i see we are entering the "freedom is insurrection" stage of authoritarian derangement

last night at midnight, a “state of emergency” went into effect in ottawa proving once more that if you grant government excess powers in emergencies, they will inevitably claim such exigency any time they want more power or when your rights become inconvenient.

this was used as pretext to send in heavily armed police to steal fuel and supplies from the protesters, arrest peaceful people, and erect blockades to stop the flow of food, water, fuel, and support to the protesters.

all manner of rank hypocrisy, double standard, and tactical morality was on display.

it’s important that the world see this so that they may know just what sort of people we are dealing with here.

the would seek to inflict misery by force onto those who fail to comply with their demands on bodily integrity and then when peacefully opposed using a more benign version of the same tactic, they once more resort to force.

because those who cannot convince, compel.

there is a name for governance like this.

it is not “deriving one’s just powers from the consent of the governed.”

if you would like to understand every possible meaning of the phrase “self-deluded irony” watch as the literal architects of

  • lockdowns, forced masking, and business and school closures,

  • vilification of those who fail to comply and the terrorization and deliberate infliction of misery upon of any who refuse to submit,

  • the destruction of two years of lives and livelihoods to chase failed pseudoscientific plans rooted in taking the rights and freedoms of the people through abuse of unaccountable agencies and an oppressive state

attempt to brand people simply demanding their freedom back as insurrectionists and cast themselves as protectors of the very people they seek to subjugate.

“tone deaf” does not even begin to describe it.

they might as well just scream “that’s our job! only we get to bully and force!”

this is the commentary of diane deans, city council member. (transcribed by me.)

dianne sounds like she wants to go to war. every bit of framing here is militarized and evokes violence. (of course, ms deans will not be among the fighters. she has people for that.)

“we are on day 8 of this occupation. our city is under siege. this group is emboldened by the lack of enforcement by every level of government. they are terrorizing our residents, torturing them with incessant honking, threatening them, and preventing them from leading their lives. people cannot go to work or open their businesses. the cannot sleep, walk, shop, go to medical appointments or enjoy their neighborhood.

this group is a threat to our democracy.

this is a nationwide insurrection.

this is madness.

we need a concrete plan to put an end to this now.”

sorry diane, but all i see is this:

Mikel Jollett on Twitter: ""Accuse the other side of that which you are  guilt." - Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister  https://t.co/HvOjahDzQO" / Twitter

you’re not seeking freedom for people. you’re seeking a return to being the one holding the whip hand of their oppression and you are willing to use force against peaceful people to do so.

and that makes you a villain.

you and others like you did this with your nasty, small minded smug little tyrannies. you turned every level of government into an apparatus of oppression and you turned it upon we the people.

you closed the schools and the businesses because of your fear and superstitious beliefs in snake oil mitigations and your desire to wreck things so they could be “built back better.”

you showed no respect for the rights to personal choice, human agency, or bodily integrity and yet now you would wrap yourself in their mantle and claim to be their champion?

you sought to make others miserable to bend them to your will.

not so fun on the receiving end, is it?

you are not a champion of civil society.

you are its underminer and you are getting ready to call for violence against people who want nothing but to be left alone.

they have tried to speak to you. they have tried to negotiate with you. and you have refused.

instead you backed them into a corner and poisoned civil discourse.

you did this.

everything you just said (and then some) could far more aptly be said of you.

i mean, is “threatening them, and preventing them from leading their lives. people cannot go to work or open their businesses” ringing any bells here? because it ought to be.

this has been the overt platform of the vaccine mandate policy. how can you possibly not see this?

your desperation and delusion are on display for all to see.

bouncy castles and genuinely peaceful protests are not an insurrection.

the insurrection was how outlandishly government overstepped its bounds and become inimical to basic human agency and thriving. it is the just right of any free human to oppose such predation.

this is the backlash of your theft of liberty.

i seem to recall that many of you had some pretty concrete plans for the “intolerables.”

turnabout is fair play.

of course, fair play is not in your vocabulary, is it?

you will oppose peace with violence and return to systems of bio-apartheid while farcically mouthing words like “inclusion.”

astonishingly, the very police used to enforce these actions against vaccine mandates are, themselves, exempted from vaccine mandates.

not much of a moral high ground, is it?

you simply cannot make this stuff up.

and yet here they come, armed and unwilling to submit to that which they will enforce.

we get to opt out. you do not, so stop resisting.

there is a word for those who steal from others at gunpoint.

in any sort of just state, it is not “police.”

if this looks like a system working to you, then you’ve shown your hand on just how despicable your systemic vision is and how antithetical to the the concept of rights.

but everyone is watching.

how do you think you’re going to look?

there is a also name for governments that must use force to suppress their own people.

it’s not “the good guys”…

perhaps you can prevail for a time. perhaps not.

but this sort of suppression only fuels movements for liberty.

i had not, until now, felt a need to donate to this group. but now i do.

i hope that many others like me will feel similarly.

you are not fighting “extremists.” you ARE the extremists.

you are fighting your own people who are simply asking to be allowed to live in peace.

and that sort of system will not prevail for long.

your taking of fuel fuels our determination.

be a shame if people responded by bringing more trucks.