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"The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everyone has decided not to see."

~ Ayn Rand

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Darkhorse Podcast had a YouTube clip posted a couple weeks ago about how unconcerned the populace seems to be concerning the slide into tyranny. My comment on that video will be the same one here: people think totalitarian regimes only happened to "those people over there, way back when" and it won't happen here because we're better and smarter. For these people it will take nothing less than the Destruction of Alderaan before they're moved to help the Rebels and maybe not even then because, "just do what the Empire says and you'll be fine."

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I work for an academic institution in Newsomlandia and we are discovering there that there will never be a point where the new normal will be ended. The campus vaxx mandate has about 93% of students faculty and staff vaxxed (a handful resigned their positions among the staff), and they are still testing students weekly, have banned all visitors from campus, have an indoor mask mandate, a snitch hotline to report “dangerous behavior”, etc. People need to wake up to the fact that this is a “permanent emergency” (until it all collapses) and prepare accordingly. El Gato is correct, it is time to get intentional about not going along to get along and making active choices to support the building of a more healthful parallel society that will replace this cancerous one.

Note that this does not entail quitting everything and running to Tampa. In my view it can mean offering the barest of minimums due where the new fascism reigns, no need to starve, and invest your time instead in more meaningful and anti-new normal activities. These investments might open possibilities for ultimately walking away from the bastions of new fascism like universities for more positive humanistic groups and activities.

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Wish I could show screenshot of my feed. Has this posted along with a WARNING to my fellow Americans, pick a side, or one will be picked for you.

The time is NOW, not later. Rise up.

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What a great post. I am currently one of those Australians in lockdown. I am shocked at how well the fear narrative has turned so many into cowering fools, ready to be boiled alive in the name of public safety.

Your writings El Gato help to ease the mental anguish that has been caused by our Government and a complicit msm. The folk who protested yesterday were risking a $5,500 fine. The city of Melbourne was shut off to public transport to stop protesters turning up. I am truly broken for the first time in my life.

When broken, turn to humour...the only problem with your poat is the mention of Rugby...that might be the game of choice in Sydney and Brisbane but in Melbourne they cut their teeth on Ausralian Rules Football. Cheers from down under

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Your first prescription is key: do not voluntarily patronize any business from which your fellow citizens are excluded. If someone demands that you show a vaccination pass, vaccinated or not just turn around and go. A lot of this is going to happen regardless of whether people intend it to, but we who are watching this have no excuse but to be extremely vigilant about it.

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Australian here .. great write-up .. and thanks for placing Australia front and centre .. yes it's despicable and ugly .. yesterday was a great push back on the streets of Melbourne .. encore

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Nobody can articulate this like you. We need to keep the faith that our numbers are huge, and across all ages and nationalities. In our Central CA County, we have an indoor mask mandate, but a lot of people are ignoring it (est 30-40%). I find it absolutely fascinating observing those not wearing mask. I cannot discern any pattern based on age, gender, or nationality (this region is quite diverse). There was the middle age African American man, the young Hispanic girl, the older Indian woman, etc. Not uncommon to see a couple, one masked, the other not. I feel like high fiving each one, but I don't sense they're interested in being "collective" in our individualism. That might have to change. I know many of those wearing masks are also on our side, just hard to tell which ones.

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I cannot fathom a more exquisite call to arms.

"I am William Wallace, and I see a whole army of my countrymen, here,

in defiance of Tyranny. You’ve come to fight as free men, and free men you are. What will you do

without freedom? Will you fight?"

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Thank you for continuing to sound the alarm.

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Two years ago I attended a software development conference that focussed on non-profit software. There we heard presentations from people who make the tools used in Hong Kong and other locations where repressive governments control the people (i.e. North Korea). Two presentations were on the software used communicate peer-to-peer rather than going through centralized servers that can be found and shut down or blocked by the government. Rather than using the Internet, mobile phones create a localized mesh network that is able to send messages to any node on the network as long as there is a viable path.

Now, the police will be able to block this if they get a jammer in the right place and the mesh is not big enough for the message to circumvent the block.

Thus, we all should install this software on our phones.

André Angelantoni

Vaccine Course, Project Lead

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A year ago, when people started talking about the Great Reset ad Klaus Schwab, I didn't take it seriously. I didn't take them seriously. Schwab is a Bond villain buffoon. Now, a year later, I believe they've been planning this take-over for fifty years...slowly moving the chess pieces...tenderizing the meatple with propaganda...and planning for this moment.

In a comment a while back, I asked a question. What is the intersection of the WEF and the CCP? They are natural adversaries, even enemies. There is no way that the CCP would go under the control of the WEF globalists willingly. Despite their own self-destructive behaviors during the Cultural Revolution, the Chinese government and the Chinese people have a great love for their culture and history. They are a proud people. Perhaps I underestimate their hegemonic tendencies, but I don't put them in the same category as the Soviets or the Brits.

Over the last few days, I've been wondering if all the CCP moves that the talking heads on western media have decried, were actually...are actually...defensive moves against the globalists. Are the WEF globalists trying to Sun Tzu the Chinese? Are the Chinese leaders employing a counter strategy? Was the virus an attempt to hobble the globalists?

I've read that Gates, Merkel, Macron, Trudeau, Ardern, and other world leaders were all graduates of a WEF young leaders program.

I believe the WEF has been creating conflicts and using natural disasters to destroy any sense of national or ethnic identify.

Why did Merkel invite a million Syrian "refugees" into Europe? What effect did it have? When certain countries (Poland, Hungary) pushed back, did you notice the heavy handed negative messaging?

Why has Biden allowed over a million "refugees" to flood our southern border in the last 8 months? How many of them have been sent back? Why don't we know this?

Why did Biden screw up the withdrawal from Afghanistan?

WTH is going on in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Austria? The virus simply doesn't justify the reaction.

Why are national leaders acting against the interests of their own people? And why don't they back down or change course when the people rise up?

I have a visceral contempt for Biden at this point, so I rarely listen to him. But I did hear him safe something a while back that has stuck with me. He said something to the effect that Xi told him the oligarchs were a threat. Why would Xi say that?

There's one puzzle piece that I can't quite fit right now.

Why did Biden torpedo the deal for nuclear submarines between Australia and France? Macron just recalled the French ambassadors to the US and Australia...a stunning move. Unprecedented, perhaps? It's a big damn deal. How does it fit in with all of this.

Are we...the normal people of the world...caught in a death struggle between the leaders of China and the WEF?

Did Biden just pick a side with the sub deal? If so, which side?

I recommend people watch these videos that Patrick Byrne put up on The America Project a few days ago. They might be behind a paywall. I joined a few months ago. He has a theory as to what is going on and why.

And, yes, el gato malo, we do not comply. Not now. Not ever.

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rona is winning as long as biden and the democrats have media support and control the two branches..

say no to the media.

no to 'build back better' bc it is not better for the republic

no to "soft infrastructure" bc is is not good for the republic and is creeping socialism

say no to nwo... it is internationalism against the republic

say no to green new deal bc it is anti capital and anti representative democracy.

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Excellent piece, have shared with many. Here is partially how/why were in this place https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/americans-are-suffering-from-mass-delusional-psychosis-because-of-covid-19

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Great post the boiling frog illustration is perfect. There was a big Freedom Rally in NYC Times Square yesterday; my favorite sign said, "The People's Patience Is Wearing Thin. We Will Not Comply."

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