I have the Fred slide in my elephant deck. Clearly, great minds think alike. But your analysis was more more thorough than mine

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Wow, I really appreciated that BA.4 BA.5 post earlier today, and now it is followed up with this.

Thank you very much!

Substack seems to be filled with folks and cats who almost singlehandedly provide more accurate, useful and interesting news than the whole msm.

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Hello! A few of my readers linked me to this post. I wrote on this topic 2 days ago. I've worked in the disability services so I have a bit of familiarity with how the data works etc.

I tried to put everything relevant to this together so it could be well intrepreted here. There are a bunch of other datasets that go with that I linked to that need to get dissected by data analysts and tell a much broader picture of what's happening. If you and your colleagues want to do that, that would be very appreciated. I just made a few quick bulletpoints to highlight what I could see in the graphs.


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A Midwestern Doctor also did a good piece on this data: https://amidwesterndoctor.substack.com/p/a-massive-spike-in-disability-is?s=r. It sure looks provocative to me.

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We were just discussing the fact that there are still Now Hiring signs everywhere; how are people who aren’t working supporting themselves? Apparently on disability…

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Quackcines are just the leading cause of all coincidences.

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Very very very thoughtful. As always. You asked "anyone seeing flaws here? what are we missing? is there another explanation?" I think you need to control for economic factors (unemployment and poverty).

Historically, disability rates are tied to economic downturns (unemployment and poverty). I'm not clear on the exact mechanism but unemployed and poor people have vastly more pain and tend to apply for disability at higher rates than the general population. I think the reason is that disability benefits generally pay out more than unemployment benefits so if you can get disability, you should go for that. That's what you see in Dopesick -- the factory or mine closes, unemployment skyrockets in the town, people are dealing with chronic pain, they apply for disability, and then Pharma figured out how to take all of their money by getting them addicted to opioids.

FRED would have good charts on unemployment and poverty throughout this whole period.

That being said, unemployment benefits were very very generous during the pandemic -- so no real reason to apply for disability instead. And I eyeballed the chart and I could not see a correlation between the economic downturn in April, May, June of 2020 and a rise in disability (in fact disability went down in this period).

So you very well may have hit the target. But it would be worth plotting against unemployment and against poverty to see if there is any correlation there.

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Edward Dowd on GETTR is going down the same rabbit hole, with deaths and disability. He has insurance data and I believe this whole thing will get worse before it gets better. These vaccines are bad news.

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Jun 10, 2022Liked by el gato malo

I don't buy it, not because I think much of the vaccine but because the disability system is such total bs. I see it among my workers -- social security disability claims rise when people are looking for a way to exit the workforce but still make some money. I think what you are seeing is related to COVID but is in fact people faking a disability or reporting an existing one in order to bail from the work force. It could actually have been the threat of vaccination mandates, so 2nd order related to vaccines, that caused some folks to want to exit the workforce. Perhaps some are using long COVID as an excuse, but I know for a fact, because I have seen it, that getting a social security disability requires will, not an actual disability.

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Counting down until FRED tool data has a 'server migration.'

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not sure you can rule out this being covid related or lockdown related though...getting onto disability takes many months and one would expect a lag...

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Don’t disagree that this is compelling, but I’m curious what drove the increase from 2011 to 2017

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I recall some German medical insurance claim data. Looked like 3-4% of the c19 vaccinated small population sought a medical consultation which gave rise to a claim.

I didn’t note dates but the report was inside the last two months.

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Jun 10, 2022·edited Jun 10, 2022

Oops – Do not Enter - Crime Scene!

 1,100% Increase in Military Deaths Following Covid-19 Quackcination! – Just delete the inconvenient data….



 40% increase in life insurance claims! – Fire the CEOs they shouldn’t reveal this….

 57% increase in funeral homes stocks! – Let’s approach the SEC to fix these stocks…

 All-cause mortality for millennials increased by 84% - Just fudge the statistics….

Facts are Facts.

They can Run but they cannot Hide.

The Plandemic is Collapsing…

The House of Cards is Collapsing…

The infallible prophet of science has just time bombed 4.5 billion people…

The prophet of science is running for the bunker…

Ceaușescu still holding the line trying to Castrate 100% of Canadians and maximize profits…

Time to Cancel SARS-Cov-2 plandemic....

Let’s move focus to Ukraine…



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Suggested soundtrack for reading this post: Black Eyed Peas "Let's get retarded". Apologies, but well, its gonna start getting bleak without some humour

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So the mRNA-shot opens up yet another captive market for business: disabled people needing welfare services for the rest of their lives, said services being sold by private contractors to county and state, for profit.

If the shots causes this uptick in disabilities, and if it is actual disabilities and not (as is the case with autism and ADHD f.e.) changed diagnostic criteria, the next thing to check for would be if the shot also increases the risk of the disability being passed on to offspring.

Also, it is another capitve group of voters being created: being on disabilty-welfare means being poor, unemployed for life, shorter average lifespan, and much more prone to be the victim of violent crime and sexual assaults - meaning a group of millions wholly dependent on voting for the party which promises to help them the most.

Operative word being promises, not help.

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