On pressuring people to get the vaccine: for me personally, I was much more open to it during the initial rollout phase. The propaganda ramped up quickly though, and when the government started sending people into law vaxxed neighborhoods I had seen and heard enough, and there was nothing they could say to convince me to get jabbed. The more they mandate this stuff, play semantics with things, move goalposts, the more I dig my heels in. Besides the point, but I’ve recovered from Covid anyway.

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"past exposure and recovery seems to be the only relevant immunity gain"


You mean how it worked for thousands of years before we thought we could 'outsmart' a virus? Sounds like a conspiracy theory.

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Compare northern New England to the Dakotas here in the states. We have been pretty much normal and wide open for most of the "pandemic". We "let it rip" last fall with some of the highest per capita rates in the country. Now our cases, hospitalizations, and deaths are much lower than what we are seeing in the NE lockdown states. Natural immunity for the win again?

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Here are some differences:

- Sweden has greater natural immunity and as a result more people with immune memories of ALL 4 proteins of the virus NOT ONLY the spike

- Because a virus mutates hundred of times inside each individual (its called a viral swarm), they have also more varied memories so Sweden has more of that too

- Swedes with more immunity have also immune memory on non-structural proteins, like the ORF's ones that appear ONLY while the virus is being built. In stark comparison with the spike protein that is THE LAST protein that is being built and if you wait till THAT point to stop the virus, you are in for ... some viral load.

- Germans having had more naive persons transfected ('vaxxed') by massive amounts of an old version of the spike protein as it looked in 2020, seem to can't learn the other proteins as much as Swedes do (Original Antigenic Sin)

That means that the immunity of Swedes is MUCH MORE heterogenous (both in proteins and versions of the said proteins) and the virus is harder for them to find a configuration that will trick a lot of people of the same population.

On the other hand for the Germans, all it has to do is to mutate its spike protein to NOT look like the one of 2020 which was contained in the 'vaccine'.

And that my friends is what the HIV Nobelist Montagnier was warning us about: vaccines in people that do not need it put evolutionary pressure to the virus to change away from the most homogenous immune pool of the population, the Vaccinated.

Want to learn more ? https://www.twitch.tv/gigaohmbiological/videos

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Seems to me that all interventions did nothing. Not just non medical.

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Yep. Prior-exposure immunity has been the Cinderella of the story. Nature will not be thwarted. The only way out is through.

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Eyeing local conditions here in Michigan closely these days, and it is hard to get a read. We had some disastrous mortality from the Cuomo-inspired nursing home scandals early on. So I think we may not actually have as much adaptive immunity as the reporting would lead one to believe.

But if our seasonal curve ends up comparable to last year's, one thing is certain: it will strain credulity to maintain the aggressive NPIs did anything except crush the working class.

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Britain had the Common Cold Research Unit for decades trying to find a vaccine and/or cure. Human coronaviruses responsible for some Colds were first identified here. Volunteers were infected with Cold viruses and various things tried on them. In 1989 the Unit shut down as it had been impossible to develop vaccines or cure for these coronavirus and other Cold viruses.

Influenza vaccines have been around for 80 years with overall poor results. We still have Winter ‘flu epidemics every year of varying severity, millions get it, thousands, sometimes tens of thousands die every year. These viruses just mutate too quickly.

I think this knowledge tilted the pharma companies to gene therapy ‘vaccines’ as they knew normal vaccines made from the virus stood little chance of any substantial effectiveness. And what a great opportunity to experiment on the World population without the expense and hindrance of ethical clearance, years of animal testing, regulatory work-up and careful Human phase testing.

The truth is the gene therapy, doesn’t work either for the same reasons normal respiratory virus vaccines don’t. The viruses are too fleet of foot; mutations too numerous, too fast evolving.

Having been involved in the medical arena for 30 years, an insider’s knowledge, I never had ‘flu vax nor have had or will have the SARS CoV 2 pseudo-vaccines on the grounds that I am exposing myself to an unnecessary risk - don’t care how slight - (extent as yet unknown with the gene therapy) and on the grounds of being at little risk from the actual disease contractable from multiple different viruses and mutations (so immunising against one virus won’t stop me getting the disease from another), and the unlikelihood the vaccine would offer me any greater protection than my immune system on its own after a lifetime of exposure to coronavirus, influenza and other respiratory virus.

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As ever, you have cat-apulted the central issues into the limelight.

It's very interesting that a damn good answer to many covid questions is "Sweden".

Lockdowns? Sweden

Masks? Sweden

Closing schools? Sweden

About the only thing Sweden got wrong was following the Cuomo-Care-Package for the elderly.

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Sorry if someone said this already but... the difference could be vitamin D consumption. Swedes typically eat more fish than their German counterparts. I've heard, anecdotally, that they are very aware of their lack of sunlight and thus supplement more than usual for Europe.

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Significant immunity from infection appears to be the only way to drop the curve. The states and countries that seemed to succeed at suppression in 2020 and early 2021 are paying the price now. They didn't stop the virus. They postponed it. Corona is a total bitch, and she will have her pound of flesh.

Japan seems to be an exception. They had a huge wave over the summer, probably a consequence of the Olympics and the Delta wave. The head of the Tokyo Medical Association recommended ivermectin when the vaxx failure was obvious in late August. A few days later, the curve turned and dropped like a rock. Their case numbers remain low even as South Korea and Vietnam numbers have risen. It could be correlation. It could be causation. We'll have to watch and wait.



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non-pharma interventions have done and are doing nothing. They also maimed and killed a lot of people. You throw in the fact that the vaccines also compromise the immune system and friends you have the trifecta of stupidity.

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So if Sweden had a "don't panic" appraoch that worked, why did the MAJORITY get vaccined? Fear is more powerful than facts?

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This indicates that it is lockdowns rather than vaccines that kill outside of the COVID season.

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The best source I’ve seen for analysis of Swedish data. Thorough analysis regularly the last 2 years: https://softwaredevelopmentperestroika.wordpress.com/2021/11/22/sweden-covid-outcomes-and-all-cause-mortality-incl-nov-14/.

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If you include excess mortality data, it will provide a more complete picture.

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