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fauci on smallpox vaccines

a trip back to 2017, when even tony still understood risk/reward and individual choice

i like to allow people to state their positions in their own words. it’s no fair making up what they said or paraphrasing to rob them of nuance and of full expression.

so hear tony out.

because he speaks here with clarity and with nuance.

the year was 2017. he’s speaking about the smallpox vaccine. and he clearly understands risk/reward.

  • smallpox is a disease FAR deadlier than covid.

  • the smallpox vaccine has a severe adverse events rate that is easily 1/100th that of the covid vaccines (and probably quite a lot less than that. could easily be 1/1000th or less)

  • AND it’s a one and done vaccine. you get the shot and you generate lifelong sterilizing immunity. you won’t get smallpox or spread it. you really are the “dead end” tony famously claimed the covid vaccinees would be.

and yet he says we should not bring it back because the vaccine has some rare side effects and this outweighs the benefit.

he is speaking in the longstanding language of risk and reward, cost and benefit in which all sound medical decisions must be based.

so it’s clear this was not some new idea to him.

he understood the process, the canon, and came to what appears to me to be the correct decision here.

get to the end of the video, as that’s the best part.

"so, we decided not to vaccinate the country.

and by the way, the country would not have accepted being vaccinated.

we knew that.

it was sort of like a failsafe and i said, “mr vice president, by the way, even when you’re offering it to the first responders, many of them didn’t wanna take it, so this idea of kind of saying everybody should take it, it didn’t make any sense.”

this is a sound, valid, and correct take.

it’s also an attestation that we should trust the first responders and physicians to make their own choices on their own medical treatments, not champion firing them for refusing to take a drug they feel has poor risk reward for them as has happened so frequently all over the US with flip-flop fauci leading the way.

my how things change…

bad cattitude
bad cattitude
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