Data from the UK Health Security Agency shows you are wildly more likely to catch COVID with vaccination than without:


This is because - as Dr. Nathan explains here - the injection turns off your innate immune system causing an auto-immune disorder (your body attacks itself):


Everything about this pandemic is an obvious in our faces lie.

The test to determine if you even have COVID is a glaring lie:


The vaccines' efficacy and safety are a lie:


The masks' efficacy and safety are a lie:


The media chronically lies all day long:


They've lied by surreptitiously changing our language:


The reason for the lock-downs, masking, and economic havoc caused by them was a lie. It was never about safety, it's only been about destroying our liberty, supply chains, health, and wealth:


Our government has become a Frankenstein monster created from the merger of corporate, political, and bureaucrat criminals:


Everyone at the FDA who voted to approve the Pfizer vaccine for children should be drug out into the street and shot ("We’re never gonna learn about how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it."):


Meanwhile DARPA is totally out of control:


And in the midst of all of this most people are caught in a disbelief trap believing none of the aforementioned to be true:


We have a One World Government At Our Doorstep that is using the scamdemic to gain a stranglehold on the world and very few people seem to be aware of this impending tyranny:


We need to remind these people that despite what the government desperately wants them to believe, the government serves us and not the other way around:


And with all of this going on, anyone paying attention to the supply chain collapse or the Ice Age Farmer's broadcasts knows deliberately engineered global famine is just around the corner:


And finally, brace yourself and get prepared, because Klas Schwab (Klas Vader) from WEF fame has declared an incoming cyber attack that will shut down power grids world-wide and make the current COVID shamdemic seem "like a minor distrubance by comparison":


I said all of that to say this:

They've mercilessly chucked us into a corner, and are making no secret of the fact that they are coming for our throats. We are cornered beasts at bay, and it is down to us or them.

I believe one of our founding fathers mentioned something about a fabled tree of liberty needing to be watered from time to time...

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I listened to a one hour interview on Rumble given by Dr. Mattias Desmet who spoke in great detail about mass formation. The high levels of discomfort at everything I've seen and heard in the last 2 years suddenly made sense. I couldn't quite articulate for a long time what was happening but Dr. Desmet explains it perfectly with his mass formation theory. The problem we have now is how to get out of it without sliding into totalitarianism because the many people who are under the trance of mass formation are not going to give it up easily. Ever try to pick up a cat that doesn't want to be picked up and it hangs on desperately with its claws? That's what the masses are doing with their Covid-19 narratives.

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Excellent article!! 2 things - For my fact checking I have resorted to my Substack Subscribers - https://coronawise.substack.com/p/request-fact-check-for-fareeds-take - just posted today. 2 issues - 1 is the quaxinated people do get Omicron, but they believe the shot make it more mlld - so fits their belief system - the other Q I don't know, Fareed and NPR and the propaganda are saying Omicron is more severe and dangerous for the unquaxinated so everyone should rin out and get their quaxines, even if they have Omicron - (a case of Natural immunity Denial Disorder - https://coronawise.substack.com/p/natural-immunity-denial-disorder

Second point - I am a psychologist who has studied manipualtion fo fear and have a piece coming out soon on Desmet's work on mass formation. He never used the word

"psychosis." He used mass formation and mass hypnosis of 30%. I believe there is "mass hysteria" - but not "psychosis.

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Look, a bunch of them are chained to the masts with blackmail, and have no choice but to go down with the ship. They don't like looking this stupid, there's just nothing left. The narrative is so threadbare, and it's starting to rip. As for the rest, well yeah they really are that unimaginative and gormless, and they're all in for a wild ride.

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Fact-checkers = Ministry of Truth

And this is what Reuters fact-checkers are REALLY trying to say: "The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command." - George Orwell

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"Propaganda doesn't exist and if it did it wouldn't work" is a pretty bold stance.

But I saw the 'fact check' on covid tests popping positive with tap water -- they assured me that didn't mean covid was in the water. They were conveniently silent on what it meant for the tests that they would pop positive with water. That's a whole new level of 'fact check' shame.

