This is one if the best articles I have read on power grids. During the last five years of my Petroleum Engineering career I worked with a 35+ year Electrical Engineer. Before I met him, I didn't know much of anything about how a power grid worked. One day I asked him about the rush to load up power grids all over the world with wind & solar. I wish I had a picture of his facial expression as I asked the question. Funniest look I have ever seen. We proceeded to have a two hour conversation. He said it would take multiple, major catastrophes to wake people up. I'm afraid we are there.

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The leadership of Europe has brainwashed their citizens into believing that green energy is feasible when they know full well it is not. Additionally, they've convinced their population that if they do not act by shutting these power plants down, climate change is going to kill them all.

So they're brainwashing their own countrymen to manifest conditions that will kill them, while promising them salvation for doing so.


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1) THEY'RE DOING IT ON PURPOSE. These shit heads have plenty of people on payroll as good at math as EGM. None of this should be revelatory to anyone with a degree in physics.

2) As lefties are fond of saying, the cruelty is the point.

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Any idea why nobody seems interested in Thorium molten salt reactors (LFTR)? Practically unlimited amounts of the stuff and the reactor designs are inherently safe and can use most of the waste we've already made and stored as fuel. Flibe Energy reckon they could build a working reactor for $2billion which is peanuts. Seems to me like they're deliberately throttling access to cheap, reliable energy that could easily be accessed if there was a will to do so. https://flibe-energy.com/lftr/

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I have come to the realization that the Green movement is ultimately anti-human. What they really decry is not "warming" or "climate change" it is "impact." They will decry the cutting down of trees for firewood as equally bad as driving an internal combustion engine automobile because of... wait for it... the IMPACT.

The logical conclusion of this thought process is that the only way to reduce human impact is to reduce human life.

So pointing out physical realities and limitations of Green technologies is nice, but they will ignore it just the same. That is because the point isn't to enable green technologies, the aim is to minimize impact (i.e. human life). Furthermore, when we point out that many people will freeze this winter without adequate natural gas, the Greens don't care. They actually want that outcome for the reasons already described.

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The whole green energy thing is a joke. As usual, it is just a ploy to give money to cronies, who in turn give it back to the politicians. Clearly green energy isn't green. In the Florida and Georgia areas of the US, as you drive down the interstate you see thousands of acres of land filled with nothing but solar energy panels. Think how many trees were removed in order to put these in. News flash...trees get rid of CO2 and put out oxygen. If the goal is to reduce CO2, why hasn't anyone done an analysis to show how much CO2 is being reduced per acre of solar cells as opposed to how much is reduced per acre of woodland? And that doesn't even get into the whole battery storage, solar panel creation, disposal issues.

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The funniest thing I heard recently from the greeners is using your EV battery as back up power for the house.

So we're going to charge the car's battery with the associated energy loss up to 25%, and then we're going to supply that charge back to the house so can we can incur another energy loss to recharge the battery later. When energy is scarce, this seems incredibly wasteful.

If the car batteries work anything like the cell phone batteries, with x number of total charges before it goes bad, then that also means end-of-life comes sooner with the resulting energy costs to mine the rare materials it takes to create a replacement battery. (Not that there's enough materials to produce the number of batteries already projected to be needed if everyone drives an EV.)

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Sep 14, 2022·edited Sep 14, 2022

All the same psyop mental programming 'two weeks to flatten the curve' on energy demand and snitching on your neighbor will be deployed on Europeans this winter. People don't like being cold and the Cabal can't risk peoples Wifi being turned off so this will be a very interesting.

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Right on, hermano. Should add that this was part of the US plan all along: Provoke RF into defending the LDNR from NATO-driven Ukronazi massacre while cutting Germany off from the one commodity that made its export economy function, namely, Russian gas, while using the so-called Green morons to drive the EU into economic suicide. Then, private equity comes in an picks up the now distressed German and EU companies at pennies on the dollar, thus permanently knee-capping a potential economic rival. Now, if you think this is shit I'm making up. Here's our friends at RAND laying this all out in its horrible, disaster capitalism reality: https://2ndsmartestguyintheworld.substack.com/p/bombshell-classified-rand-corporation

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Ya but they use teams of unicorns to deliver the wind turbines, lithium ion battery banks and solar array to their locations. The G. Thunberg leprechauns magically assemble and raise it all into place and Fairy godmothers crochet all the transmission lines.

The real problem in the USA is we are blindly following Europe's Bilderberg Back Broke plan because we know we can do it betterer. Yeesh!

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Clearly, you do not have a degree in Germanic studies, or critical race theory, or queer sociology. Because, then you would understand better that nothing real exists except words and societal power wielded by cis Hetero white patriarchs who are evil polluters and hurting bipocs with their fossil fuel fetishism and general meanie nastiness. And let's not forget the dirty cops too. Once we transform the world into a sustainable, equitable, diverse and inclusive paradise by driving out the non-bipoc cis hetero oppressors, well then all problems will cease to exist. Now put on your damn mask and touch up your hair, the blue and pink dye is barely noticeable at the moment. When you're done, we can go out for cricket vegan tacos to plot our next instagram mobbing event.

