I was a normal guy, helpful to government and society in general.

Now, I view governments, big businesses, doctors, press as hostile forces, agents and lackeys of COMMIE BASTARDS.

And act as such.

I'm not helpful anymore.

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Problem-Reaction-Solution- a time honored strategy.

Without the fear-mongering propaganda campaign no one would’ve noticed anything unusual about the last two flu seasons because there was nothing unusual, except for the criminal, murderous, and utterly unscientific lockdown policies and "health protocols" in response to the non- existent threat.

"Covid-19" deaths follow the same age/risk stratification and seasonal curve of flu/pneumonia at the same time that flu inexplicably vanished from the face of the earth while all pneumonia deaths were suddenly called “Covid” using mass death certification fraud.

I cut my teeth on the massive amount of corruption and profiteering and Pharma con jobs back in 2004 with the Avian Flu hoax. They tried the same con, with mostly the same cast of characters, in 2009/10 with the Swine Flu hoax.

I spent a lot of time in both instances trying to alert people throughout the community to the realities of these frauds. Each time there was tremendous push back followed by acknowledgement that these were indeed scams. However it seems that there is a bizarre psychotic thirst for this hysteria in our present culture as after each fraud was proven it only needed a few years passing for these very same folks to become ready to accept a new fraud.

Once you have explored the details of these frauds it is easy to identify the scam as it is happening.

The playbook is pretty much the same, they simply refine the techniques. Not so easy to convince others of the scam as they are bombarded with fear porn 24/7.

I have to say that the "messaging" is far more comprehensive, insidious and sophisticated with Operation Covidius than all others before by quantum leaps.

That and they produced the cadavers this time through an array of medical democides (remdesivir, neglect, midazolam, ventilators, etc.) which solidified the fear mechanisms in the masses.

It's breathtaking really to witness the grip of fear this had and still has on millions and a vast number of these people will be damaged for life. The shadow of this psychosis will follow them to their graves. This is particularly true among the "educated" classes who now have a warped sense of purpose beyond the dull, aimless wanderings of Academia.

As for the Covid™ fable of 2020 itself, it was and is a nasty lie- all of it from top to bottom. All of the exaggerated and repeated fear-based messages from the media and government agencies this past year were just part of the advertising campaign for the pharmaceutical industry’s newest lucrative product- mRNA “vaccines” which they plan to roll out as new medical “miracle cures” for a variety of “ailments”, e.g. new line of “cancer vaccines.”

Every single one of the media bullhorns that were blasting the Covid fiction for the past year have direct financial ties to Pharma Inc. It’s not exactly accurate to say Pharma uses its power to influence the news- more to the point it is Pharma that writes the script. Pharma and it’s investors own “the news” and you will speak the Pharma gospel if you wish to maintain your position of privilege- it goes without saying.

And when we speak about Pharma this cannot be separated out from the investor class who rakes in oceans of taxpayer wealth through numerous Pandemic Ponzi Schemes with Pharma as it’s “offering” and its Trojan Horse.

"Covid-19" is a business plan not a medical emergency. Now more than ever it’s important to understand the economics of vaccines. Traditional systems of vaccine procurement and distribution are rapidly giving way to vast public–private supply chains. Despite annual revenues approaching US$1 trillion, the industry has been unable to reverse a declining rate of profit and finds itself in a perpetual state of crisis.

In Fall/Winter of 2019 all stocks of Big Pharma companies were in steep decline. This changed dramatically in Spring 2020 as we now know. The experimental gene therapy mRNA drugs are set to become the most lucrative drugs in medical history. Pharma depends on its “blockbuster drugs” to remain profitable and appealing to investors. It is not an exaggeration to say that without these “blockbuster drugs” the Pharma industry implodes.

What happened in 2020 was simply that the flu was re-branded and repurposed- the term "Covid-19" was invented to turn the seasonal virus into the equivalent of the mythical “Al-Qaeda” meaning to terrorize the population with the false construct of a boogeyman.

This was done as the Western economies were in total free fall in late 2019 and the plan to digitize the economies of The West had to be rushed through lest the collapse be seen for what it was- the by-product of decades of Ponzi schemes by the Wall St. parasites and their allies.

The Virus™ is superfluous, just like the Swine Flu scamdemic of 2009. All they needed to do was create the perception of a pandemic/mass panic with staged Hollywood productions, doomsday models, and the fraudulent PCR test to manufacture the cases/falsely attributed as “Covid deaths.”

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El gato… ethical skeptic also seems to be saying that the CDC is literally changing the ICD codes on medical records. I know you have been seeing data suppression but to literally be changing codes seems unbelievably illegal and how do we have this many people willing to do this garbage?

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Generic thought. I love the articles on Substack, but the commentary is what really draws me here. As I write this there are 66 comments on this article and they are more enlightened and enlightening than a year’s worth of feedback anywhere else, be it legacy media or relatively new news sites.

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"When I tell the truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do"

- William Blake

We are going to have to defend ourselves. Get your boots on Friends.

