Anyone still wondering if incrementalism is a thing and the 'assault' weapons bans won't eventually lead to all weapons, remember what They said about Two Weeks to Slow the Spread.

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Never forget June 4, 1989. The government had tanks and guns, the people had nothing and their blood ran rivers on the streets of Tiananmen Square.

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Dude, you have been ON FIRE lately. Let's hope your muse is just getting started...

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Jun 4, 2022·edited Jun 4, 2022

Just ponder for a bit: leftists used to love guns when it was the days of 'direct action' cells and violent armed resistance with [xyz] 'liberation front,' etc. That was because they didn't control enough of government. Now they control government and they want to disarm the populace. With government firmly in hand, they have implemented a reverse broken windows strategy where petty crime is encouraged and the failure to punish petty crime leads to violent crime. California, the experimental hothouse of left wing policy, is a prime example of this. News crews get held up for their cameras. If you try to stop the guys sawing off your catalytic converter with a power tool, they will shoot you. People leave their car doors open so their windows don't get broken (again).

Why the reverse broken windows policy?

If you are worried about the safety and survival of yourself and your family, you won't have time to worry about $40 billion for 'Ukraine' or ballot drop box stuffing or the long forgotten 1 billion for 'masks' Newsom spent. The disarmament of the populace is not just to leave them vulnerable to government oppression but also to leave the people in a state of terror from the criminal elements encouraged by the state. That includes the organized, politically directed criminal elements like black bloc protestors.

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"The wise ruler keeps bellies full and minds empty."

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"The newest gun owner, is a liberal, who just had his house broken into"

I heard that in 1973, when I was 12 and sweeping up a gun shop each day in trade for empty shotgun hulls to reload.

I have heard it said, from coast to coast, in gun shops all over the US, and been the salesperson who sold to that "new gun owner" 100's of times.

People fear what they have no knowledge of, the term "Hoplophobe" was coined by Jeff Cooper many years ago, and is still apropos now.

But, if you teach them, it goes away quickly.

I have taught many classes for "new owners" and at one for females in a large city in FL, that was experiencing a surge in crime, I had 100 show up, 90% had never even been near a gun in thier lives.

I started the class with one item on a table, a power drill with a 1" bit chucked in it.

I drilled into a piece of wood and held it up to show the hole.

Then I asked how many had been near, or even used a drill. most raised their hands,

I then brought up a revolver from under the table, with a target with a hole shot into in.

I then explained that the gun, in and of itself, was nothing more than a long range power drill.

and there was nothing to fear from it. I took the battery out of the drill and pulled the trigger, nothing, I showed a empty cyl to them closed it and (pointed in a safe direction) pulled the trigger 6 times, nothing.

The feedback sheet I received at the end of the course, overwhelmingly cited that beginning part, as reducing thier fear of firearms.

The "gun" is just a tool, like a hammer and can be used for both good and bad, depending on the human using it.

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When the Bill of Rights is not absolute it is time to throw out the SOB's.

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japanese war staff was told: "there is a rifle behind every blade of grass" concerning the potential to occupy the usa.

that observation for usa will not change.

no matter what the fascists can run through their sham government.

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Great essay. I am completely baffled by my non-2A friends' inability to see the point you've expressed here. Our founders were men of genius; it sickens me to see them denigrated by such low calibre people.

This really is the hill to die on. They mean us harm.

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"you cannot fight the state we have tanks and f-15's" That statement always seemed to me a threat. Essentially, our leaders are saying "If our own people are unhappy with us and want to revolt, we'll just kill 'em all.

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Come for the Covid red-pilling, stay for everything else. Well done.

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Excellent article.

>>>>or worse, knows this full well but presumes that it is he and his who will be wielding the whip hand and doing the taking

I think this explains much of why even the apparatchiks of the deep state help implement big brother. They really have not thought it through and think they will somehow be immune from the Cubas and Venezuelas they are helping to create.

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Hit me last night how insane it is generally that one man does something bad, which is in fact already illegal, and the state thinks the only way to deal with it is to infringe upon the freedoms of millions who did nothing wrong. What an insane way to run a society.

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Boxes are useful problem solvers:

1. The Soapbox

2. The Ballot Box

3. The Jury Box

4. The Bullet Box

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Jun 4, 2022Liked by el gato malo

lil typo in the pp under the fairy dust graphic: "popular" instead of "poplar." i know you roll correct like that

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And he used to be such a nice young man.

You know how we (and I, now former) city-dwellers were customarily sent to sleep-away camp for the experience of crude nature and brief respite from our superior urban lives?

We thought real life was just a sort of brief fantasy playtime before getting back to the reality of concrete and crowding and pre-cut chicken parts neatly wrapped in plastic in the shiny supermarkets that grew our food.

It's dangerous, I now know, that people raised thusly should have power over everyone else to the degree we now find ourselves in.

Bernie Sanders for example is Brooklyn through and through, as I am (or so I boast, I left there by four to be a Queens gal but there's no cachet in that...), and it's a real indulgence and fraud that he's spent his political life representing the people of Vermont (guess they ain't so smart). It's no wonder he doesn't understand the nature of a free people. I didn't either.

Now, you explain things clearly, and rationally, but unfortunately many of the people in this nation who also believe in the Second Amendment are as near to certifiable in much of their worldview as can be without literally wearing tinfoil hats.

I myself, perhaps only last week if I can remember clearly enough, only realized that that "well-regulated Militia" wasn't gonna have its arms handed out to them by govt. They already had them at home, for when they might be needed. They owned them.

And I've never ever seen anyone mention that before, ever. Why is that? Because the anti-Second Amendment people never ever stop screaming that it's only only only for that militia and for no other purpose.

You guys gotta up your game, because I ain't no legal scholar and yet, I think, I just managed to bite into the nutshell. Yeah, or nah?

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