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If you think this about truckers, I've got a vaccine to sell you.

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I was just writing about this for a piece coming out friday, "The Internet Is Next". They're 'globalizing ' DNS systems where people can report sites for "harmful content" to be dealt with accordingly. The EU is already halfway there. The US will follow. The truth is still leaking out to the plebs and they can't have this. Just finished this paragraph...

"It’s time to build a new Internet. We can call it Parallel. An entirely new network powered by a different protocol that is not interchangeable with the legacy network controlled by states and monopolies we call the Internet. It can’t be a decentralized version that runs on the same fuel. States can shut those down via their DNS providers or by leaning on their capital investors. It must be created with new digital DNA, completely original and outside any realm of manipulation or control. It’s time to liberate the people from the propaganda, lies and misinformation of the state which has caused untold suffering in the past two years alone. The people could power Parallel from home and earn money doing it. Millions around the world could setup computers or server stations and instead of mining tokens they’d be powering information for others while earning tokens through a new consensus mechanism called proof of network value, a far more tangible and valuable use of power and energy. It would start slowly like a single saloon town in the old west, but build up quickly as millions and millions of more people get tired of the gaslighting and censorship and corporate-state abuse and manipulation. When the Internet is a single square room with white walls and no escape, the asylees will get restless and scratch and claw their way out. They will get hungry for the truth and immediately go where the see it flourish, inevitably attracted to its powerful force, because the truth is a magnet."

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Cash of course is completely anonymous, which is why I predict it’ll soon disappear.

Not using cash & instead a full ID & tracking of every transaction you make including what you purchased, when, from whom to even the barcode of your purchase is made attractively simple, while making access to & use of cash as hard as possible.

I don’t think many governments can legally abolish cash. But they won’t need to if they apply onerous conditions for obtaining & depositing cash.

Do not ever permit the executive to effectively abolish cash.

Most people don’t see that mandatory digital ID + exclusively digital currency means the end of every human freedom, permanently.

Of course, this isn’t inevitable, but given that the perpetrators have aimed to herd us into this configuration tells you their intentions.

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We also need to vote with our wallets and stop purchasing from any globalist corporation. Decentralized local business networks are anti fragile.

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Yup. Once you see it you can't unsee it. They rely on most people being passive and ignorant and not noticing or caring. It's the very worst combination of Orwell and Huxley: ubiquitous omniscient surveillance and blissful distraction.

Fiat currency is not free money, it's a monopoly that is controlled by the state. Fiat currency allows the government to spend what it wants and if it's digital - not even crypto, just electronic - it allows the government to control and confiscate what it wants, too. That's why they want to get rid of cash. They bait you with the promise of convenience and security but what you get is a switch to tyrannical control.

And most people have no idea whatsoever.

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I've been converting all our money into cat food before they raid our bank account for giving to the truckers 😹

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Thank you for highlighting this Gato - the reason the WEF-inspired goons are cracking down so hard on crypto (specifically Bitcoin) is because it's an incredible threat.

If you could take the power of the purse permanently away from the King, the serfs may actually live a good life.

This is a Guttenberg printing press moment in our history and the fight will get nasty, but Bitcoin will win. It's still a child turning into a teenager but layer 2 apps like Sphinx chat are incredibly capable of sending BTC anywhere in the world in a blink. Agree that we need to solve converting BTC into diesel fuel but now that people know what governments have up their sleeve, a lot more energy will be poured into solving these problems.

The serfs will win.

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So imagine what these regimes will do to businesses that accept payment in any cryptocurrency. Let alone anything like Monero or Secret network:

The regimes will claim these businesses are "domestic terrorists" and instruct the banks to close their fiat accounts. Then the regime, will revoke their business license, liquor license, etc....because they are "domestic terrorists"

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It seems we're beyond fixing this. It's going to have to collapse in epic fashion. When it does we'll see who opts for security in the New Totalitarian State and who opts for freedom Patrick Henry style.

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So true. The gov't will even resort to outlawing gold and silver (they've done it before) so those of us that are metal heads are not immune, either. Public commerce is co-opted completely.

Layer 2 on the crypto networks is a huge vulnerability and very susceptible to censorship. Look who is building them--Dorsey, PayPal, Visa, MC, etc. The answer does not lie there.

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I'm not surprised Trudeau arrested the Trucker leaders, I am not surprised he enacted the Emergencies Act, I'm even not surprised that Canada's Parliament upheld the Act, since the MPs have been enabling Trudeau the entire Covid Era. I was surprised to see that the Canadian government announce they are seizing assets from not only those who participated in the peaceful protest but also those who supported the peaceful protest. From here in California, it looks like Canada has declared war on 40% of its own population. War. This isn't an argument or dispute, this is war.

I haven't heard of any American politicians condemning the dictatorship north of our border, probably because they want to do the same thing to us here.

I also don't know how you guys will get a new internet and currency system set-up in time before the US Feds crush all dissent here. The bad guys have bee planning this for years and all of those who think this is just a coincidence and not a concentrated plot formulated years ago probably still think they can mask their way out of tyranny.

Good luck and stay safe, looks like the American Empire is in for a rough landing.

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Not your keys, not your coins! This is a great time to learn about storing your own crypto. We know for sure the banking system is 100% captured. At least crypto gives us a CHANCE to get outside the system.


This is how fast things move when after the fraud has been exposed and only the force remains. A week ago, ALL OF THIS STUFF WAS LEGAL. The government moved as lightning speed (crazy how quick they move to protect themselves) to suspend the rule of law and destroy the lives of the protestors and their supporters. The people who have had their bank accounts frozen DON’T EVEN HAVE WARRANTS OUT FOR THEIR ARREST.

And, just like kicking Alex Jones off social media, you’d have to be crazy to think it stops here. The scope of the law will expand, the definition of ‘terrorist’ will expand, and more and more people will be caught up. Remember the outrage when Trump was using ‘unmarked’ cars to arrest protestors? Now imagine the government shuts down your bank account because your phone was in the area of a protest.

“These powers are temporary,” claimed the people who said “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

These are no longer pie-in-the-sky hypotheticals. This is happening and expanding at a terrifying rate. It won’t stop. This is how the USA PATRIOT Act is now mainly used against Americans. This is also how we get to a point where yesterday’s conspiracy theories become proposed law. Even if you hate everything about the Freedom Convoy, you need to understand: YOU ARE NEXT.

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This is everything that Ron Paul used to discuss. They MUST control the money, for myriad reasons all relative to control.

Gold was essential outlawed at one point too, for similar reasons but without social credit dynamics now.

Better to snuff it out now I suppose. Perhaps with a handful of companies adopting use of crypto and I believe the state of FL, and now the convoy, enough is enough to the central planners

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As a citizen of Canada who supported the truckers with a small donation, WTF do I do?! I’ve got hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake.

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Classical economics says that for something to be used as money, it has to meet three conditions:

1) Store of Value - it has to be scarce and durable and unable to be created easily

2) Unit of Account - it has to be divisible into small enough fungible pieces that records can be easily kept and tracked

3) Medium of Exchange - a critical number of other people are willing to accept it in return for something else of value

This is why precious metals or rare seashells were used as money in the past. Or items that are labor intensive like tanned buckskins or stone wheels carved in a specific way. It's why bitcoin works, because it has to be mined - with other resources - and can't be counterfeited.

Fiat money is money SOLELY because the government says so and uses the threat of force maintain the second two conditions while it gradually depletes the first condition.

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