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I still don't believe this is all going to go the way they've gamed it out. And those who are greedily trying to save their own skins by oppressing the people and destroying everything good on the earth are eventually going to suffer under the very conditions they have created. They'll end up shivering in the dark with the rest of us. The madness *must* stop

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What do you get when you combine willful ignorance, bureaucratic buffoonery, sleazy politicians and corporate greed?

A climate crisis!...of all kinds.

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This is a powerful statement and the way forward, "disassembling the true permanent power of leviathan lies in dissolving the technocratic and regulatory state and a move to systems of voluntary accreditation, open signaling, and peer to peer systems of review and assessment and free choice and agency."

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I like all this. You're a genius and this article is brilliant. I'm wrestling with the solution. You seem to be proposing a return to the classical economic liberalism of Adam Smith? Compared with our top down centralized global Pharma totalitarianism, a return to classical liberalism sounds wonderful. The problem that I cannot resolve is that classical economic liberalism failed too, a hundred years ago -- think Upton Sinclair and grotesque meatpacking plants and the vaccine disasters that led to the creation of the FDA. Those failures opened the door to the regulatory state (that has become an even bigger disaster). I think the problem is not left nor right, I think the problem is human nature. Any system that allows power to accrue in a small group of people, leads to corruption. But any system that does not allow people to accrue power (through their talents and ingenuity) limits freedom and soon gets overrun by other societies that cherish power. Clearly I do not know the answer here. But I think we should be mindful of the failures of classical liberalism as well. The thing we have to deal with is that absolute power corrupts absolutely -- whether that absolute power is in government or the corporate sector.

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I've lost "friends" over Covid. Two of them were part of various writing critique groups I was part of. And by friends, I mean people I actually met physically. They went into hiding when Covid hit and posted regularly on their Facebook sites about the importance of masking. The other one would post photos of businesses that were "not complying" to the rules of masking. One of them was an auto repair place. He was angry when the car service employee approached his car outside not wearing a mask.

One of the questions that would never get answered by them was the question "Where were all the people wearing masks before the pandemic?" The immediate answer was "Covid isn't like the flu." Which is true, but both transmit via airborne particles and both can play a part in death.

I would ask "Are you saying that those who died of the flu are less important than those that die of Covid?

Of course they had no answer for this, and eventually they blocked me.

One of the mantras by those of us who smelled something rotten out of DC would say incorrectly "The virus is a hoax." That isn't true, but my constant response was "The virus is real, our response to it is the hoax."

The second definition of hoax is:

2 : something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication

The something accepted or established was the policies implemented. Things like lockdowns, masking, social distancing, ending schools, vaccine mandates and passports. The fraud or fabrication was not the virus, but it was the determination that the virus was a crisis that demanded unprecedented response. We have Sweden and other pockets of sanity that display the truth of this as well as tons of charts and studies. Oh yeah, and we have most of history.

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We are governed by the worst of the worst. They are completely devoid of any moral compunction to do what is right for the people they govern, only what is best for themselves and they are surrounded by like minded people. If they had an idea of civic duty/responsibility when they ran for office it quickly dissipates. Perhaps the K street money is too great a temptation.

Paying close attention to local politics and putting good people into office will be the only way this federal/corporate monstrosity can be beaten.

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Fabulous subject matter & article! I was actually explaining to my children (probably kids since they’re officially teenagers now) how “trust the science” is the stupidest phrase ever because scientists have done some very stupid highly damaging &/or harmful experiments in the name of science & probably due to arrogance as well. I feel I can say this because I used to teach science. I always told my students that science should always be tempered with careful thought & morality. Just because one can doesn’t mean one should. And: Intelligence & knowledge doesn’t always mean good. There can be some geniuses who are really quite rotten!

I believe that the earth has a balance. I also have tremendous faith in God. I am quite certain that he knew exactly what he was doing when he created things. Humans screw it up when they intervene too much. Apparently, when we learn &/or discover something new, we don’t always continue the process of trying to understand the ways & means of our new knowledge. If we did, perhaps we’d stop trying to mess so much with what is. I can promise that our planet & earth have been around for far longer than we have and will likely continue to exist long after we’re gone. Clearly, it’s much better at taking care of itself than we are of doing the same. This is of course, just my opinion. But facts are facts, & we should heed some basic common sense lessons. First one: Worry about & be responsible for yourself & let others worry about themselves. Sure, you can lend a helping hand, work together, etc, but that should always be something mutually agreed upon.

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That does it. I have to get a cat.

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Love the 2012 & 2022 weather maps of England, with the current one depicted in searing red. Very similar tactic to coloring the Coronavirus in red from the beginning, even though we can only see it through black & white electron microscopy.

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Reading this, I start to wonder how it is that the US hasn't devolved like Russia, or Sri Lanka and the like. I wonder if, amongst other things, the 2A and a significantly armed population has prevented the "instant read thermometer" politicians from seeing a weakness and fully exploiting it. This feels like it is a vast wall of resistance that is largely hidden in everyday life, and completely unacknowledged by those who produce and those who consume the unserious utopian grift.

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When safely doable...pleasant, yet fervent disagreement. Defend truth. Defend American values. Remain smiling, yet disagree. No more cheek turning, that's why we're here...

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