One of the most perfect paragraphs I've read: "a public health agency no one trusts is the worst of all worlds. it’s far worse than having none at all, and frankly, the case for getting rid of all of you and your phony baloney jobs, regulatory capture, and rampant cronyism has never been easier for the general public to see. and you did that. it’s not ignorant peasants, it’s the harvest reaped by he who sows lies."

We could also say the same thing about journalism. The worst thing about this whole mess is that the institutions we should trust have brought us to the brink of nihilism. A country can't survive long term with this much distrust of its institutions. If you want to see an "attack on democracy," this is it, and that's not overstating the situation.

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Another brilliant piece, el Gato! The problem as I see it is there are not enough of us and many, many more of them (with the exception of some red states). We know who they are. The same folks who have CNN on all day with an 11:00PM eyewitness news chaser. The same people who dogmatically cling to their fear and wait with baited breath for the CDC/local health department/St. Anthony update. They never, ever question the narrative or the inconsistencies coming out of these agencies. Quite frankly I am at a loss for how I might be able to help these people. My fear is that as our lords are using polls to determine just how much they can push the fear envelope, as long as there are enough of these folks clinging to their double masks after vaccination, we are ripe for more lockdowns during the next flu season. We are the resistance but how can we do more to push for a truly free society? I don’t feel there are enough people in my circle who will fight for their freedoms. In my opinion, the only way this ends is when the whole system as it exists today is torn down and rebuilt. Just don’t see the masses demanding this any time soon. Open to any ideas from our group

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was listening to MIke Lee on Jordan Peterson pod.

Lee was challenging that the executive bodies (the CDC) have the constitutional right to issue any edicts that the legislature didn't mandate. That those bodies are un-fireable.

As an example, he said the legislature passes a 'we all want clean air' bill, then cedes any authority of deciding how that will be implemented (eg, we could get cleaner air tomorrow if we turned off all non-renewable power plants and made all ICE engines illegal).

And as a result, in this case, we're left with authorities who are answerable to no one, yet get to spend our tax $, doing whatever the f they'd like, +/-.

Lees answer, when JP asked him how to fix, is to take the existing regulations invented by these executive agencies, and make the legislature summarize, debate and pass legislation that enacts these regulations. Not cede that authority to unanswerable bodies that will just continue to exist, year after year after year

This would also go towards fixing what Amazon sniped back at Sen Warren about: "You make the tax laws @SenWarren; we just follow them. If you don’t like the laws you’ve created, by all means, change them."

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But how many people see the lies and have lost faith in what they’ve told us? How many people are addicted to fear and not thinking straight? There might be hope if people en masse saw that this is happening. But I fear we are too numb and have parked our brains.

The climate change religion is about to do real, permanent damage to the earth and to us. And people are sucking on their fear because of those lies, so they are asking for it in the name of green that is not green.

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"7 of the people on the panel that did this were paid by gilead."

If you use the wayback machine, you'll find two more who later removed their Gilead ties from public display. Ahem.

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If 70% of Americans had wanted the vaccine, the July 4th ‘goal’ would have been met. The vaccines are available. Government overestimated the number of people wanting one. The part that seems suspicious is that the government seem to have a *requirement* that 70% be vaccinated, not that, if they wanted it, as many as 70% will have the *opportunity* to get it. Goal met as far as I’m concerned.

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You may find this interview with Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, MD PhD, interesting. They did worse than lie...they withheld safe, effective treatment...and killed people.


Speaking of public health lies, can you make sense of this?

CDC says 595,301 people have died from/with C19 since the pandemic began. CDC also says that 183,324 were hospitalized for C19 during the pandemic. So...411,977 people died of C19 somewhere besides a hospital?


Am I missing something?


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And yet thousands watching a pro golfer, minutes away from winning and collecting a large sum of money, was told by "officials" he tested "positive" for covid (AFTER his first shot), walk off the course as he actually BELIEVED in the test and those telling him. I would have done it much differently....

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Even if they fire Fauci in a big, cleansing show, he will be replaced by other skillful liars who will continue working to effect the same political purposes he did. He was not rogue.

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Gato, this is perfect! California is exactly that, I couldn’t take my kids to the park, but peaceful protests with 20k people ( many w/o masks) was ok. Right there Credibility went down the toilet I could not even see their faces, but somehow for other people it is ok and I don’t understand how?

then la county took out the data in covid( because people were not reading right). I work with data and it is always a point of suspicion when someone hides their data set.

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Great piece! Spot on! These public health bureaucrats like to think of themselves as Platonic philosopher-kings, spinning noble lies for the common good, when in truth they are self-serving and base, and just about everything they do aims at increasing their own power and protecting themselves from public revelations of their own duplicity, cupidity and stupidity.

Fauci and his ilk are certainly not philosopher-kings. They are at best third rate Humphrey Applebys.

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the nih is anti self determination,

they have perfected the arts of logic fallacy, gaslighting, appeal to authority, cherry picking, red herring, strawma, gish gallop etc

they have been sustaimed by a censroing media with a narrative they sell

'for your safety' is the underlying pitch

such belief was warned by voltaire.....

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Again, as i have said before, and will say again. These people (the "scientists") are narcissists, and the malignant type, to make matters worse. They really are sick, defective, people.

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I’m pretty sure a president who says, in response to his beloved gun control agenda, “If you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons” has less than zero concern about his “subjects.” I would tend to believe he’d just as well drop bombs on red states than wait for us to “take the jab.” He is, after all, getting desperate to meet his arbitrary 70%.

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Today Fauci said "an attack on him is an attack on Science"... a newer version of Luís XIV

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Linking to this on my Tw @THeNBLeNDr

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