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Sep 14, 2022·edited Sep 14, 2022

I view this nonsense and the covid debacle as a way for We The People to flip the script and Reset our country as we see fit.

Call it the Great Culling of the state.

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Once again, this is all deliberate. The problem is waking people up to what is going on. There is such a psychological gap between the average upper middle class citizen and the psychopaths at the top that the former simply cannot conceive that this is being done on purpose.

The UMC tends to think that the oligarchs are like them, just a little smarter, luckier, or harder working. Perhaps all three came into play but I think psychopathy / sociopathy is the main element that distinguishes the UMC from the WEF crowd. But realizing that is tough for a successful non psychopath to do.

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No one pushing these genocidal policies believes they are doing so


much less for the “common good”

These EU policies?

are identical if not in practice certainly in intention to:

the U.S. Obama administration policies

the U.S. Biden administration policies

the ama, nih, cdc, who, Covid lockdowns, masking, 🥕 mandates policies, etc…


ALL OF THESE POLICIES ARE OBVIOUSLY 🙄 SELF EVIDENT in their destruction to the basic functioning of the first world, previously free countries.

ALL OF THIS IS OBVIOUSLY more INTENTIONALLY GENOCIDAL efforts by the globalist filth & their minions in their oft stated endeavor

to murder over 7 billion people - world wide…

BEGINNING WITH U.S. & our Allied nations in the previously free first world.

THIS IS “The Great Reset” oft cited by the WEF

They justify their genocidal endeavors with their heavily promoted contrived narrative of “man caused planetary ‘climate crisis’” IT IS A LIE

But as no one has forced them to tell the truth about their climate crisis lies or about any of their other lies or about any of the horrendous crimes of treason, murder, mass murder, tyranny & overwhelming corruption lo these many years, now?

There are vast herds of idiots in all of the western countries who know nothing but the self destructive lies we have allowed the globalist filth and their bootlickers in the media to perpetrate.

Any one who questions the lies of the globalist filth?

are relegated to the professional & social maligning with the “Conspiracy Theory”



It is NOT “a theory” that all of the globalist filth want the New World Order aka NWO

They all write books about it

That’s virtually all the Nazi Thugs ever talk about:

The New World Order

The Great Reset

The last World Economic Forum they just held saw everyone giving speeches: Klaus schwab, bill gates, Yuval Harari, etc… ALL OF THEM made similar statements during said speeches to the self appointed elites sitting in those WEF audiences

about how they were really excited to report that it looked like they’d finally be able


& the genocidal audience always applauded when they each said such horrendous things.

Almost 8 billion of us “useless eaters” here… reducing the world’s population by half?

by next year?

MEANS THAT almost 4 BILLION PEOPLE HAVE TO DIE over the next 15 months.


Lenin never intended the Russian Kulaks to survive Siberia in February &

Hitler never intended the developmentally disabled, Jews, gypsies, blacks, political opponents, etc… of his ‘work camps’ to survive the holocaust &

Ole ‘uncle Joe’ Joseph Stalin never intended the Ukrainians to survive the Holodomore

THE GLOBALIST FILTH & their minions controlling every country in the entire previously free western world

THEY DO NOT EXPECT U.S. OR OUR ALLIED NATION’S citizens to survive these policies, either.

‘Surviving’ is specifically NOT INTENDED FOR 7 Billion of U.S. “useless eaters”

For 7+Billion people 👉🏼GENOCIDE IS THE INTENTION of the tyrannical Nazi thugs that comprise the globalist filth & their minions & their bootlickers in the media

4 Billion first world citizens dead by 2024 & the other 3+Billion quickly to follow…

Leaving a total of 500,000,000 human beings on earth whom they (globalist filth) will choose for to facilitate and service them (globalist filth)

It is not a theory it is not hidden IT IS obvious & it is SELF EVIDENT

THEY HAVE CONFESSED IN PUBLIC SPEECHES FOR YEARS most are still on YouTube & can be watched

THEY HAVE CONFESSED IN WRITING & you’d all know that, too, if you’d

read their damn books 📚

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"sorry, but if you are anti CO2 and not pro nuclear, you’re anti-physics"

With all due respect, it could instead mean that you are anti-human-survival.

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This is AWESOME. Thank you for writing it. It is also frightening as hell. How is it that so many people who should know better can be so silent or even complicit as we careen toward catastrophe???

Those who understand energy science who’ve failed to stand up to this nonsense remind me of the cowards in mental health who complied with lockdowns and masks and pretended that it wouldn’t matter in child development or affect mental health. Cowards all. 😔. God help us.

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