You can't comply your way out of tyranny.

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The masks are a brilliant psyop tool, great visual, great way to identify non-compliant, great way to divide and fracture society. As we know from totalitarian societies, the more absurd and and counter-logical the dictat, the more humiliation it causes in the obedient. I think it was Pol Pot who ordered the deaths of anyone who wore glasses to better get to "Year Zero." But to get to masks, you need both the shit PCR test and, even more so, you need the fully unsupported claims of pre- and asymptomatic carriers being the main drivers of spread. And to get to those, you need WHO to more loosely redefine "pandemic" just in time, for better psyop, financial, and legal leverage. Someone put a lot of time lining all the needed pieces together.

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Off topic, an inquiry por el gato:

How can I give you my money? Less valuable sources of edutainment already take my money. Why won't you?

I don't think to speak for anyone else here, but I suspect there are a fair few dogs and cats here that would like to show support.

If you feel weird about it, give us some junk like a t- shirt or an official hairball or something. But I'd be happy just to be a supporting reader.


La perra pastor.

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merck's molnupiravir look promising if given early to knock out the virus itself. molnupiravir proved less effective on hospitalized patients bc by then the pathogen is less the trouble than the immune inflammation effects of the protein or the immune response.

we need less fauci and more therapeutics, less vaxxing and more curing

the big rip off.....

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The problem with simply "not complying" is that the Regime (politicians, bureaucrats, corp media, and woke corps) have effectively deployed the workers as their enforcers. The burden's on hourly workers to encourage or soft-enforce compliance on behalf of the bosses. And we really don't want to get into pushing, shoving, and shouting matches with them. So not complying only goes so far. They're making it very difficult to participate in normal life and not comply. We need more DeSantis-caliber political leaders and more private sector leaders willing to tell politicians, "get out of my business." Oh, and many, many more healthcare professionals and healthcare execs saying they're done with the federal teet and will get back to the business of healthcare.

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My antennae are vibrating. 87% of the 800+ Provincetown cases (where about 75% were fully vaccinated) ARE MEN. For those of you not in the loop, Provincetown, aka "P-town" is a homosexual male paradise, in the summer it's full of all night parties and raves. Serious question, were they kissing, body surfing, or in orgies? and based on this ultra narrow and skewed populace, which we do not know how many have chronic treatment for HIV, the CDC is in hysterics and the senile puppet wants national masks and lockdowns? READ BETWEEN THE LINES PEOPLE AND CALL THESE CLOWNS OUT. WE AREN'T BUYING WHAT THEY'RE SELLING ANYMORE.

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Just got back from Post Office and two stores. Change in mask wearing because of this crap that people are still listening to this idiot about the "variants" out there. My line is going to be "I burned mine".

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"whole" -> "who"

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Based on what I’m hearing from a nurse practitioner on Zoom calls with Top Men at a prestigious hospital network, I get the sense the people with access to the real data are scared of the Marek’s disease scenario. There is genuine fear of what could happen if *everyone* doesn’t get vaxxed. I’m trying to fill in the blank, but it feels different than a power play or profit motives. I think they may be worried they have unleashed evolutionary hell.

Meanwhile, ADE signal flares are going up - low Ct counts in infected vaxxed. (Does the vaxx enhance viral replication?)


(See appendix)

I’m with you Bad Cat, but we may need to hold on to our butts while not complying.

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