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Im an MD in private practice since 1999 in NJ. I also consider myself a libertarian in the style of Rothbard

The NIH has always been a corrupt illegitimate organization. There is no legal justification in the US constitution for its existence. Mixing politics and science/medicine/ health is doomed for disaster which is why the US constitution doesnt mention medicine science or health. Ive known my whole adult life that these orgs like NIH /CDC are political groups. They gave us the diastrous food pyramid in the 1970s and many other debacles scandals and failures

fauci heads the NIAID and yet during his tenure the prevalence and incidence of allergies and inflammatory conditions has skyrocketed. Fauci and the NIAID is a failure by every reasonable medical metric . But from a political standpoint these orgs have been sucessfull. The medical and pharm industry has been consolidated into larger and larger crony government controlled and financed cartel like arrangements. Costs have exploded, innovation stagnated. But the protected companies are happy. The incumbent pols and permanent bureacrats like fauci have profited. Its a example writ large of the failure of the merchantilist agenda first propounded by the likes of Hamilton and the federalists.

It’s completely naïve for anyone to assume that just because the NIH employees a bunch of scientists and doctors that they would be any less political or corrupt bankrupt and failed than Amtrak or Social Security, The post office, the federal reserve system or any other of a host of federal agencies even the supreme court

This stands opposed to the Jeffersonian tradition of maximum liberty.

At the root of all of this is the federal tax system: income , payroll, social security and The federal reserve system. All the money to fund these organizations comes from these two illegitimate areas. If we want medical and health freedom, innovation, and lower costs we have to eliminate the government bureaucracy involved in controlling these organizations. And the first step is to drastically cut back on federal taxes, government spending and eliminate the federal reserve system

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I believed in the competence and integrity of the FDA/CDC so much back in early 2021 that I urged some of my loved ones to get vaccinated and got vaccinated myself.

How do I like the those agencies now? I will never trust the FDA/CDC again.

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I particularly liked gato's point with the Toronto star saying that if you aren't vaccinated i don't care if you die. But it is too much to ask people to stop going to orgies. This is a crisis!

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"all this morality is tactical"

This is the essence of what the effort is all about. Not directed so much at favored groups, but simply an all out effort to constantly distract and encourage division amongst one another. Then in true Alinsky fashion, accuse those who refuse to participate as being "the problem." Meanwhile more and more of our freedoms are being stripped from us with each passing day as too few notice.


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What do the initials DEI stand for?

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Will Stancil tweet is undisguised misogyny. "Mom" is an epithet. Obviously wealthy indicates she has housing, a car and most probably a job since it is financially impossible to raise kids in this country without two incomes, as well as two health insurance policies. Most moms and most dads were rightfully concerned regarding the negative impact of school closures, move to the nearly worthless distance learning (for which teachers were given few resources and even less training), which had severely deleterious effect on learning, socialization and cognitive development. To say nothing of those "wealthy Moms" in service industries or small business who saw their jobs evaporate. Or who were subject to vaccine mandates by conjoined requirement of employer and state health department - or otherwise lose job, health insurance (in a pandemic!). DeSantis, while not perfect, was a stand out in defying the diktat - kept schools open, opened extensive clinics for monoclonal antibody treatment (as opposed to simply sending the infected home until the infection was fulminant, untreatable and then hospitalized on vents) until Biden health advisers purchased all the supplies in service of "equity".

These moms kept the lights on, supported/educated their kids and provided advice and counsel to extended family members, innovated distance holiday celebrations that obviated stay isolated diktats., protested at being locked out of nursing homes/hospitals which were treating elder relatives.

These "moms" and, dads too, should be celebrated for their steadfastness in the face of unyielding political, media and health authority harassments. Smears like those of Mr. Stancil should be called out by the fact checkers at Twitter - but as a sign of the times, such tweets are celebrated by the wokerati.

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"orgy injured" is pretty funny.

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Elephants are tied to a stake with a small rope. That same elephant uses its enormous strength to raise a circus tent. We are the elephant. The woke DEI crowd believes they have us tethered. We are waking up from our cognitive slumber.

The DEI pandemic only works if we let it. Check your investment portfolios. If they brag about DEI, move your funds. If you spend money with a company that values DEI, stop spending money there. Stop using credit cards and online merchants that “are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

If you do nothing, we’ll all be eating the fucking bugs by 2030.

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ROAR! I mean YEP!

After 2 years still no word from "public health" about losing weight, Vit D, boasting your immune system ..you know the stuff that helps you avoid ANY virus. Doesn't make any money

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A friend told me she heard you can "also get it from doorknobs." Yeah, at the sex club. SMH. Damn media.

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"...the “i should be allowed to live a life free of consequence while public health officials cheer-lead for me” is not really a valid framing."

Left-wing politics is all about shielding people from the consequences of their behavior.

Can't be bothered to work or graduate? No problem, here's your Universal Basic Income. Don't feel like providing for your own health coverage? Cool, national healthcare to the rescue. Got caught shoplifting? We'll just release you back into the community, sorry for the inconvenience. Got sick from promiscuous sex? Whoops, my bad, I forgot I can't point that out.

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Rectal coitus is extremely unsafe and leads to bad outcomes.

Reuters factcheck: TRUE

No, it's not a moral position, just science. Although, ain't it funny that all the world's religions condemn it too.

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when an emergency became just another thursday

it lost its power

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We see the same clamor for Brittany Griner being imprisoned in Russia, but silence for the scores of Americans left behind in Afghanistan. She belongs to the “protected class.”

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"Stupid can't last forever" - the handling of Monkeypox is the final nail in the coffin for these agencies who are currently eating their own tail.

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