because at their age they have no choice. There is no life for them without a QR code. The next generation will not save us or indeed themselves.

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I read an article sometime within the pandemic era about "crowdsourced totalitarianism" that reflected on similar. Of course as Peterson notes, totalitarianism, when it manifests in a regime, does so at every level of society, perpetuated by neighbors and the chattel as much as or more than the literal state actors. That reality is not new. What is new is the digital component and what the muddying of "real." Unprecedented ability to track dissidents.

And yet the same thing giving them their new tools of control frustrates their information monopoly. Mischievous and motivated cats can use decentralized new media to get up on the mantle and knock the snowglobes off their ledge and poop in the stockings.

It's no wonder there is a mad dash toward more censorship by big tech "partners" of government. Any authoritarian worth his salt knows the emerging marketplace of ideas will be the end of the controlled narrative within a generation or two. That's bad news if you want to maintain controlled people.

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“it’s the record club from hell”

This I can relate to.

And if it wasn’t so frightening, it’d be funny.

But folks, this is it.


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Fauci is ratcheting up his "game" - the quintessential bureaucrat imho. But what do we expect? For him to say, "well, it looks like the vaccines work for a small age cohort with comorbidities that were likely to die within 6 to 12 months...because we looked at the charts and realized deaths above expected are at the highest point ever even with mass vaccinations of the most vulnerable" - yeah, that won't happen.

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My older sister just retired from NIH. She just got her third vaxx there and joined a "study" (I think you get paid, oh goodie) of vaxxed people. My brother and sister in law, I would not visit them vaxxed or unvaxxed. They are leftist lefties and hysterically hateful toward me.

My daughters do not care. My oldest and her hubbs got the vaxx, but maybe that is good. They are both tubby. My younger daughter and her hubbs and three adorable babies are not vaxxed as we are not as well.

Monitor your health every day. My mom lived to 91 and my daddy just turned 98. He lived through WW2 in a nazi work camp after being picked up in a razzia. They were running out of healthy young men so they went to Rotterdam to snag a couple hundred boys. The stories my dad has told me over the years...... the stuff he ATE, and germy crap he had to wear, oh my gosh, it would make you sick. once a month the nazi bosses would make all of their pow guys (my dad included) completely undress and get a shower, or a bath in some water. The told the guys that they would get clean clothes but they were not clean, they were clothes taken off dead people probably. MY DADDY LAUGHS ABOUT THIS! but he was 18.

Anyway, the human race is declining in reason and rationality. we need to stop listening to these leaders that are addicted to themselves and their own "ideas"

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Many seem to think that because this is about “public health” and the targets aren’t a race or religion, that it’s somehow different. The tactics being used are the same ; the target this time are “the unvaxed” but what that really means is, “the uncooperative” . They are trying to rid society of people who go against government. Plain and simple. They’rejust brainwashing the people into thinking it’s about public health, and it’s right and just… but anyone who has lived through similar or really studied history knows this is EXACTLY how they got society at large to turn a blind eye, accept, and even support segregation, alienation, and then genocide. Step. By. Step. And now we have wonderful social media full of useful idiots parroting these divisive messages, which just further their agenda to divide us and build an acceptable level of disgust and hatred against a group of people.

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I recommend anyone to read a book called The Gulag Archipelago. When they arrested people on false charges, the ones being arrested did not protest or object or fight back. They went willingly. Look at all the footage on twitter from Austria, Australia and Germany or UK where people get fucked over or arrested for not wearing a fucking mask. A FUCKING MASK.

They don't fight back, because it's not a hill to die on.

I say fuck them up by any means neccessary. At least carry a knife if you don't have a gun.

My stance is this and I mean it: I'm not getting arrested for silly shit or anything for that matter. I'm not a criminal and apart from jaywalking and breaking the speed limits while driving I'm nice.

No gun, but at least I have a knife. I know what I'm willing to do when somebody, and I don't care if he has a police vest on, attacks me or threatens me in any way.

Do you know what you're willing to do?

Because if you don't, I bet dollars to donuts that you're going to be one of those people that don't do nothing when push comes to shove. The thinking has to be done beforehand. When the game is on, it's too late to think about anything. It's go time and if you have not thought it out before, you're fucked.

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The boiling frog analogy is quite fitting. Put the frog in a pot and slowly warm the water. The frog doesn't make any attempt to escape and for a while even feels more comfortable. Then the water gets warmer and warmer until it is hot and the frog boils.

This incrementalism has been used before in recent years. It was used to get supporters of peace to support wars. It was used to get supporters of freedom of the press to support censorship. It's shaping. The master planners define a goal and then plan how to get people to move in that direction in increments.

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30% will always be afraid, obey, collaborate.

25-30% will never obey.

We must fight to sway the 30 - 40% who are too complacent to not obey when pushed a little in their comfortable ways of life.

1 hour that passed almost too quickly describing what I felt from the start of the plandemic but couldn't articulate so well as Dr. Mattias Desmet :


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"They" have done a good job with those who need to be told what to do, instead of thinking for themselves. In my Twitter travels I see so many "you not getting the vaccine and boosters are what the problem is!" When I counter I get muted/blocked. They want to hear nothing else- and they think they are doing the "right" thing. Now, we are both waiting for the big question from son/step son and wife about our visit in Jan. to see grandson. We hate to lie to them, but rationalize that maybe they NEED being lied to if they believe we should be "boosted" before interaction with a 7 month old.

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A couple of things about Tony F’s most recent brainiac idea. Simply ignore or simply choose not to participate. Remember this is the hombre who said do not wear a mask, then it was you must wear a mask, then it was wear two masks. How can anyone take him seriously?

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