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Remember back in the day when everyone got sick after Christmas and we had two names for it? “The Crud” and “A Bug That’s Going Around?” And treatment was a cold wet washcloth on the forehead, Vick’s Vapo Rub, 7-Up, ice cream and lots of daytime television. No DNA sequencing, no shots, no lockdowns.

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Something doesn't exist because I haven't heard about it. Oh. That is some serious reasoning.

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This is simply hypothetical on my part but I believe they blatantly and publicly lie on purpose in order to demoralize the masses into submission. The Ghislaine cover-up trial was another example where they basically broadcast that they can and will get away with any and everything because they can and there is no real justice served. She was the Fall Guy. Tony Fauci is another example. So is Bill Gates. Two guys that should have been picked up for questioning months ago. This is a continuing psy-ops of them sticking their middle finger in our faces on a daily basis because they can. Distilled down this is Terrorism on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The perpetrators feel and act like they are impervious to any retribution and want to make all of us feel helpless

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"Mass Formation Psychosis" is a bit of a trap. If you try to use the term with anybody who buys into the covid hysteria, you are just going to get bogged down in semantics. In fact, my understanding is that the inventor of the term is already trying to walk back the"psychosis" part since it doesn't fall under the definition. I think we should just use the term "mass hysteria' since it doesn't require further explanation.

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Saw a ball cap—can’t recall who was wearing it—said, “Make Orwell Fiction Again”.

I want one.

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I take fact checkers at face value. When they are tagging something as false I know it is definitely true. Hell, I wouldn't even notice some things, if not for them.

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"if “experts” are truly expert why do they fear engagement? and if they will not engage, then how are we to take them seriously?" That should be shouted over and over and over.

And a little tidbit: Jim Smith - Chairman of Thompson Reuters Foundation sits on the board of Pfizer.

How inconvenient the truth is. The actual truth. Not their bull.

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Jan 9, 2022·edited Jan 9, 2022

If you think about it, these "fact-checkers" are not smarter than most people here. That is putting it nicely. You can verify their Covid "facts" in the past 2 years. The scoreboard is hugely negative. They are basically paid propagandists. Like their compatriots in Red China.

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The group mind has been characterized as individual minds, forming groups by mingling and fusing, give birth to a being, psychological if you will but constituting a psychic individuality of a new sort.

Many theorists from various disciplines have argued in one form or another that groups, … have a life or existence quite separate from the individuals" who comprise them. This phenomenon has been called many names: group mentality, group theme, group metaphor, universal mind, group mind, and more recently terms such as group coherence, and collective resonance have been used to describe a group mind.

Academics who do not run groups have no sense of how groups work or the potential for higher order development, which by the way cannot be measured! Here are a couple of examples.

John Phillips, in his autobiography of the Mamas and the Papas, a 1960s rock band, characterized this emergent quality of generative groups when describing a rare moment when the band was performing and all four of its members were singing in harmony. He related, "it was almost as if you could hear a fifth voice." This glimpse into the potential of groups suggests the emergence of a collective spirit or group mind.

Another example of a group mind -- a group of six researchers who met over time to discuss and synthesize the research data they had collected:...

"through dialogue with each other, our interpretations were enlarged. The interpretation was not simply the aggregate of the six people's ideas. The scope of the understanding and the direction that emerged, while obviously dependent on the six individual perspectives, was not merely additive: like a tapestry the interweaving of perspectives, led to a richer and fuller picture than six individual threads. .. . As a result, we were never stuck for any length of time, the level of energy and excitement remained high, no one felt unduly burdened, and we were able to move through the process more quickly than if this had been an individual endeavor. In a real sense the project seemed to have a life of its own and was a support for us rather than a chore."

In dysfunctional groups the group mind that emerges is less than the sum of the parts. This is a regressive group and very susceptible to mass formation. We have witnessed this throughout history, the witch burnings, the german people during World War II, and now those who are entranced by the vaccines.


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New Zealand doesn't worry about fact checking. Their media was silenced via a $55 million bribe to produce "quality content and public safety information". They also ransacked the home of a pastor who posted a youtube video saying the government's public health response is totalitarian - talk about thick irony.

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